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Spring Newsletter

12 April 2017

This year certainly seems to be zooming by.  The longer evenings and blossom on the trees are always nice indicators that summer is not far away.

We’ve been very busy here at L&E.  Julie, Sarah and I (Sam) have been travelling around meeting parents in Paris and Milan (see below).  Mike has been meeting MFL teachers from across the UK talking about our exciting Spanish camps.  Mike & I also visited France to view some new venues in the Loire Valley which was a really fruitful trip.

Sam Ridgway & Julie Dickson

Mike Dewar & Sarah Carneil

Paris & Milan

Julie, Sarah and I really enjoyed our visits to Paris and Milan in January and February.  What wonderful cities they are.  We were made to feel really welcome and spoke to some wonderful families about our camps and teen travel programmes.  It’s always nice to see familiar faces who are able to give first hand accounts of our Summer Camps and Teen Travel Tours.  However much you market your camps and personally believe they’re the best thing since sliced bread, word of mouth is always the best way so I’m eternally grateful to all families who go out of their way to spread the word of L&E! Thank you.

Paris:Milan Photo Postcard

Visit to France

Mike and I flew into Nantes Atlantique at the beginning of April to visit 3 venues close to Angers in the Loire Valley.  Angers has beautiful rolling countryside with a lot of outdoor adventure possibilities.  It is easily accessible by air, less than 2 hours from Brittany & Normandy ferries and just over an hour from Paris on the TGV.  Our friend and local girl, Cecile, was the most outstanding host and guided us around this wonderful area.  We visited 3 very different venues all with their own charm.  The idea will be to offer an English and French experience for all children who have an interest learning and improving these languages.  We would hope to guarantee a high proportion of both English and French children for an authentic language and cultural experience. We would also hope to replicate our special atmosphere from our UK Camps.  Let us know if this may be of interest. We’ll keep you posted!

Angers Postcard

L&E Ski & Board

L&E Ski & Board is starting to take form and we’re hoping to be able to give more information on this soon.

In February we had some staff training and a photo shoot which was great fun.  Again, we’ll keep you posted!

L&E Ski Postcard

Teen Travel UK Tour

Our Teen Travel programme has been our hottest property for a while now and this summer looks set to be another truly awesome summer for our intrepid travellers.

Teens are in charge of their own experience.  They will explore the UK in groups of 6-8 with other teens from across the world and the UK.  They will be accompanied by 2 L&E Travel Mentors but are in control of:

•Their own Budget

•Their own Itinerary

•Their own Accommodation

•Their own Transport

•Their own Food

L&E Teen Travel will give teens and parents the skills and peace of mind for any travelling they do in the future.

Also, even if you’re from the UK don’t think that this wont be a valuable experience.  These tours will be like no other and teens will get to see the UK in a complete different light.

We still have availability on the following tours and have scholarships available for UK Residents.

•9th – 23rd July (Start & End at L&E North)

•2nd Tour: 6th – 20th August (Start & End at L&E South)

Teen Tours

L&E Madrid Camp

We’re delighted to welcome 2 schools from the UK to our Madrid Camp this summer – Hammersmith Academy and St Brigid’s from Denbigh.  It will mean that we have over 30 native English speaking children that Spanish children and other nationalities will be able to be immersed with.  Our camp is in the centre of Madrid and we can guarantee an authentic English Language experience.  We still have availability for 1 week or 2 weeks stays.

•Week 1: 25th June – 1st July

•Week 2: 2nd – 8th July

Madrid English Camp

L&E North Camp

We are again gearing up for a special summer at Aysgarth School, North Yorkshire.  Places have nearly sold out on our first 2 weeks but currently have some availability on our final 2 weeks.  1, 2, 3 or 4 week options are available.

•1st Week: 9th – 15th July

•2nd Week: 16th – 22nd July

•3rd Week: 23rd – 29th July

•4th Week: 30th July – 5th August

Make sure you don’t miss out on your place as it looks like we’ll be sold out before the end of May.

Aysgarth School

L&E South Camp

This will be our first summer at FSM School in the New Forest and we are so excited.  So many new adventures are planned and we have been overwhelmed how well supported we’ve been.  Places are still available but not for long.  The London Excursion on the middle weekend has been a big draw this summer.


  • 30th July – 12th August

Forres Sandle Manor

Facebook Review

We ask families after every programme to complete a feedback form and are always so grateful for the amazing response which keeps us reassured that  we are still doing the right things.  However, with Social media being so powerful these days we’d very much appreciate it if you’d also be able to complete a review on our Facebook Page.  It doesn’t need to be detailed but a star rating would be gratefully received.


A New Member of the team!

22 March 2013

Introducing the L&E Land Rover….

We are delighted to welcome “Lenny” to the team! He will be involved in many aspects of Learn & Experience from Airport Transfers, Adventure, Activities and Weekend Excursions. Please wave or hoot your horn if you see him around!!

Only a few places left!

12 March 2013

If you are interested in your children attending our Residential Camps this year then you may have to book sooner than you think!
We only have limited places left and we’re pretty sure that these will go in the next month.  There will be no last minute places available this year as the demand has been amazing.  We’re already two thirds full!

L&E @ Malsis School – Summer 2013

Week 1: 14th – 20th July (13 Places available – UK ONLY!)

Week 2: 21st – 27th July (12 Places available – UK ONLY!)

Week 3: 28th July – 3rd August (18 Places – UK & INTERNATIONAL)

Week 4: 4th – 10th August (17 Places available – UK & INTERNATIONAL)

Week 5: 11th – 17th August (14 Places available – UK & INTERNATIONAL)

Week 6: 18th – 24th August (13 Places available – UK & INTERNATIONAL)

A Week in the Life of a Pro Footballer

We only have 5 places left for 11, 12 & 13 year olds on Week 5 (11th – 17th August).  For details of the course please click here

Pro-Coach Yorkshire Cricket Coaching

We have places available on Week 3 (28th July – 3rd August) and Week 4 (4th – 10th August).  For details of the course please click here

L&E Horse Riding

Places still available on all weeks.  For details of the course please click here

Yorkshire Challenge

23 January 2013

Sam & Randa have a series of Yorkshire Challenges ahead of them this year. They’re hoping to raise funds to offer more children opportunities of amazing experiences with the L&E Scholarships.
• Sunday 10th March – Keighley BigK: 10K Run (Yorkshire Triathlon Run Stage)
• Sunday 14th April – Skipton Triathlon
• Sunday 12th May – Leeds Half Marathon
• Sunday 28th July – Bronte Sportive: 43 mile Ride (Yorkshire Triathlon Bike Stage)
• Saturday 3rd August – Dip in the Dales: 1mile Swim (Yorkshire Triathlon Swim Stage)
• Saturday 7th/8th September – Yorkshire Tough Mudder
• Sunday 20th October – Yorkshire Marathon

L&E Summer Camp Exhibitions

14 January 2013

L&E will be attending 5 Summer Camp Exhibitions in Milan and Paris this February!

  • Collegio San Carlo, Milan – Feb 4th
  • Sir James Henderson, Milan – Feb 5th
  • Franco-American Community Center, Paris – Feb 9th
  • Bilingual School EAB, Paris – Feb 11th
  • Bilingual School Jeannine Manual, Paris – Feb 12th

2013 Dates Announced

2 October 2012

Easter 2013:

2 Weeks: 1st April – 13th April

Summer 2013:

6 Weeks: 14th July – 24th August