English language

World Camp UK Week 1

10 July 2023

What a lovely first evening…it’s going to be a great week!

Monday, 10th July

The day of all days.

We started our first morning bright and early, with the ultimate breakfast of eggs and muffins, yum yum.
This geared us up ready for our very first, annual DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT.
The groups were great showing some amazing moves; dodging at every angles, catching and eliminating everyone around.
the staff are in need of an improvement session. But we will come back stronger than ever. Watch this space.
We then started our morning activities which consisted of ace den building, some of most unbelievable dens we’ve seen! They had many luxurious extras like hot tubs, rock pets and beautiful gardens.
In sport we defiantly put the ultimate in ultimate frisbee, throwing far and wide. The non bib team beating the others by 5 goals to 1.
In creative we put our moulding skills into test, creating pots, themed with faces on them. They turned out amazing and are drying, ready for plants, jewellery, or anything you like!
After this fun-filled morning we were treated to the ultimate curry for our lunch, cooked by Nobby the extraordinaire, we enjoyed this; replenished our energy ready for the afternoons events.
After getting our bellies filled some of us headed off for our first English class! We made posters all about ourselves, our countries, our favourite foods and our flags. The rain stopped us playing inside but we still did animal games to introduce ourselves, saying our name, our favourite animal and passing it along to the next person.
Our sport consisted of two huge games of bench ball, there was some serious competitiveness between the campers and the tutors.
The adventure was some serious boat building! We had to build a floatation device that survived the stormiest seas, which were tried and testing in the camp bucket. Every ship bar one survived our test, we were pleased to announce.
For dinner we enjoyed scrumptious sausage rolls, potatoes and extras!
This was needed for the money night Ice-breaker games! The chubby bunny contest was particularly tense; coming to the fine lines which left one champion with 14 marshmallows! We also did our very popular trash bag fashion show, where we saw outfits better than Gucci has ever headlined.
Of course we ended with the egg drop, a tense completion which saw many of our eggs scrambled….
Tonight we head to sleep happy with hot chocolate, ready for the next day ahead.

Tuesday 11th July

Our morning feast of grilled sausage and tomato awoke our campers appetites and minds to the excitement that awaited them on the dodgeball court.

With sprinting, dipping, and snipes galore, morning dodgeball was another sight to behold. Whether it be a campers vs students match or the classic 1 v 1, no mercy was granted. As usual, our star-stopping campers won against the staff, and did so with smiles on their faces.

The choice of a lifetime awaited the children as they picked between their sport, adventure and creative activity, each as tempting as the last.

First on the agenda was extreme deep pool scuba-diving with the legendary Scuba Steve!! Strapped with an oxygen tank on their back and enthusiasm in their heart, our campers explored the tiled depths of Aysgarth’s waters. A first time for many, it really was an experience for them all to remember.

Our English-learners took their time in recollecting their scuba experience in English. They also began planning the recipes of their favorite food for an exciting L&E bake-off held by the children themselves. Fun and linguistic talent met in the L&E English classroom and history made as usual.

British-history was made in the morning session of cricket, with wickets flying. Led by a cricket connoisseur himself, the kids really learned the true essence of the game. Ashes fever gripped the camp and really was a magnificent set of moments for all. With a specific game of Bazz-Ball and rounders on the side.

Simultaneously, loom jewelry was in the crafting and friendship brackets in the making. Many of the children also painted jewelry boxes to hold their new-found treasures. Colour Schemes were popping!!

Lunch in their bellies, the children headed back out for their second round of fun. Our budding athletes found themselves on the football pitch, scoring goals with every step they took. It was their ‘one love’ as Bob Marley would tell us.

Famous painting recreation was happening in our art studio, with mini Picasso’s showcasing their skill. A plethora of art pieces were on show, ‘The Scream’, Pop Art, and Hokusai on offer. Some may argue that our kids adaptations were more impressive; Mike Wazowski found himself in a Banksy work!!

Wilderness instinct was awoken in our campfire starting adventure, as the kids lined the fire with rocks and kindling ready for their marshmallows arrival later that night.

Speaking of the campfire, it was unforgettable as the legend tells. With our new tutors serenading us with their no1 talents, the fire side became a safe space for new friendship to blossom and music to be shared. The children were encouraged to share their respective cultural national anthems and they adored group bonding in their own home values. We roasted marshmallows as the sun set and the night came to a close with a hot chocolate and a chat.

Here’s to another great day under the Bedale sun!!

Wednesday 12th July

Merry Wednesday everybody! There’s no such thing as a hump day here at L&E, and with the camp ablaze with excitement after last night’s campfire delights, we arose with a spring in our step to tackle the day ahead. The Webster’s dictionary defines pancakes as ‘a flat cake made of thin batter and cooked (as on a griddle) on both sides’ – but we’d describe it as the breakfast of champions, and a camp full of champions is exactly what we are. Invigorated by the energy of Nobby’s finest flat cakes, we floated onwards to dodgeball.

If tickets were available to watch the campers vs tutors dodgeball displays so far this week, they would sell out even quicker than Taylor Swift’s era tour tickets (which came out this week). Unfortunately, today was not the same. The kids may have had pancakes for breakfast but judging by their incredible dodgeball performance, they must have been full of beans!The tutors have decided to remove Kenny as their dodgeball leader, with Sam Allardyce on the next train to Aysgrath to turn the ship around.

The selection of activities this morning is best described as a smorgasbord of sheer delight. Our English class of superstars solved riddles in the great outdoors, and played a bafta award worthy board game. For the first time this week, a lucky collection of campers went on an expedition to the Yorkshire (home of the rhubarb triangle) waterways. Canoeing the name. Fun the game. For those feeling sporty, a touch of tag rugby was on the menu. And last, but most certainly not the least, is our creative class. Think Krakatoa. Think Vesuvius. Think Eyjafjallajökull Then Take everything you have ever known about volcanoes, scrunch it up and chuck it in the bin. Because what our creative students created this morning arguably eclipsed all volcanoes before. Papier Mache, sculptures around bottles of a popular carbonated soft drink, with a popular mint dropped in, formed an explosion to end all explosions.

We had chicken burgers for lunch, yet that was not the most important aspect of the hour. We had TWO birthdays to celebrate, for Annelicia and Rose. Lionel Richie was playing, happy birthday was sung and chocolate cake was devoured. It was a privilege for us all to play a part in making sure the two campers had a wonderful day.

In 1998 Gina Gee came 2nd for the United Kingdom in Eurovision. Her song featured the lyric “Just a little bit more” – and we took that exact approach to our adventure activities today! Canoe, round two, electric boogaloo. We also constructed some bracelets and jewellery in creative, and had a whale of a time playing water polo in the pool on sport.

Post dinner, lasagne Bolognese in case you were wondering, we sauntered down to the theatre for a bit of a chillax and a Disney classic. Big Hero 6  for our big bunch of hero’s, before hot chocolate and bed.

What a day. What a week. What a summer. We go again tomorrow.

Thursday 13th July

The day started with our morning fill of beans and French toast, giving much energy to our campers for the day ahead.

With our spectacular sports hall back in action, our campers wasted no time and immediately got stuck in our traditional morning game of dodgeball. Our tutors fought valiantly in the battle for victory in the most prestigious game here at L&E, but our campers were of course triumphant at last.

Our budding adventurers set off early for a morning of climbing. Courageous climbers they were, as they conquered the boulder wall in front of them in their stride.

Our imaginative artists meanwhile designed printing blocks and produced colourful prints which could give Picasso a run for his money. From Deadpool to Batman, all their artwork was lifelike and impressive.

Our aspiring linguists embarked on a quest to become Britain’s next top baker, as they followed detailed instructions from our judges to bake the most delectable cheesecakes and muffins.

Our well-loved water polo session also made a comeback, with our talented campers competing with each other for the honour of becoming the best athlete on the water.

The camp then got treated to a mouth-watering lunch of grilled chicken and cous cous. Good reviews all around and bellies filled, our campers headed to their afternoon activities.

Our athletes partook in a game of jailbreak in tennis, and ended the session in a riveting game of football.

Meanwhile our artists created the most realistic masks for our biggest event of the week – Disney theme night!

After dinner we immediately got knee deep in one of L&E’s most beloved evening activities, theme night! Tonight’s theme was Disney, with our tutors starting off with a rap battle. Our campers then continued on to playing a series of mini games, from a basketball battle with Troy and a treasure hunt, to picking out mozzarella balls from Ratatouille’s pasta and archery with Merida and Robin Hood, our campers really enjoyed their night in the world of fantasy.

With a terrific performance of Let it Go from our tutors, the Disney theme night drew to a close. Under the spell of hot chocolate, our sleeping beauties headed towards Wonderland; getting recharged and ready for another fun-packed day of adventure.

Friday 14th July

It was a cloudy day as we woke up to our final day with Nobby as our wonderful chef of the week. A nutritious breakfast of toast and eggs fuelled a competitive game of dodgeball. Once again, the campers reigned supreme, not without a spirited fight back from the tutors.

It was an enticing smorgasbord of morning activities to choose from. Campfire cooking involved making delicious choco-bananas and damper bread. Some skills were on show for indoor hockey and basketball, appropriate for the impending rain. Some more baked goods were made in English, learning the ingredients and instructions for cheesecake and cupcakes. Lastly, our musically instincts were put to the test with Just Dance and karaoke.

 Nobby delighted us for lunch with an all-time British favourite in fish and chips. Seconds were definitely had! This was followed by a surprise announcement for an afternoon of team sports. 

Competing for camp sporting glory were Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Antarctica. After archery and a swim relay, Thailand came out as front runners. Meanwhile, some nail-biting games were being played out in the table football and bench-ball arenas. Thailand’s lead was narrowing. Final rounds of football, basketball and a team flag judging contest lead to a three-way tie between Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. Tie-breaking rules came into play, leading to the declaration of the champion as…..BRAZIL!!!

After free/swim time, paninis and ice cream were served followed by a standing ovation to Nobby and Michael for feeding us tasty meals all week.

Then the anticipation grew. The famed L&E Oscars Night, where legends become immortal. Black tie attire was a recommended optional, before being ushered into the theatre of dreams. There were loud cheers and applause for all nominees and award winners as well as brave performers. To cap off the night, a disco for the ages, with classics, bangers and possibly a dance floor injury or two. Get well soon Paul.

There was a lot of excitement at bedtime, partly post-Oscars buzz, partly for the day-trip tomorrow. See you soon, York.

Our End of Week Montage!

Saturday 15th July

Sunday 16th July

Teen Travel UK Tour Group #1

25 June 2023

Sunday 25th June

6 Nationalities, 1 Trip

What a first day!
6 nationalities become one group.
Cam and Kenny were roaming the streets of London in search of their group.
We came together on a Teen Travel mission to explore the UK.

We set off on our journey exploring with a blast! Views from Big Ben, turbulent tubes and trains galore! London is a great place to sight-see!
After a fun-filled afternoon we ended our evening on a trip to Piccadilly and China Town! We enjoyed a Chinese banquet, enough food fit for a king or queen!
As the sun descends for the day, so do we to sleep.
In a final statement
‘Today we conquer London, tomorrow we are in search of the brightest beaches of Brighton’.
Over and out.

Monday 26th June

Brighton conquered.

We started off our day with decadent doughnuts, perfect perfects and coffees to go. Desperately needed for the dash of the 10:24 train to wivelsfield, only to change and head for sunny Brighton. On this occasion it was also quite windy.
We left our bags and set our sights on the famous Brighton Pier, where was arcades for all, rides for the thrill seekers and a class beach fish and chips for lunch. Some say beware of seagulls as we found out ourselves.
Some of the highlights of the day were dipping our toes into the crisp sea, visiting the famous Royal Pavillion and enjoying an ice cream of a lifetime!!
We ended our evening with a scrumptious meal made by our travel mentors and some traveller assistants, one who made a chocolate cake to die for, yum yum.
Topped off with an English breakfast tea, for all to try, before heading to bed in sights of the busy day ahead.
Cardiff you’ll be seeing us very soon.
Over and out.

Tuesday, 28th June

Chasing Cardiff

Bacon, sausage, pancakes
A splendid way to feel awake
A dash for the train
Thankfully no rain
But still feeling yesterdays aches

Oh what a scenic coach ride
Passed Cam’s love and pride
Bristol ya know
Lunch on the go
Onto Cardiff we stride

Shopping around the town
Visiting the stores all around
Lots of Welsh gifts
And a lovely thrift
Welsh castle on stony ground

Crazy golf was a shout
Fun is what it’s all about
Curry was bliss
A game of sardines not to miss

Over and out

Wednesday, 28th June

Bring me to Birmingham!

