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How do I know if my teenager is ready for Teen Travel?

21 March 2023

13 to 17 and everything in-between!

L&E Teen Travel is for 13 to 17 year olds.  However, we all know that there are many different types of 13 to 17 year olds!  This is a trip that we think every teen should experience and we want to make sure they are equipped with all the skills they need to set off on their own (not completely on their own!).  If your child has previously attended camps then this is a good start.  They have spent time away from you being independent and making their own decisions.  As they get older, teenagers will naturally want more independence.  This is a great first step to travelling without their parents but in the care of experts.  Let’s be honest, no one knows your child better than you… but if you need advice or want to talk to one of our experts then you can schedule a call with one of our experts.

Speaking the language

The common language that will be spoken is English so will your teenager be able to communicate effectively in the group?  We try to limit each nationality to ensure we are all speaking English.  Therefore your child may not be with someone who speaks their mother tongue (if not English!).  If your teenager is looking to improve their spoken English then we can think of no better immersive experience!  

What type of skills will they need?

Teen Travel is about learning new things such as budget management and how to organise an itinerary.  Each member will bring their own individual skills that will help the group.  One of the most important things the teens will have to figure out early on in the trip is what they each bring to the table.  Is there an A+ maths student in the group – they can take the lead with the expenses, does someone enjoy writing – they can assist others in writing the daily blog.  No matter what skills each teenager has, they will all have to work together as a group.  Each person’s skillset to make sure they get the most out of the trip.  

What happens if my teen gets upset or homesick?

This trip could potentially be the most exciting and challenging thing your teen has ever done.  Our Travel Mentors are fully aware of this.  They will be monitoring each child throughout the trip to ensure they are happy and getting the most out of the trip.  If any teen is upset for whatever reason the Travel Mentors are there to listen and to help them.  We can safely say that 9 times out of 10 it is simply tiredness that makes someone upset.  This is easily fixed by a good nights sleep or an additional rest day.  The Travel Mentors will manage the itinerary.  If it looks like the teens are travelling too often (changing locations every day) then they will step in before anything is planned and offer some sound advice.  

Want to know more?

We can offer advice to you and your teen.  So please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Teen Travel.  You can schedule a call with one of our experts who can talk you through the trip or email with any questions you may have.

Teen Travel really is an adventure of a lifetime – take the first step, get in touch!  

Travellers not Tourists

26 May 2017

Something exciting is coming……

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L&E is offering two Teen Travel UK tours this summer and we don’t want you to miss out.  What is TT?  Well, it’s an authentic way to encourage young people to spread their wings while learning the art of travelling.

The L&E Pathway

L&E has 9 years of experience in creating award winning summer camps and TT is the next step for your child.  The L&E Pathway will see your child attend our summer camps with the potential to one day become a Camp Tutor.  Summer camp will help them build their self-confidence while TT will teach them how to travel safely and manage a budget.  From TT they can then apply to be a Camp Tutor which will allow them to complete the pathway and have a paid job for the summer!  We truly believe that by following the L&E Pathway your child will gain skills that will be invaluable as they move into adulthood.

L&E Pathway

Teen Travel

TT offers your child something completely original, an authentic experience that cannot be rivalled.  The teen travellers will have the opportunity to traverse the UK however they see fit and with us guiding them we will ensure they maximise their experience.  I’m sure they wouldn’t forget to visit Buckingham Palace or Edinburgh Castle but just in-case, we are here to nudge them in the right direction.  Every child will gain something different from their TT experience, however each child will come back with a new air of confidence, an appreciation for new cultures and the knowledge that only comes from a true travelling experience.  The ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ are detailed below.

Travellers not Tourists

“tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they are going”

Your child will be presented with a map of the UK and it will be up to them to decide, along with their fellow teen travellers where to go.   Our only stipulation is that they visit the 3 capital cities: London, Edinburgh and Cardiff – this will ensure they properly traverse the UK.

We truly believe that happy children thrive and this experience is most definitely a once in a lifetime adventure which will have them smiling from ear to ear.

UK Teen Tour

“travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Places are filling up fast so please fill in the booking form here as soon as you can!  If you have made plans for this summer not to worry, we will soon be offering tours throughout the school holidays so you don’t have to miss out.  Keep an eye on our website for 2018 tours.