Chilliwack Football

Easter Camp Diary – Monday

9 April 2012

With our Canadian footballers away watching Leeds United versus Derby County, our newly-arrived English kids had the opportunity to meet the tutors and each other. After settling in to their dorms and tours of the school, the footballers returned with stories galore of the game, told over a delicious dinner!

In order for the kids to meet each other properly, we embarked on the traditional L&E icebreaker evening! Split into four teams, challenges included the tissue paper mummy challenge, flour relay races, and for the more scientific minds, the ‘egg drop’ – the (attempted) creation of an apparatus to prevent an egg cracking when dropped, using only a few straws, a plastic bag, some cellotape and string. Cue a lot of broken eggs!

Showers, pjs and hot chocolate topped off a great evening.