Today we set our sights high on heading to Birmingham, so we did.
But not before a quick stop to the national museum of Wales where we learnt some great Welsh history.
Did you know the corgi dog originates from Wales?
Another scenic Trainline, led to the bustling city of Birmingham, were some shopping til they dropped.
After our fun-filled morning and afternoon we became detectives taking on new challenges within some escape rooms, Dr Watsons office and Time Travelling, solving clues and riddles to escape the room
One group escaped the other were very close, but they were great fun!
After all this, we enjoyed a lovely take away from the amazing Birmingham Chinatown where we all sat together and spoke about the highlights of our day!
We now head to bed to go in the morning to enhance literary interests in the place of Stratford-upon-Avon to learn all about the origins of Shakespeare.
Over and out.

Thursday to Saturday, 29th June to 1st July

Land of Lake District

Our courageous journey to the Lake District started with a historical tour in the beautiful town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Our teens were engulfed with knowledge regarding the years of Shakespeare; where he was born, grew up, wrote his fantastic books and plays and eventually died. This was a once in a lifetime experience for us all! We greatly enjoyed the learning experience.

After this, we carried on with your journey to wild Windermere, we got there in the evening and enjoyed a British classic of kebabs and some pizzas. Delicious!
We were collected by a lovely taxi driver who drove us to the wilderness of our yurts. We were truly inspired and in awe of the nature that surrounded us in this beautiful area.
In the evening we grouped together and the teens collected materials and make us a group campfire! Where we enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making delicious s’mores, yum yum.
After this we ended our evening with some campfire songs, several national anthems and a little bit of Taylor Swift.

We awoke the next morning full of energy and excitement for…. SCRAMBLING! We ate our breakfast and headed into town where we had an explore and collected some lunch.
Before we knew it we were at Stickle Ghyll, greeted by our lovely guide David who assisted us in completing the scrambling mission.
We all successfully climbed waterfalls, swam around and some of us even managed to get through some tight spaces! It was the best fun!
We then relaxed in the bar with lemonades all round, before heading back to town for a delicious meal.
We ventured into a lovely English pub where we enjoyed many dishes for our dinner like burgers, chicken wings and even traditional fish and chips.
We ended this evening like every other, with group games! We played heads up, successfully guessing what was on each others heads and some games of “if I were to go camping what would I take”.

The last full day in the Lake District.
We had an epic day, exploring the city of Windermere, playing in the amusements; attempting to win prizes. Some of us visited the Beatrix Potter museum, which was quite enchanting! We finished our evening with a group bbq, making a wood fire, grilling steaks, sausages and all the sides you can think of!
We then played some games outside like tag, baseball and an ultimate bottle flip competition.

We now set our sights to the city of Edinburgh. We shall update you soon.

Over and out

Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd July

Enchantment of Edinburgh

We had our expectations set high! And they were not diminished!
Our first stop after off loading our luggage was the Edinburgh castle, we were amazing by its beauty and charm. There was so many interesting artefacts dating back 100s of years. We saw King Arthurs’ crown; full of diamonds and ruby’s, dungeons and prisons which held 1000s of prisoners at one time and ancient weapons which were really cool! The view from the castle was amazing, we could see right into the city.
We then had some free time to explore the city and its tourist shops buying souvenirs to take home.
A beautiful sunset hike to Arthur’s Seat, the highest point and a movie night capped off a wonderful first day.
We started our second day with a visit to the National museum where we learnt about science, animals, fashion, and Scotland. Our eyes were then set and deceived by the illusions in Camera Obscura & World of Illusions. Finally, we learnt all about the underworld of Edinburgh, exploring vaults and dungeons whilst learning about the supernatural on a ghost walking tour. A scary end to our enchanting visit to Edinburgh.

Over and out.

Tuesday 4th July

Manic in Manchester

Theatre of Dreams
Old Trafford tour in sight
The time of our lives

Mammoth shopping mall
In Selfridges, we unite
A walker’s delight

Hot dogs, Mac n Cheese
Bowling Alley and Dodgems
The 4th of July

Over and out.

Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th July

Oxford adventures & Thorpe park fun

Oxford was an adventure! We had one of the greatest tours of all time! Learning and experience university life, understanding there are many different campus’ within the university, some you have to apply a year and a half in advance! We loved our tour and some of our travellers may even have Oxford in their sights as an option for the future…

What can I say? We spent one of our last days soaring into the sky’s on some of the greatest roller coasters ever seen to man!
We travelled, long and far on tubes, buses and taxis in search of Thorpe park.
We arrived and we’re transfixed by the beauty of the coasters that stand before us.
We quickly headed for the gate and got into Thorpe park! We got into groups and rode as many roller coasters as possible; including the Nemisis Infernio, Saw the ride, Colossus and some of us even saw angry birds in the 4D cinema.
With all this excitement we built up an appetite having, hot dogs, chicken, burgers and lots of treats!
We carried on the afternoon fitting in as many rides as possible, even a lovely boat ride for some.
We ended our evening falling asleep in the taxi back to our beautiful house in Watford, where we ended the night with sushi and kebabs. What more could you want?
We start our very last day visiting some of the great places of London, speak soon!

Over and out.

Friday 7th July

Our final adventure in London

As it was our last day we ensured the travellers a fun-filled, packed day. Some of us visited Wembley and Chelsea stadium! We had a great tour and it was unbelievably fantastic. We then stopped over to the Tower of London and the British national museum, where we took in lots of knowledge. Some us also visited the famous abbey road! Where the Beatles took their very awesome photo!
We ended the afternoon with a trip to the famous Vivienne Westwood store to look around at all the amazing clothing and admire the store.
Of course we ended our trip with a couple of visits for the travellers to pick up some very last shopping and some important souvenirs! (Most of them were edible.
For dinner we went to Nando’s as our final group meal! Where we enjoyed chicken galore, fizzy drinks and so many sides!
As a treat for the group we went go-karting! Our final activity, some were much speedier than some of us on the course! We really enjoyed this and it was lovely to spend it all together.
As a final note, Cam and Kenny would like to thank the group for being so amazing the entire trip, we enjoyed the laughs, smiles and most importantly travel. We have had the most epic trip and we wish each and every one of our travellers the best for the future.

Over and out.

Who’s ready for Summer 2023!?

23 June 2023

June/July Newsletter

We hope this newsletter finds you in high spirits and full of anticipation because it’s that time of the year again! We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming Learn & Experience Summer is set to kick off on June 25th, 2023. Get ready for an unforgettable summer filled with adventure, growth, and lifelong memories!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

Cultural Diversity:

We have participants from different backgrounds of the UK and all around the world. Connect with local children as well as gain a profound understanding of the world’s diversity.

Travel Skills:

Our Teen Travel trips prepare and inspire young people for any travelling they do in the future. It’s a chance for them to step out into the world and learn life changing and practical skills with the freedom of feeling safe with our experienced guides.

Outdoor Adventure:

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or simply love the great outdoors, our adventure activities are tailor-made for you. Embark on thrilling scuba dives, conquer challenging climbs, paddle through picturesque rivers, and build lasting friendships with fellow adventurers from around the world.

Creative Arts:

Unleash your creativity and express yourself through our captivating Creative activities. From photography and filmmaking to painting and sculpting, we provide a nurturing environment for you to explore your artistic passions and discover new talents.


Campers of all abilities will be encouraged to get their sporting shoes on, bring their enthusiasm and get active. There are plenty of ways for the children to get their sporting kicks. It’s exhausting just listing our sports but we offer; football, hockey, lacrosse, archery, athletics, basketball, tennis, golf, badminton, skate boarding, table tennis, handball, water polo, swimming and much more.

Personal Development:

Our programs empower young individuals like you to become inspiring leaders of tomorrow. Develop essential personal and social skills, collaborate on exciting projects, and take part in workshops led by experienced mentors.

English Language Immersion:

Our programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to practise and improve your English Language while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and traditions of the country.

These are just a few highlights from our range of programs. Whether you’re passionate about sports, adventure, travel, or something entirely unique, we have a program that will fuel your curiosity and ignite your passion.

We’re excited to welcome participants from across the globe to beautiful UK, where you’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes, welcoming communities, and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for each and every participant.

You’re coming?

For those of you already booked please find information to help you prepare:

World Camp UK 2023 Handbook

Teen Travel UK 2023 Handbook

Not booked yet?

If you haven’t already booked we still have some places available this summer. To secure your spot in our Summer Programs, make sure to register online as soon as possible. Spaces are limited, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Teen Travel UK Tour #1 (14-17) 23rd June – 6th July, 2024 | England, Wales & Scotland
World Camp UK, 4 Weeks (8-15) 7th July – 3rd August, 2024 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK, 2 Weeks (8-15) 7th – 20th July, 2024 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK, 3 Weeks (8-15) 9th – 29th July, 2023 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK, 2 Weeks (8-15) 21st July – 3rd August, 2024 | Aysgarth School
Teen Travel UK Tour #2 (14-17) 4th – 17th August, 2024 | England, Wales & Scotland

As always, the health, safety, and well-being of our participants remain our utmost priority. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at hello@learnandexperience.com We’re here to assist you in any way we can.

