Teen Travel UK Tour Group #1

25 June 2023

Sunday 25th June

6 Nationalities, 1 Trip

What a first day!
6 nationalities become one group.
Cam and Kenny were roaming the streets of London in search of their group.
We came together on a Teen Travel mission to explore the UK.

We set off on our journey exploring with a blast! Views from Big Ben, turbulent tubes and trains galore! London is a great place to sight-see!
After a fun-filled afternoon we ended our evening on a trip to Piccadilly and China Town! We enjoyed a Chinese banquet, enough food fit for a king or queen!
As the sun descends for the day, so do we to sleep.
In a final statement
‘Today we conquer London, tomorrow we are in search of the brightest beaches of Brighton’.
Over and out.

Monday 26th June

Brighton conquered.

We started off our day with decadent doughnuts, perfect perfects and coffees to go. Desperately needed for the dash of the 10:24 train to wivelsfield, only to change and head for sunny Brighton. On this occasion it was also quite windy.
We left our bags and set our sights on the famous Brighton Pier, where was arcades for all, rides for the thrill seekers and a class beach fish and chips for lunch. Some say beware of seagulls as we found out ourselves.
Some of the highlights of the day were dipping our toes into the crisp sea, visiting the famous Royal Pavillion and enjoying an ice cream of a lifetime!!
We ended our evening with a scrumptious meal made by our travel mentors and some traveller assistants, one who made a chocolate cake to die for, yum yum.
Topped off with an English breakfast tea, for all to try, before heading to bed in sights of the busy day ahead.
Cardiff you’ll be seeing us very soon.
Over and out.

Tuesday, 28th June

Chasing Cardiff

Bacon, sausage, pancakes
A splendid way to feel awake
A dash for the train
Thankfully no rain
But still feeling yesterdays aches

Oh what a scenic coach ride
Passed Cam’s love and pride
Bristol ya know
Lunch on the go
Onto Cardiff we stride

Shopping around the town
Visiting the stores all around
Lots of Welsh gifts
And a lovely thrift
Welsh castle on stony ground

Crazy golf was a shout
Fun is what it’s all about
Curry was bliss
A game of sardines not to miss

Over and out

Wednesday, 28th June

Bring me to Birmingham!

Today we set our sights high on heading to Birmingham, so we did.
But not before a quick stop to the national museum of Wales where we learnt some great Welsh history.
Did you know the corgi dog originates from Wales?
Another scenic Trainline, led to the bustling city of Birmingham, were some shopping til they dropped.
After our fun-filled morning and afternoon we became detectives taking on new challenges within some escape rooms, Dr Watsons office and Time Travelling, solving clues and riddles to escape the room
One group escaped the other were very close, but they were great fun!
After all this, we enjoyed a lovely take away from the amazing Birmingham Chinatown where we all sat together and spoke about the highlights of our day!
We now head to bed to go in the morning to enhance literary interests in the place of Stratford-upon-Avon to learn all about the origins of Shakespeare.
Over and out.

Thursday to Saturday, 29th June to 1st July

Land of Lake District

Our courageous journey to the Lake District started with a historical tour in the beautiful town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Our teens were engulfed with knowledge regarding the years of Shakespeare; where he was born, grew up, wrote his fantastic books and plays and eventually died. This was a once in a lifetime experience for us all! We greatly enjoyed the learning experience.

After this, we carried on with your journey to wild Windermere, we got there in the evening and enjoyed a British classic of kebabs and some pizzas. Delicious!
We were collected by a lovely taxi driver who drove us to the wilderness of our yurts. We were truly inspired and in awe of the nature that surrounded us in this beautiful area.
In the evening we grouped together and the teens collected materials and make us a group campfire! Where we enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making delicious s’mores, yum yum.
After this we ended our evening with some campfire songs, several national anthems and a little bit of Taylor Swift.

We awoke the next morning full of energy and excitement for…. SCRAMBLING! We ate our breakfast and headed into town where we had an explore and collected some lunch.
Before we knew it we were at Stickle Ghyll, greeted by our lovely guide David who assisted us in completing the scrambling mission.
We all successfully climbed waterfalls, swam around and some of us even managed to get through some tight spaces! It was the best fun!
We then relaxed in the bar with lemonades all round, before heading back to town for a delicious meal.
We ventured into a lovely English pub where we enjoyed many dishes for our dinner like burgers, chicken wings and even traditional fish and chips.
We ended this evening like every other, with group games! We played heads up, successfully guessing what was on each others heads and some games of “if I were to go camping what would I take”.

