Sunday 28th July

What a lovely evening we had getting to know all the lovely new faces…

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Monday 29th July

South Camp got off to a great start today with ice breakers, camp dodgeball and loads of exciting activities to keep everyone busy through the day.

The sun shone through most of the day, while the kids had woken early raring to go for the day’s activities. After a hearty breakfast the kids headed to the gym to enjoy camp dodgeball. After some impressive performance, everyone moved onto their activities with den building, a special rounders, baseball kick ball mix and finally some amazing theatre games with our Brazilian creative director. The children also enjoyed an English class which included the learning of crucial directions and instructions through a blindfolded obstacle course.

The camp then came back in for a big lunch to supply them with energy for the afternoon’s activities. There were plenty of activities to keep everyone busy through afternoon. We had a capture the flag game with the kids, which saw an epic battle and a stand-off which ended in a stalemate too close to call. There was notebook making for the creative children which were expertly crafted. Finally, there was indoor benchball for those children that were feeling sporty! It was another close game that was thoroughly enjoyed by all those involved.

After a calm afternoon enjoying the sun and the pool , the kids were excited to have a big pizza dinner followed by cookies to help get them ready for the evenings Ice Breaker activities. The energy in the camp was electric as the kids enjoyed spending the first half of Ice Breakers together with their team training for the main relay competitions. With Welly throwing, blind folded pillow fighting and some interesting animal relays, the evening was bonkers but brilliant. We ended with a new camp favourite game called Star ball, which was a really close event, but Emma’s team came out on top!

It was a great first day, one to remember, which we hope will be the beginning of a brilliant two weeks down in L&E South Camp.

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Tuesday, 30th July

Day two in the big L&E camp! It was a slower morning with the children all fast asleep after yesterdays exertions! A hearty breakfast was consumed and then round two for morning dodgeball commenced with some amazing skills on display.

We were not put off by the huge storm clouds and rain that parked itself upon the school for the day and morning activities commenced with Badminton taking place in the sports hall and an epic game of football being played out in the torrential rain, which suited the British contingent just fine! The Creative bunch had a lovely serene morning in the art block making and creating board games. In English the children spent the morning testing their vocabulary through a variety of word games and challenges.

In Adventure throughout the day the children made their way over to the water park and had an incredible time on the bouncy activity station, it did help that the torrential rain meant that the lake was a warm place to be!

In the afternoon, the children partook in some great games of kiwi cricket down in the sports hall where the game rules varied match on match! Then over in creative this afternoon the children donned on their thinking caps and got out the make up and costumes to create some horror films! Free swim in the afternoon was another popular affair with a lot of competitive jumping and salmon impersonations into the pool. Dinner consisted of fajitas and brownies.

Due to the ridiculous amount of rain we had seen over the course of the day the camp fire had to be postponed for tomorrow evening. So movie night took its place with the children creating the most amazing cinema experience with their duvet, pillows, popcorn and some pot noodles in some cases! The film that was on show was in preparation for theme night was Lion King which had the children enthralled from start to finish whilst curled up in their duvets and pyjamas.

We have had the most amazing day and the children have been brilliant with their ability to give any new activity a go! Beds are calling us!

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Wednesday, 31st July

Day three commenced with a delicious dose of pain au chocolat for breakfast, and an intensely competitive game of dodgeball, which concluded with a very close match between tutors versus campers! Josephine must be commended for being the last man standing!

Making the most of some gorgeous summer weather, some of the kids headed off to explore the woods and a session of wood whittling. The kids in English class had an exciting game of scavenger hunt, where they roamed the grounds to complete riddles and undertake a treasure hunt, having to decode a series of clues to discover a yummy prize. For activities, the kids had a fun afternoon of canoeing despite the chilled waters.

A more relaxed time was had for the kids in the creative sessions, who created papier mache masks and multicoloured papier mache bowls, followed by friendship bracelets and some costume making in preparation for our Lion King theme night.

For those playing sports, the morning session consisted of ultimate frisbee, whilst in the afternoon, a competitive game of both tennis and basket ball was had.

After a fabulous dinner and some free time for the kids to relax, we had the famous L&E campfire, where national anthems, songs, wrap battles and chants were shared around a roaring fire, concluded with some toasted marshmallows which went down an absolute treat. A great day was had by all!

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Thursday, 1st August

The campers began today with a fun and fulfilling breakfast of sausages, spaghetti hoops, and potato waffles which, judging by how the kids threw themselves into our traditional warm-up of dodgeball, clearly gave them buckets of energy.

During the morning session, there were aquatic adventurers making a splash in water polo and swimming relays; campers learning the essence of quintessential “British-ness” with tea, scones (cream first!) and party games in the English class; mask makers getting ready for today’s theme night; and intrepid climbers channelling their inner Edmund Hillary on the climbing wall.

