There are many different types of schools which suit all varieties of childrens’ characters.

L&E have an extensive knowledge of UK Boarding Schools and are completely independent when recommending the right school for your child.

1. Make an enquiry

When we receive your enquiry, Sam will contact you to ask for some information about your child. You will need to provide the basic details – name, date of birth, and gender – and we will also need to establish the year group you are applying for.

For international students, we also need to establish their level of English, so Sam can take this into account when looking for the best and most appropriate school.

To help us get to know your child fully and ultimately choose the right school it can be a good idea to attend an L&E Summer Camp. This is not compulsory but highly recommended as it gives us a unique opportunity to get to know your child and also get them used to the rigours of UK boarding school life.  This is invaluable to be able to choose the best school.  We can provide an assessment of your child to take forward to the chosen UK boarding schools.

2. Provide references

We will require school reports, and a school reference, along with a personal statement written by the student. This personal statement plays an important role in placement, as schools like to see the student’s level of written English, and to find out a bit more about the child.

3. Find the right school

Sam will then search for some schools that meets your criteria, and will send a school profile of his suggestions to you to read through and digest. If you have any questions about the school at this point, Sam will be able to help you by phone or email. When you are happy with the school choice, we do ask that you return to Learn and Experience to apply for a place at the school, so that we can continue to help you with our valuable knowledge and experience.

4. Guardianship / Homestays

Learn & Experience can provide Guardianships/Homestays for International students who may be attending a UK School or learning english for a shorter period of time. The students stay within the welcoming atmosphere of a host family where they have every opportunity to improve their English in an informal environment.  Our Host Families, who are regularly inspected, have many years experience of hosting students ranging in age from 8 – 18 years.

A Learn & Experience Host Family will ensure that all the needs of your child are met and offers parents peace of mind and security in the knowledge that there is always someone there to give a helping hand. Our UK Guardianship programme offers a total care package from day one of a student’s stay in the UK and throughout their study period.

Host Families

Interested in becoming a Host Family? Contact Sam for more information.

Phone: 01756 521000 Email: