Sunday, 21st July

Despite the cloudy and overcast weather, L&E North Camp Week 2 kicked off with an enthusiastic and sunny welcome for all of our new campers! The evening began with a scrumptious BBQ and mixed green leaf salad followed by a serious of fun and exciting wide games, such as splat, 40/40 and fruit salad. Everyone was in high spirits and got involved straight away with all of the games which was lovely to see.

The fun evening concluded with pyjamas and hot chocolate before the campers headed up to their rooms to get to know their new roommates. The first day of camp set the tone brilliantly for the rest of the week and I’m sure the campers can’t wait to get stuck in properly.

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Monday, 22nd July

The first official day of camp started with an epic game of dodgeball, which, I might add, the staff FINALLY won. We proceeded onto the creative, adventure, and sport activities. In creative we made friendship bracelets (some were better than others: mine probably being the worst) and did chalk graffiti. For adventure there was ‘den building’ where we made homes out of sticks in the forest. I was very impressed by some of the homes – which had boobie-traps for invaders, swings and even… toilets. Tennis was the activity for sport. There was great sportsmanship and the kids really seemed to massively improve by the end of the class. The class was led by James, who says, “for every sport, it’s all in the hips”. 

There were many biscuits eaten and lots of water and blackcurrant juice drunk at snack-break, probably because the kids were quite exhausted from the dodgeball from earlier. It was a very intense game. 

For lunch we ate a very interesting turn on Yorkshire puddings – “Yorkshire wraps” (which were flat rectangular Yorkshire puddings) and sausages. As another option we had lots of chicken wings and salad. 

In the afternoon there was a choice between flower pot making, basketball and capture the flag. We were thoroughly enjoying these activities, but eventually the sweltering sunshine became too much to handle and we all ditched our activities to do a spontaneous water-slide which had sumo wrestler costumes at the bottom for protection. A giant inflatable turtle was a great addition to the waterslide. 

In the evening we had the “ice-breaker” activities, which was the best part of the day. Chubby bunny was a highlight. The funny faces pulled after 11 marshmallows were consumed cracked everyone up. There was also a tight-rope competition (which the kids one versus the staff by the way) and the infamous egg drop challenge. We chanted “scrambled egg” while eggs wrapped in complex inventions (made by the kids) were dropped from the third floor. 

To finish the day we all drank some lovely hot-chocolate and went to bed all ready to start tomorrow. 

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Tuesday, 23rd July

We had a lot of watery activities for our sunny and warm Tuesday. Our morning started with a delicious breakfast (pancakes and homemade strawberry compote) followed by our daily dodgeball game.

After that, we split into three activities: adventure was Archery, creative was dreamcatchers and sport was rounders which quickly became a game of girls verses boys. The robin hood themed archery activity allowed the campers to expand their technical skills, as well as having lots of fun. Dreamcatchers involved creating fantastic figures with materials we found in the woods.
After lunch we joined everyone together to play a refreshing game of water balloon fighting. It was an exciting moment to practice our team and cooperative skills and have fun in the scorching sun. We also had one-hour scuba diving sessions which all the kids got involved in during the day.

During the evening, we had delicious pasta with chicken for dinner, followed by one of our most favourite attractions of the week: our campfire! Our new tutors Nikki and Thiago presented with some music and dance from Scotland and Brazil and we sang campfire songs, National Anthems from a variety of countries and songs from the charts. We shared and learned about each other’s culture and it was a great opportunity to get to know our new fellow campers. After enjoying the sunset and eating our marshmallows, we all came back to the house for hot chocolate and then we went to bed. We are all looking forward to our next fun day of activities and adventures!

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Wednesday, 24th July

“What’s that I see in the distance? A theme night crime mystery? Surely not!”

Murmurs of excitement filled the morning corridors as campers began to hear rumours of possible theme night events tomorrow evening. Whispers of Santiago Munez and other Disney superstars (looking at you Nick Cage in The Rock!) making an appearance have caused a hurricane of euphoria to consume the grounds of Aysgarth.

CRASH! SPRING! LEAP IN THE AIR! Dodgeball. Campers may be able to dodge flying balls, but there’s certainly no dodging fun! The young Shakespeare’s of tomorrow headed off to their daily English lessons. Whereas many campers were sprung off to experience the joy and peacefulness that involves a man and his boat, as they tackled canoeing. The rest of the campers had choices to imitate Samantha Quek in Hockey or improve their breathing like Aleix Segura Vendrell in Yoga.

As Ray Davies wrote, lazin’ on a sunny afternoon is a lovely way to spend a glorious day – but nowhere near as lovely as playing water polo! Once more a group of kids enjoyed the tranquillity of a few hours in a countryside canoe. And nobody was bored in board games! Our creative campers devised, produced and finally enjoyed a vast selection of games that tested mental, physical but (most importantly) emotional fortitude in what was a truly thrill afternoon, but not for the faint hearted.

The divided opinion surrounding a Hawaiian pizza was met with finished plates and great anecdotes. Seconds, thirds and yes you guessed it, fourths were dished out. Everyone on a full stomach prepared themselves for theme night with a late-night movie of Incredibles 2. Here’s to one more day of va va voom to add to this wirlwhind summer camp experience.

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Thursday, 25th July

Everyone awoke today to yet another beautiful day at L&E’s north camp! With a day of exciting activities lines up, the kids were offered a delicious breakfast of Eggs! A bit messy with all the cracked shells, but lovely nonetheless. Following the breakfast the kids were given the choice of three exciting activities – Disney Poster designing, Ultimate Frisbee and Water Polo. Disney designing was good fun – the kids had the opportunity to make a poster of their favourite films, some of the results were fantastic! Ultimate Frisbee was also really cool, playing in the sun made it very hot though. As Paolo Nutini once said, everyone needed some water for their throats! Water Polo was also fun too, it was nice being in the pool given how warm it was outside!


After an exciting morning, a delicious lunch was served! A turkey dinner! Even though it’s not a traditional summer food, it was fantastic anyway, especially the stuffing! For desert, Orange ice lollies were served – more appropriate for the summer weather! 

Following our dinner, kids were given the choice of two activities – Karaoke and Bench ball, Bench ball was good fun, there were two benches, one ball and a room full of passion – the kids were getting competitive, which can only lead to a good session! Karaoke was also fun, Paige singing One Direction brought tears to the room! But after only an hour, the tutor’s decided to organise the water slide! It was an extra quick slide today, which was enthrillarating but lead to everyone getting muddy.

Following a dinner of Sausage and Potatoes, we had our wonderful Disney theme night organised by Matty! The kids had to figure out who kidnapped Nemo again! After doing various challenges, finding clues, and solving the Mystery, the kids got to choose who they believed it to be, resulting in a pie to the face for many of the tutors! However, nobody guessed it right, it was Nemo’s dad after all!. What a twist! This concluded another fantastic but hot day at L&E!

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Friday, 26th July

Friday at last, who knew we would get here so quick! The Oscars fever rippled from camper to camper throughout the day. Starting with an award winning  full English breakfast curtesy of our  Chefs Tess and Mike.  This fuelled our ambition for our daily dodgeball game. We then moved on to this morning’s activities which included Football for the keen sporting members of the camp, golazo after golazo were scored and plenty of laughs were had as it became ever clearer that the gel that holds this group together is solidifying more with each passing day. Others channelled their inner Ricky Martin to illustrate some salsa dance moves, livin’ la vida loca! Whilst the rest of the campers enjoyed creating Post Cards, writing home and listing the things they have enjoyed whilst away at camp.

After lunch the competition commenced with the triathlon! Campers took part in a three-part relay race starting with swimming moving onto an obstacle course and a running challenge more ferocious than Gordon Ramsay dealing with a poorly disciplined owner on hell’s kitchen. Campers competed for almost every precious metal in terms of difficulty, but undoubtedly first up on match of the day would have been the photo finish between our duo of individual superstars, Charles and Sophia – with Charles being the man who took the van!

