Sunday, 5th August

A swim, BBQ, games and hot chocolate…what more do you want for a first night!?

It was so lovely to see everyone get on so well on the first night.

I think it’s going to be a very good week….?

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Monday, 6th August

L&E has reached its final week of summer camp 2018! As we welcome in our final cycle of campers it’s a bittersweet feeling as we know this week will be AMAZING but we also know after this week, we must return to the real world and our fairy tale summer adventure comes to an end!
Today we started our final week with a tasty breakfast of pain au chocolat and keeping up a continental vibe to fuel our day. After a sweaty session of dodgeball our morning activities included a creative option of ‘draw my mind’ in which our campers drew whatever was on their mind. Sadly, one of our beloved older campers Sam left so a lot of his fans drew beautiful pictures of him in their mind.
Our sport was water-polo and was accompanied by some splendid sunshine that cascaded over our campers in the wonderful outdoor swimming pool. The adventure option was Archery and we had the perfect set up in the shade by the campfire. We were able to set up some competitions for our campers, setting the targets at different points between the trees and tested their aim.
After a hearty lunch of pie our campers embraced the afternoon sun with a full happy belly. Our afternoon activities included badminton as the sport, in which our campers played many competitive games of ‘around the world’ with Roderick as our badminton assassin! After disassembling last week’s dens, our tutors lead some of our campers out to the forest to do some den building. They worked tirelessly and built some dens fit for a king!
Due to our theme night being Harry Potter based this week, in afternoon creative our campers made some flag bunting using the houses of Harry Potter; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.
For dinner we tucked into some macaroni cheese – a good strong meal needed before our campers took part in the L&E ice breakers! Our campers were split into teams of people that insured it was not one friendship group all together, but by the end our campers had made many new friends. Along with many costume and funny relay races we also did the traditional L&E egg-drop; our campers had to fashion a parachute out of materials given and ensure their egg didn’t break when dropped from a second story staircase.
After our campers came in for hot chocolate they were all tired out from a day of Sun, Fun and new friendships… ready for more adventure tomorrow!

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Tuesday, 7th August

What seemed to begin like any other Tuesday at L&E turned out to be full of the unexpected; don’t say we don’t keep the children on their toes!

Our fifth and final set of campers bounded down the stairs for a satisfying breakfast of waffles and sausages before launching themselves enthusiastically into the morning dodgeball session. A significant number left midway through to go to the New Forest Water Park, where they played on a huge inflatable Total Wipeout-style obstacle course. The sun shone down and many hours of fun were had by all. Back at camp, the sport session saw our hockey superstars showing off their weaving and passing skills, while our more creative characters learnt how to make pom-poms using just their fingers and wool. So far, so normal.

Morning break arrived and we hit the campers with their first surprise of the day: water slide! Taking full advantage of the glorious weather, we spent the rest of the morning slipping and sliding in the grounds of the school. Everyone had a whale of a time – see photos for evidence.

Lunchtime rolled around and we tucked into a divine curry. The dining hall was buzzing with excited chatter of the morning and this only escalated when the tutors dropped their second surprise on the campers.. an afternoon trip to the riverside in the local town, Fordingbridge. We packed our bags as quickly as we could and meandered down to the river. We found ourselves a shady spot on the banks under an oak tree, having found the perfect place to jump in and cool off. We split into groups, with some of the campers playing a game of football, others splashing in the river and the rest relaxing under the tree making friendship bracelets. Eventually the majority of our group ended up in the river, swimming, floating and chasing ducks.

We had to tear ourselves away to race back for dinner, though we could have quite happily spent the rest of the evening by the river. The evening activity soon rolled around which only means one thing on a Tuesday – campfire! We lulled our campers into a false sense of security – nothing out of the ordinary here – the usual procession of campfire songs ensued and campers took turns singing for their marshmallows. Just when they thought it was all over, the third and final surprise of the day was sprung upon the campers. Professor Pom-Pom, a special guest at Hogwarts this week (who is on sabbatical from FSM and is conveniently in the area), paid a visit to sort the children into their houses for our Harry Potter theme night this week with the help of her trusty Sorting Hat. What more fitting a setting than in front of a roaring fire in the woods.

It has truly been a magical day at L&E; spirits are high and smiles are spreading like wildfire. We can’t wait for what’s in store the rest of the week, watch this space!

Camp Fire & River Frolicking Photos

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Wednesday, 8th August

The sleepy campers were woken up to some beautiful music and were headed down to breakfast which was a wonderful selection of ham, cereal, cheese, yoghurt and croissants. Everyone had a go at playing dodgeball which got them energised and ready to take on the rest of their day. Some of the campers went to the most talked about waterpark, New Forest Aqua Park, for their adventure. Some of the kids made pompoms in the morning for the creative activity. The rest of the campers had fun games of tennis and Badminton.