It was then time for the kids to replenish their energy after the morning’s fun. Today for lunch, Taco Thursday! As quickly as they were stacked on plates, the tacos were wolfed down by the hungry campers.

In the afternoon, there were kids playing handball and, in the matches, Kazuki and Maciej really stood out from the crowd. The creative types continued getting in the groove for tonight. The theme: Lion King! By the end of the session, the stage was set, and costumes made ready for the main event. For Aston, this was his moment to step into the limelight. Before dinner, the sun was baking down so there was a rush to get in the pool. However, there was a special treat awaiting the campers today…Slip & Slide!!! All the kids enjoyed launching themselves through the suds and getting soaked in the sun!

Dinner was hearty servings of cheesy tomato pasta bake…delicious! But then it was time for the day’s crowning finale, theme night! In teams, the children were tasked with locating the tutors around the campsite, before rounding the evening off with a game of the Circle of Life, which left everyone puffing and panting but extremely happy. To their credit, the tutors were very well tucked away which required the campers to use all their detective nous in order to find them, a superb effort all round. In the end, it was the Meerkats who ran out eventual winners but there were strong efforts across the teams. Afterwards, a quick sip of hot chocolate and swiftly to bed.

Who knows what lies in store tomorrow…?

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Friday, 2nd August

Its Fri-yay! However, there were some sleepy heads this morning. All of our action-packed days have been running these Duracell-bunny like campers’ batteries down. Nothing a hearty breakfast won’t fix. We started our morning with some scrumptious waffles. The waffles managed to inject some energy into our morning dodgeball.

After dodging balls, for adventure we had archery, which turned out to be extremely popular. The number of accurate shots was minimal, but plenty of fun was had.

For sport we had badminton with Tiago and football with Iona. Sun cream layered on and we were ready to go! Football was a very sweaty activity in the sunshine. From reports, badminton was fiercly intense.

The campers who take part in Harry and Sam’s fun English lessons had an exciting excursion this morning. Sam and Harry took the campers to the nearby village, Fordingbridge, to practice their English. The kids were split into 4 groups, given £5 and challenged to purchase 4 very English artefacts. We do believe it was a success!

Lunch was made up of bangers and mash, an English classic sure to satisfy hungry campers!

After a filling lunch we had a big group activity. Drum roll… L&E’s 2019 South Camp Duathlon! The glorious sunshine made the event quite the occasion. The campers were split into teams to compete in this epic tournament. Laura’s team sped to victory.

For dinner we gorged on fish and chip supper. After dinner we had our glamorous OSCARS night! Awards were dished out, hands were sore from all the clapping. Next, we moved onto our groovy disco. The kids bopped around to some banging tunes before enjoying their hot chocolate and getting packed off to bed.

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Saturday, 3rd August

After a much needed late wake up and breakfast, the campers were eager to begin their adventure to London. We arrived at the London eye with empty bellies so first stop was lunch in Jubilee Gardens. Having then split up with a tutor to each explore where they wanted the go, the campers visited some of London’s most historical sights, including the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and M&M World! The campers also had the added bonus of witnessing thousands of cyclists participating in Ride London! Having completed a whistle stop tour of London with the tutors acting as amazing tour guides with their local knowledge, the campers returned back to school with heavy bags, light wallets and full minds. The evening ended with a relaxing pizza and film night, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, even the sleeping campers!

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Sunday, 4th August

After the jam packed day with the London trip yesterday the campers had another slight lie in to replenish energy levels. Once the yummy breakfast of croissants and cereal had been consumed half the camp boarded a coach and set off for the historic town of Oxford. On the agenda was a trip to the Ashmolean Museum, which is the University of Oxford’s art and archology museum and they got to amazing things such as Egyptians mummies. The campers were also lucky to visit Balliol College and see the dining room which inspired the dining room in the Harry Potter films. Groups also got to see the Bodleian library, the Harry Potter store. The campers also were able to try some typical British treats in fudge and went to a British café. The other half of camp got to experience the delights of the local village, Fordingbridge. Following a brisk walk into town we set up camp in the local park and munched on our packed lunches. Once lunch had been eaten it was time for the most anticipated event of the weekend the visit to the supermarket to buy the different food on offer. Most campers were laden down with goodies for the trip back. There was also the chance to go paddling in the river and play in the park. Once back at school the infamous slippery slide made an appearance. The weekend was rounded off with the camp coming together for some games on the field. What an amazing and action packed weekend which has set the camp up perfectly for the second week. We can’t wait to see what fun we will have.

