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Before each class you will be sent the song. Then at the start of each class we will learn about the artist and where they are from.

We will go through the song line by line. We learn all the words, the pronunciation and the story of the song. Since songs have a lot of repetition, the words will really sink in. You’ll sing the song, slowly at first then as you get more confident you won’t even need to read the lyrics anymore. We pick out all the important words and grammar points and because you get them in a beautiful sonic package they are more likely to stick in your mind. You will then be sent the presentation that the teacher used for this class to practice on your own.

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Desta has over 15 years of international experience as a language teacher, professional musician and intercultural trainer. She makes learning fun, creative & inclusive.

Languages through Music blends powerful language learning with great songs and cultural explorations, for all ages and levels.
She will be teaching French and Portuguese.