The Oscars kicked off in usual fashion, the doorman checked the campers for any prohibited items at the door (Tutor James scanned each camper with a cricket bat in an attempt to give the Oscars an exclusive event feel). The campers sat down and each award winner was applauded with great enthusiasm, a special mention to L&E veteran Andrea who swept up the Star Camper award after her 4th summer spent with us, Well deserved to say the least.

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Monday, 29th July

A bit of rain on the previous night didn’t dampen the atmosphere on camp. After a lovely start to the day of toast and crumpets, creative kicked off with portrait painting which seemed to go down a treat. The adventure activity for the morning was tree climbing. Although the wet conditions made it difficult, the challenge was relished none the less. Finally, tag rugby was the chosen sport before a delightful and filling lunch of spaghetti and meatballs.

Treasure map making gave the kids another opportunity to expand their creative side and capture the flag allowed them to let off some steam and have some laughs. The weather transformation helped some of the keen footballers on camp to show off their skills, while the less experienced players could improve their general technique.

After tea, this weeks Monday Fun Day Games allowed the campers to get to know each other even more for the week ahead. A selection of silly and fun games such as tug of war and apple bobbing were orchestrated perfectly by Jack, Connor and Dylan. Hot chocolate rounded off the evening in perfect fashion, so they could get a good night sleep for tomorrow’s exciting line up of activities.

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Tuesday, 30th July


Tuesday started with a roar,

Some campers filled with wonder,

Some campers filled with awe!

For breakfast we had rolls,

With bacon, jam or honey,

Achieving dodgeball goals,

Most throws were on the money,

Scuba Steve returned,

Aquatic acrobatics,

Cheer badges were earned,

And our sculptures were dramatic,

Football braved the rain,

Volleyballs were spiked,

Origami teased the brain,

And an evening meal we liked,

Movie night on tuesday?!?

You’re having a giraffe!

Well this must be news day

Our evening changed its path!

Oh Yeah! School of rock!

A film that can inspire,

Perhaps may even shock,

Our campers musical desire,

As we all hit the hay,

With happiness not sorrow,

We’re thankful for today,

And look forward to tomorrow.

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Wednesday, 31st July

Today kicked off with yet another morning of miserable rain! Luckily there was no thunder and lightning again – but it still wasn’t lovely weather live we hoped. But in usual L&E style, we didn’t let it bother us, and carried on the day with glee as usual. Breakfast this morning was toast and scrambled egg, which gave everyone a scrumptious start to the day. 

The morning activities offered were indoor hockey, and the cotton wool extravaganza! Hockey was good fun, lots of exciting games, with exciting comebacks which lead to Paul’s team taking the victory. The Cotton wool extravaganza gave the kids a chance to use cotton wood to create pom-poms, headbands and various other different things! Kayaking was also offered as a trip out, everyone very much enjoyed it! The weather made it harder, but all the more rewarding, although everyone was a bit cold and wet! 

After a delicious lunch of Roast Pork and New Potatoes, the afternoon activities kicked off. Those signed up for football camp got to test their skills again, and James and Matty’s coaching surely improved their skills! Yoga was also done, the kids learned how to stretch and relax! On top of these options, Cricket was also an option! With England’s recent world cup win, the kids were all incredibly eager to test themselves and see who could be the next Ben Stokes! 

Throughout the day, L&E decided to challenge themselves. Standing at 8,848 metres above sea level, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world – and we decided that it would be a fun challenge to swim the length of everest. Us staff thought it would be a challenge, but the kids proved us wrong – they beat it within 2 hours! The next challenge we decided to do was swim The English channel! After around 5 hours of swimming the kids achieved it! By working as a team, all the kids managed to swim 33 kilometres between them (2181 lengths) with everyone taking part, including some who couldn’t swim!! Special mentions to Charles, Sofia, Travis, Emma and Molly, who all swam for over an hour to help achieve the goal.