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Monday, 5th August

Our exciting second week started with a few premières for this year’s camp: we had our first afternoon of horse riding and our first tennis club session. These have replaced our English lessons from last week, so the day was even more diverse for some of the children. Our morning started with a delicious breakfast (toast, cereals, sausages, beans, and hash browns) followed by our daily dodgeball game.

After that, we split into activities: adventure was Ultimate Archery, creative was video clip making and sport was Basketball, with Laura and Frederik (representing Denmark!) and Asahi and Kazuki (representing Japan!) playing admirably. The robin hood-themed archery activity allowed the campers to roll obstacles and shoot cans in the woods and we all had lots of fun. In video clip making we planned an alternative version for the video of Señorita by Shawn Mendes, designing the storyboard, choosing the cast, and making props.

After a delicious lunch of pasta bolognese we split into den building for adventure, hockey for sports and sculpture painting for creative, to follow on from sculpture making last week. Our den builders created some awesome stick-structures in the forest, while the hockey players learned some drills and passes before playing against each other in some real matches. Then we had some free time, our campers especially loved our water slide! After a dinner of hamburger, chips and salad we had Funday Monday, with team games in our large field. The evening highlight was a wet hot potato game, and some campers ended up soaked when they dropped the balloons!

If today is anything to go by we’re expecting an amazing week ahead for all our campers!

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Tuesday, 6th August

We launched into Tuesday with some epic dodgeball with “Eye of the Tiger” on full blast from the speakers. There were lots of slow-motion dodges from balls. Everyone also danced fantastically to some funk music.

THEN… the activities began.

For adventure there was tree climbing which was loads of fun. We did competitions to see who could hang from a branch for the longest too. The other adventure option (as requested by the children) was campfire-making. This is a very important lesson for surviving in the wild. Now we are all basically Bear Grylls. For creative, music videos were filmed with fabulous dance moves and costumes (with the song “Señorita”). I cannot wait to watch them.

For lunch, we had a delicious cottage pie (my all-time favourite) and apple crumble. I’m getting hungry writing this.

Later on, we had nature art for creative. This involved sketching and painting the beautiful flowers and forests while listening to Radio 1. Very very relaxing. It was a really pleasant day to sit outside near the flowers. Sport involved Lacrosse, a very English game. The children picked up the sport very quickly (as exclaimed by Ashley) and in the end there was a nail-biting-worthy match which was very very close. For adventure, Jack (a really fun tutor) lead an EXTREME nature trek. They found wild horses, made a campfire (and made tea on it) in the middle of the woods.

For the evening, we had the best group campfire ever. There were loads of funny songs (including one about a moose that loves juice) and there were some great performances. Fifi sang “the cup song” with loads of friends aiding her with a great background beat. There was also an opera-off which involved a singing competition between Sam (creator of L&E) and Jack (who works as an opera singer). ‘Apparently’ the result of the competition was a draw. Lots of marshmallows were cooked on the fire. This is probably my favourite part of campfire night.

Now all the children are all in bed (a little bit hyper from the campfire, but very very happy).

All activities involved going outside today which meant that everyone had a really healthy, lovely day in nature.

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Wednesday, 7th August

After some delicious croissants for breakfast we kicked off the day with some intense dodgeball, with everyone (including the tutors!) dancing their way around the balls to the sound of the Backstreet Boys.

The morning’s sport session saw an emotional football match, 6-1 at half-time with a great comeback in the second half. At full-time the runners-up missed out by just one goal, with the final score at 7-6.

While hearts were broken on the football pitch, our first adventure group of the day headed off to the water park. Tumbling over the inflatables and falling in to the lake countless times (despite best efforts to stay standing!), the kids loved all the slides, bridges and trampolines at the park. Back at camp the creative group were busy weaving dream catchers out of sticks and pinecones, relentlessly foraged for in the forest.

Our final activity for the morning had everyone thoroughly exhausting themselves in a Just Dance-off… featuring fan-favourites Waka Waka and Sound of Music.

After a nice sunny morning it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs at lunch today, with a healthy fruit salad for pudding. Then it clouded over outside too, and the new group at the water park got extra wet at the beginning of their session! Luckily it cleared up quickly so the new group could splash their way through the park in the sunshine.

Back at camp the kids enjoyed some L&E ball games, performing some epic dodges and vicious throws, working in teams to defeat each other in a competitive benchball match. In the creative session we had a group of wannabe bake-off contestants on our hands, making crispy-cakes for tonight’s movie snack and fairy cakes for our theme night tomorrow.

Happy but hungry, the kids piled into the dining room for some stir fry this evening. Dinner was followed by blueberry sponge cake and some popcorn with tonight’s movie (Around the world in 80 days).