The water park was giant and filled with so many inflatable obstacles. Everyone jumped into the water at one point. Most of the campers were even brave enough to jump three meters off a platform and summersault into the deep water below. There were plenty of obstacles around, such as slippery bouncy mountains to climb over and seesaws, so the kids were spoilt for choice on what obstacles they wanted to take on. The water was warm enough which added to the appeal of jumping in the lake and swimming around. They all left happy and super proud of themselves.

Lunch was pasta with a yummy dessert of chocolate cake. After that, a second group of campers were taken to enjoy the water park. The rest of them made Harry Potter decorations for the creative activity. A lot of fancy, glittery, posters and friendship bracelets were made according to the colour of their Harry Potter houses. For Sports, they played Badminton and Around The World. The kids showed improvement in Badminton as they were becoming more confident while having fun. It is amazing how they were supportive of each other and their teams throughout.

After this, the pool was warm and ready for the kids to have a swim in. They were all so tired by the end of lunch. To reward them for their hard work, they had a relaxing night in watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The campers brought down their blankets, pillows and snacks while being in their pyjamas all nice and cozy, cuddling up with each other. Popcorn was given to them as a treat during the movie which everyone loved. After the movie ended, the children all went to the dining hall to have a lovely cup of delicious hot chocolate and went to bed eager to know what is awaiting for them the next day.

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Thursday, 9th August

The day kicked off with an amazing serving of waffles toast and cereal to energise an action packed day. The sports option opened with football down on the astro turf, team work being the deciding factor in victory. The second part after break involved after popular request badminton teams of two in a first to five rallies playing off their partners for the greatest effect. The creative morning option involved the creation of stop motion films involving harry potter themes and videos of nature involving horses rabbits and much more.
Adventure was occupied by camp favourite campfire cooking. The recipe was simple with rustic flair involving backing muffins in orange skins to infuse the creation with its fruity tones. The campers coming away with a delicious and fuiry treat.

The external adventure activity for the day involved kayaking the campers competing in races and crating mock battles. This followed up by steering and balance issues all enjoyed the day out.

After a lunch of chicken wraps and a delectable dessert of apple crumble the afternoon session involved the the learning of touch rugby for sport. Many of the campers where new to the sport but threw themselves into it with gusto. The second part involved a carnival of badminton dodgeball and football in the indoor hall throurely wearing out the kids.
The creative flair was once again harnessed through traditional movie making and music making showing off dance plotlines and cinematography.

Though being a Thursday the afternoon was the capstone of the week being the Harry Potter House Cup. The campers where divided by house in the previous days and had to separate themselves between five events earning points for the cup. The first event the Merpeople Dive where two representatives had to dive for coulred tokens. While the other having to gather eight balls on top of the surface. The second event being the Dragon Egg game where three members of each team had to rush to the centre of the field to capture and return the dragon egg without being tagged by the opposite team. The Third game tested brains being wizard chess where the first to take two pieces of the other house would claim victory. Number four was a trek through the dark forest where in teams of two one would be blindfolded and be led through the forest by the other. Having to work their way through trees beasts and confusing directions. The Finale culminated in Quiditch, the competition was fierce as the points were tied going in. Many of the rounds coming down to the capture of the Golden Snitch. At the conclusion of the witchcraft and wizardry cup all retired with smiles and wonderment in their eyes for hot chocolate and a well deserved rest.

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Friday, 11th August

Possibly the best L&E poem ever written..

So, we say goodbye to another summers sun,

Yet unlike all the rest, this is for us the last one,

How we wish we could turn back time,

And start it all again,

Be dropped off by Mum and Dad, waving goodbye,

Not knowing how quickly the week would pass us by.

We’d then unpack our bags and say hello,

To all the children who in time, will be some of the best friends we’ll ever know.

We’d rush outside and play games in the sun,

Happy just knowing that the fun has only just begun,

We’d spend our first night up late talking, before being overtaken by sleep,

All this within the first few hours, of the first day of the week.

We’d wake up never knowing, what each new day would bring,

Perhaps we’d play dodgeball in the morning,  

And spend the night round the campfire waiting to sing,

We’d spend afternoons in the pool, as we escape from the sun,

Join each other for our weekly theme night, another night of endless fun!

We’d then wake up on Friday raring to go,

Looking forward to the evening and the L&E Oscars show,

We’d then stay up all night long, wishing these days would never end,

Sharing these last precious moments with our best new friends.

Before we’d finally wake up to the morning we were dreading to meet,

Our last morning together at the end of a most special week.

Yet as you wave goodbye to camp have no fear,

You’ll be back to do it all again, 

This time next year.

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