After a dinner of Pasta, our evening activity consisted of rehearsing for tomorrow’s talent show! All the kids got involved, with some dancing, some singing and even a couple comedy acts! We have no doubt that the kids will produce an incredible talent show! 

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Thursday, 1st August

The penultimate day of North Camp was one not to be forgotten. The day started off with everyone taking part in a session of just dance instead of dodgeball due to an unfortunate incident regarding the sports hall key. After that the campers had the choice of playing basketball or making props and posters in preparation for L&E’s got talent- tonight’s theme night! 

The adventure option for today was something a bit different. The campers were split into four teams took part in a series of challenges which tested them physically and mentally. It was a fiercely fought competition which took place throughout the course of the day and the winning team will be announced at Oscars tomorrow night!

Then came lunch – and sweet niblets what a lunch it was! When you think of quintessentially British cuisine there are a couple of things that come to mind, but none more succulent and delicious then good old-fashioned bangers and mash – the much-heralded chef Nobby returned and delivered one of his classics!

Post noon our footballers reached a dramatic conclusion to their week, applying the skills they’ve developed over their intensive training programme into a competitive multi game format which resulted in football being the real winner. Whilst the adventure extravaganza continued, our remaining lucky stars took on riddles and anagrams, having been sent on a wild goose chase like scavenger hunt that required the brains and brawn of Russel Grant.

ALL ABOARD THE THEME NIGHT EXPRESS! CHOO CHOO! Aysgarth school was transformed into Wembley arena as every single camper put themselves out of their comfort zone and produced either a group or individual performance that they can forever be proud of. Seeing everyone get up and express themselves with such aplomb made for a night that none of the tutors will ever forget, and I’m sure one that will live long in the memories of all campers as well.

So as everyone hit the hay there was emotional yet celebratory atmosphere in the air, as the final theme night of north camp 2019 reached a triumphant conclusion. These past four weeks have been nothing but a pleasure to be a part of, with so many amazing children coming and genuinely making the experience by being nothing other than themselves. We look forward to the Oscars tomorrow for the final hoorah, but there’s nothing else to say other than what a wonderful day for everyone involved.

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Friday, 2nd August

The L&E rainbow has met it’s end, tomorrow all rest and are on the mend. Red and yellow and green and blue, the correct colours shouldn’t matter to you, because these 2 weeks have been so riveting that no one cares about anything anymore, life is great, let’s have it!

The final day of north camp 2019 began with … Dodgeball. After intense pressure from the campers, a huge pool party began, with DJ Float bringing the sound waves. The campers who couldn’t handle the PARRTAY, had a chill out session in which they let their imaginations run wild. Why are pirates called pirates? Because they pARRRRtay!

In the afternoon, a the Aysgarth 2019 Summer Olympics began between the 4 most athletically renowned countries in the world: Greece, South Africa, Australia and Canada. With many traditional Olympic events like limbo, frisbee bowls and even a unique version of an egg and spoon race, which really tests the campers emotional stability. However, after Australia was disqualified for a false start in the swim race, the win went to Greece, HAZAH! Why are Greeks called pirates? Because they HazARRRRRR! I’m that star up in the sky, I’m that mountain peak up high, hey I made it, I’m the worlds greatest! No, R Kelly hasn’t joined us at Aysgarth, that’s just the sound of our triumphant Olympians boogying their victory like there’s no tomorrow! 

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river low enough, to hold all the tears flowing after the Oscars tonight. Campers queued at great length to enter the Oscars hall (the theatre) one by one, not before a scan via a metal detector by James the bouncer (James the tutor in a high-vis vest). After many awards and applause were given out, it was the time to give the most prestigious award of Star Camper. After a lot of discussion about Star Camper nominees by the tutors, the award rightly went to Molly who was delighted.  

It pains us to say it, but the end is nigh. Until next year north camp! It’s been an absolute pleasure to say the least, clichés aside, it’s been a blast from start to finish for all involved. 

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