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Thursday. 8th August

The campers rose on International cat day to a purrrfect breakfast of Sausages, Potato Waffles and Spaghetti Hoops. After filling themselves up they scurried along to that L&E classic… Dodgeball. The standard of dodgeball is increasing by the day and some of the campers are starting to rival the talents of Pete LaFleur and White Goodman!

Campers were then greeted with a plethora of exciting choices for the morning activities. Those who chose creative went off to acquaint themselves with the flags and capitals of the world to make flags and signs for tonight’s multicultural theme. The budding sports people played sports closer to home first playing a game of Kwik Cricket that was so tight it rivalled the recent World Cup Final for a thrilling finish. Followed by a series of football dribbling slicker than that of Cameroonian star Eric Djemba Djemba, before moving into another close game where the Goats beat the Pineapples 3-2 with a last minute thriller.

Throughout the day the kids took part in a special on site adventure activity of climbing with a portable climbing wall being erected on the field. All of the campers had the chance to fly up the wall quicker than world climbing champion Jakob Schubert.

Our theme night arrived early at lunch time with a delicious meal of chilli and tacos which both campers and tutors willingly wolfed down! After a break which was filled with a thrilling table tennis tournament, we all then came together on the playing field for a big group game of rounders with 4 innings each! All the kids smashed and threw the ball miles! Once we were all tired out the waterslide was then open for business for one final time in 2019. The campers literally threw themselves into it travelling and several even beat the current camp record!

Finally it was time for the final L&E theme night of 2019… Around the World in 80(ish) minutes!!! After a travel documentary introduction the participants were then separated into teams of 7 or 8 and were challenged to get stamps from the 8 different countries they had to travel to. First New Zealand and Rugby where they learnt how to tackle and kick the ball. Then onto Hawaii where the floor was lava and they had to travel across the room with only the use of two benches to move the whole team across the room. As if that wasn’t hard enough it was also pitch black! They then travelled back to the mainland and to Canada where their Lumberjack skills were put to the test with sawing and axe chopping challenges. “I cut down trees, I eat my lunch, I go to the lavatory. On Wednesdays I go shopping and have buttered scones for tea!” Next it was to South America to take part in a Salsa workshop with our resident samba instructor and their hips didn’t lie! After a 20 hour flight and in the heat (rain) of the Egyptian desert, gymnastic skills were then put to the test as participants had to make their best human pyramids. A short camel ride north and they were in Oman practising their Calligraphy before taking a short 8 hour flight up to Scotland to learn how to do a ceilidh with our resident Scottish tutors. Finally they took a short train ride back to camp for tea and cupcake making with the Queen.

All the campers threw themselves into possibly the best theme night of the year so far, they all passed through customs and border control get their reward of a freshly made hot chocolate before tootling off to bed buzzing for the final day of camp, 2019.

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Friday, 9th August

We have finally reached our final day of our 2019 camps and also L&E’s 10th year Anniversary! It has been another great year and another memorable South Camp. The kids will go home with countless happy memories and we hope, with friends that will last a lifetime.

The day started with one final game of L&E dodgeball. This camp is unique in that the kids are as active when they are playing as when they watching the dodgeball, as there are some excellent dancers as well as dodgers within this camp. It was amazing to see their energy levels are still as high as their first day on camp and the smiles are just as bright!

We then offered the kids today’s mornings activities, which included a session whittling wands, pens and whatever other contraptions the children’s imaginations could muster. The other children enjoyed classic camp sports such as bench ball, dodgeball and ultimate nerf-ball. The other children enjoyed a morning of singing with our camp karaoke! The children have impressed us with their dancing skills and we were just as impressed by their singing voices and even their eclectic taste in music.

After a hearty lunch we enjoyed an afternoon of camp sport, hosting our first L&E South Camp Olympics. Each team represented a different country and collected points for their nation to win as many golds as they could. The events were a little unusual, including a dance off to begin, followed by events such as the egg and spoon race, three legged race and other wacky relays. Despite the rain the kids had a brilliant afternoon and really enjoyed their last afternoon together as a camp.

The night was finished off with our weekly Oscars awards show, where we had the chance to celebrate the kid’s achievements. This week has been full of energy and it was notched up to a new level as the kids began to enter the main hall for the beginning of the show. There were lots of awards given out and many reasons to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

We had winners from right across the globe from Canada to Japan and even as far as New Zealand, which illustrates how far L&E has come in its 10 years. Not only has it reached children from all parts of world, but more importantly it has bought them together to share some of life’s most precious gifts; laughter, fun, friendship and above all, happiness. Our hope is that over the next 10 years we can continue to share in these gifts.

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