Let’s make this summer an extraordinary one!

We can’t wait to welcome you to Learn & Experience this summer!

Warmest regards,

Sam and The L&E Team

Empowering Adventures: How an L&E World Camp Can Change Your Children’s Life

18 May 2023

Summer camps offer incredible opportunities for children to grow, learn, and create lifelong memories. Learn & Experience (L&E) is renowned for providing exceptional summer camp experiences in the United Kingdom that go beyond the ordinary. With a focus on personal development, cultural immersion, and adventure, L&E World Camp can profoundly transform your child’s life. In this article, we explore the remarkable ways in which an L&E World Camp can positively impact your children, shaping their character, broadening their horizons, and fostering a lifelong love for exploration and discovery.

  1. Personal Growth and Confidence Building: L&E World Camps are designed to empower children and foster their personal growth. Through a carefully curated range of activities, campers are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves. Whether it’s conquering a rock-climbing wall, participating in a theater production, or developing leadership skills through team-building exercises, L&E World Camps provide a supportive environment that nurtures self-confidence, resilience, and a can-do attitude. These newfound skills and belief in their abilities extend far beyond the camp, positively influencing various aspects of their lives.
  2. Cultural Immersion and Global Perspective: A key aspect of L&E World Camps is their emphasis on cultural immersion and fostering a global perspective. Campers have the opportunity to interact with peers from different countries, participate in cultural activities, and gain insights into diverse traditions and customs.
  3. Outdoor Adventures and Nature Appreciation: The United Kingdom is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, and L&E World Camps take full advantage of these breathtaking settings. Campers engage in thrilling outdoor adventures, such as hiking, kayaking, and exploring national parks, which not only promote physical fitness but also foster a deep appreciation for nature. Through hands-on experiences, environmental education, and sustainability initiatives, L&E World Camps instil a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness in children, inspiring them to become stewards of the natural world.
  4. Lifelong Friendships and Social Skills: L&E World Camps create a vibrant and inclusive community where lasting friendships are formed. Campers from diverse backgrounds come together, united by a shared sense of adventure and curiosity. Participating in collaborative activities, teamwork challenges, and cultural exchanges, children develop strong bonds, learn effective communication skills, and embrace the values of respect and cooperation. These enduring friendships and social skills acquired at camp become a valuable support system and contribute to their social development throughout their lives.
  5. Self-Discovery and Life Skills: L&E World Camps provide a unique opportunity for children to explore their interests, discover new passions, and uncover hidden talents. With a wide range of activities, including sports, arts, outdoor pursuits, and creative workshops, campers have the freedom to explore and develop skills in areas they are genuinely passionate about. This self-discovery process helps children build self-awareness, boosts their self-esteem, and lays the foundation for a lifelong love for learning and personal growth.


L&E World Camps offers an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and unforgettable memories for your children. With a perfect blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and character-building activities, L&E camps create a transformative environment that equips children with essential life skills, broadens their perspectives, and ignites their curiosity for the world around them. Give your child the gift of an L&E summer camp experience in the UK and watch them thrive.

Autumn update 2022

27 October 2022

The Big Return

2022 has been a big year for L&E.  We hadn’t been able to offer any in-person programmes since 2019 and we were desperate to get back to doing what we do best.  It has been tough time for everyone but particularly young people.  Cultural and adventurous experiences have been few and far between these past couple of years and so it was incredibly important that we were able to operate.  This year certainly wasn’t without it’s challenges but with the energy and enthusiasm of both staff and students we were able to successfully navigate a wonderful year!

World Camp UK

World Camp UK at Aysgarth School returned this summer and was a huge success.  Lots of old and new faces connecting from all over the world.  We had over 20 different nationalities from 6 continents all embracing and learning from each other.  A lot of old activities returned as well as some exciting new ones including the Open Minds course and Wilderness experience.  Our older teens were challenged to investigate and interrogate the world around them, challenge themselves creatively and consider new perspectives.  They also experienced an incredible night under the stars on their Wilderness Experience.

All our International students embraced the British culture and improved their English and our local children learnt so much about other cultures.