The last full day in the Lake District.
We had an epic day, exploring the city of Windermere, playing in the amusements; attempting to win prizes. Some of us visited the Beatrix Potter museum, which was quite enchanting! We finished our evening with a group bbq, making a wood fire, grilling steaks, sausages and all the sides you can think of!
We then played some games outside like tag, baseball and an ultimate bottle flip competition.

We now set our sights to the city of Edinburgh. We shall update you soon.

Over and out

Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd July

Enchantment of Edinburgh

We had our expectations set high! And they were not diminished!
Our first stop after off loading our luggage was the Edinburgh castle, we were amazing by its beauty and charm. There was so many interesting artefacts dating back 100s of years. We saw King Arthurs’ crown; full of diamonds and ruby’s, dungeons and prisons which held 1000s of prisoners at one time and ancient weapons which were really cool! The view from the castle was amazing, we could see right into the city.
We then had some free time to explore the city and its tourist shops buying souvenirs to take home.
A beautiful sunset hike to Arthur’s Seat, the highest point and a movie night capped off a wonderful first day.
We started our second day with a visit to the National museum where we learnt about science, animals, fashion, and Scotland. Our eyes were then set and deceived by the illusions in Camera Obscura & World of Illusions. Finally, we learnt all about the underworld of Edinburgh, exploring vaults and dungeons whilst learning about the supernatural on a ghost walking tour. A scary end to our enchanting visit to Edinburgh.

Over and out.

Tuesday 4th July

Manic in Manchester

Theatre of Dreams
Old Trafford tour in sight
The time of our lives

Mammoth shopping mall
In Selfridges, we unite
A walker’s delight

Hot dogs, Mac n Cheese
Bowling Alley and Dodgems
The 4th of July

Over and out.

Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th July

Oxford adventures & Thorpe park fun

Oxford was an adventure! We had one of the greatest tours of all time! Learning and experience university life, understanding there are many different campus’ within the university, some you have to apply a year and a half in advance! We loved our tour and some of our travellers may even have Oxford in their sights as an option for the future…

What can I say? We spent one of our last days soaring into the sky’s on some of the greatest roller coasters ever seen to man!
We travelled, long and far on tubes, buses and taxis in search of Thorpe park.
We arrived and we’re transfixed by the beauty of the coasters that stand before us.
We quickly headed for the gate and got into Thorpe park! We got into groups and rode as many roller coasters as possible; including the Nemisis Infernio, Saw the ride, Colossus and some of us even saw angry birds in the 4D cinema.
With all this excitement we built up an appetite having, hot dogs, chicken, burgers and lots of treats!
We carried on the afternoon fitting in as many rides as possible, even a lovely boat ride for some.
We ended our evening falling asleep in the taxi back to our beautiful house in Watford, where we ended the night with sushi and kebabs. What more could you want?
We start our very last day visiting some of the great places of London, speak soon!

Over and out.

Friday 7th July

Our final adventure in London

As it was our last day we ensured the travellers a fun-filled, packed day. Some of us visited Wembley and Chelsea stadium! We had a great tour and it was unbelievably fantastic. We then stopped over to the Tower of London and the British national museum, where we took in lots of knowledge. Some us also visited the famous abbey road! Where the Beatles took their very awesome photo!
We ended the afternoon with a trip to the famous Vivienne Westwood store to look around at all the amazing clothing and admire the store.
Of course we ended our trip with a couple of visits for the travellers to pick up some very last shopping and some important souvenirs! (Most of them were edible.
For dinner we went to Nando’s as our final group meal! Where we enjoyed chicken galore, fizzy drinks and so many sides!
As a treat for the group we went go-karting! Our final activity, some were much speedier than some of us on the course! We really enjoyed this and it was lovely to spend it all together.
As a final note, Cam and Kenny would like to thank the group for being so amazing the entire trip, we enjoyed the laughs, smiles and most importantly travel. We have had the most epic trip and we wish each and every one of our travellers the best for the future.

Over and out.