Soccer Camp

L&E continued the tradition of working with professional football clubs and this summer we were delighted to work with Manchester City.  Tzeachten Under 16 Girls Football Club from British Columbia, Canada were lucky enough to be coached by ex-pro and Manchester City Academy coach Ian Fitzpatrick.  The girls had elite sessions every day plus 2 matches including the Manchester City Under 17 Educational Team at Manchester Regional Arena overlooked by the Etihad Stadium.  The girls enjoyed a tour of the stadium plus a unique opportunity to see the training facilities.

Teen Travel

Teen Travel UK was also back and our tours were a triumph.  We had teens from the US, Canada, France, Thailand, Italy, Spain and UK all gain invaluable life skills and gain a love for the history and beauty of Britain.  Our travellers learnt how to manage a budget, how to negotiate and how to adapt to different situations all whilst making sold friendships along the way.

It was also the first time students were able to combine the Teen Travel and World Camp experiences which made for a unique experience.

About L&E


Following a successful return we are delighted to announce our 2023 schedule. 

  • 25th June – 8th July, 2023: Teen Travel UK Tour, England (14-17), Scotland & Wales
  • 9th July – 22nd July, 2023: World Camp UK (8-15), Aysgarth School
  • 23rd July – 5th August, 2023: World Camp UK (8-15), Aysgarth School
  • 6th August – 19th August, 2023: Teen Travel UK Tour (14-17), England, Scotland & Wales

All experiences are in 2 weeks blocks and our 14 and 15 year olds can combine Teen Travel & World Camps.  All transfers are included between programmes.  

A 15% Deposit is due to confirm the reservation. Payment plans are available.

Limited places

To ensure the highest quality of experience we will be strict on limiting the amount of children from any one non-English speaking country so please be aware that countries such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy will sell out very quickly.

Early Booking Discount

If families make the reservation before 1st December, 2022 they will receive a 10% discount.

UK, Canadian & U.S. Schools

During the past year we have helped many families find a suitable school for an international educational experience.  We have a thorough knowledge of UK Schools and have placed dozens of students since 2009.  Now we have an office in Vancouver we have developed relationships with a few select schools, not just in Canada but also the U.S.  

This is a free service to families who have attended an L&E programme.  We are able to offer a unique service with our personal experience of both student and school which is invaluable and beneficial to all concerned.  Consultancy can be extended to friends and family so please feel free to make referrals.

L&E back on the road

Now that we are able to travel a little more freely again we will be returning to making a few trips throughout the year visiting countries to talk to families about our programmes and services.

  • Berlin: 30th October – 1st November
  • London: 2nd November
  • Dubai: 13th – 16th February
  • New York: 15th-16th April

If your children have attended and enjoyed an L&E experience please “Spread the Word”.

Sharing this email, website link, instagram etc all helps.

We are also always happy to add locations and dates to our “Road Trip” so if you have friends and family interested in meeting with us then let us know!

2022 Programme Launched

8 January 2022

It is with great please that we are able to launch our much anticipated 2022 programme.

Programmes Available in UK & Canada

2022 Dates & Prices

L&E World Camps Discover the perfect adventure in UK and Canada (8-15)
Open Minds Be challenged creatively and consider new perspectives. (13-15)
L&E Teen Travel Learn the art of travel and prepare for future journeys. (14-17)

Ep 14: Jasmine: Youngest female to row the Atlantic

1 November 2021

This month’s episode Sam, Mike and Julie visit 🇦🇺Australia, 🇿🇦South Africa, 🏔Antartica, 🇯🇵Japan, 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia and 🇺🇸USA  in Around the World in 6 Stories.🌍

We look at what makes a good book📚 in the Big Discussion and we learn more about 🇲🇽Mexico in the Fact or Fiction Adventure. 

Our Youth Spotlight is on a 21 year old who rowed across the Atlantic and Julie learns the how to play the ukulele🎸

In Language Corner we reveal our favourite books📚


  • 🇦🇺Australia – Brisbane wants 2030 Olympic Games
  • 🇿🇦South Africa – Technology used against poaching
  • 🏔Antartica – Huge iceberg breaks loose
  • 🇯🇵Japan – Cute and Clever Robots give comfort to lonely people
  • 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia – New futuristic city designed with no cars and roads
  • 🇺🇸USA – Band allows fans in bubbles to concerts


  • What makes a good book?📚


  • 🇲🇽Mexico


21 year old who rowed across the Atlantic


  • Ukulele


  • We reveal our favourite books📚

What is the L&E Podcast?

The Learn and Experience Podcast explores and makes sense of the world we live in through Adventure, Life-Skills and Language.

It’s a perfect listen for kids, teens and families.

Join Sam, Mike and Julie monthly with a fast paced, informative and fun show with an emphasis on learning and experiencing.

We’d love to know what you think about our podcast!  Please rate and review and most importantly subscribe if you haven’t already done so. 


Instagram: @learnandexperience247

Popjam: @learnandexperience

Email: podcast@learnandexperience.com

Learn and Experience have been bringing the world’s youth together since 2009 through adventure, life skills and language.

Ep 13: Libby (9): The Secret Kids Language

4 October 2021

This month’s episode Sam, Mike and Julie visit 🇳🇬Nigeria 🇬🇭Ghana, 🚀Mars, 🇺🇸USA,  🇨🇳China and 🇯🇵Japan  in Around the World in 6 Stories.🌍

We look at the impact of Covid in the Big Discussion and we learn more about China in the Fact or Fiction Adventure. 

Our Youth Spotlight is on a young Canadian inventor and Julie learns the art of origami.

In Language Corner, 9 year old Libby teaches Sam the Secret Kids Language of Pig Latin.


  • 🇳🇬Nigeria: First Woman and African to be named Head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • 🇬🇭Ghana: First country to receive vaccines through the United Nations sharing initiative.
  • 🚀Mars: Perseverance Rover lands on Mars
  • 🇺🇸USA: Waterfall in Yosemite National Park glows orange
  • 🇨🇳China: Taking an afternoon nap keeps us mentally agile.
  • 🇯🇵Japan: The creators of Pokemon Go have banned cheating players!


  • The impact of Covid-19


  • 🇨🇳China


Canadian, Ann Makosinski was 15 when she invented a type of flashlight!


  • The Art of Origami 


  • 9 year old Libby teaches Sam the Secret Kids Language of Pig Latin.

What is the L&E Podcast?

The Learn and Experience Podcast explores and makes sense of the world we live in through Adventure, Life-Skills and Language.

It’s a perfect listen for kids, teens and families.

Join Sam, Mike and Julie monthly with a fast paced, informative and fun show with an emphasis on learning and experiencing.

We’d love to know what you think about our podcast!  Please rate and review and most importantly subscribe if you haven’t already done so. 


Instagram: @learnandexperience247

Popjam: @learnandexperience

Email: podcast@learnandexperience.com

Learn and Experience have been bringing the world’s youth together since 2009 through adventure, life skills and language.

Ep 12: Emma (14): App to help Alzheimer sufferers

1 September 2021

Episode 12, Sam, Mike and Julie visit 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland , 🇳🇿New Zealand, 🇲🇬Madagascar, 🇨🇦Canada & 🇺🇸USA in Around the World in 6 Stories.🌍

We look at our favourite national dishes in the Big Discussion and we learn more about 🇲🇬Madagascar in the Fact or Fiction Adventure. 

Our Youth Spotlight is on creator of an App that helps sufferers of Alzheimers, 14 year old Emma Yang , and Julie learns how a vaccine works.💉

In Language Corner, Mike looks at which languages use the same word for Hello and Goodbye.


  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland: Great Yellow Bumblebee spotted
  • 🇳🇿New Zealand: Lady arrested for smuggling Cactus
  • 🇲🇬Madagascar: Smallest reptile discovered
  • 🌍Worldwide: New Emoji update 
  • 🇨🇦Canada: 6 year old Boy set up Joke Stand
  • 🇺🇸USA: Spinach that can detect bombs and send emails.


  • Favourite National Dishes


  • 🇲🇬Madagascar


  • Emma Yang, 16: Creator of an App that helps sufferers of Alzheimers 


  • 💉How does a vaccine work?


  • Which languages use the same word for Hello and Goodbye?

What is the L&E Podcast?

The Learn and Experience Podcast explores and makes sense of the world we live in through Adventure, Life-Skills and Language.

It’s a perfect listen for kids, teens and families.  Also, a great resource for ESL/EFL learners and educators.

Join Sam, Mike and Julie monthly with a fast paced, informative and fun show with an emphasis on learning and experiencing.

We’d love to know what you think about our podcast!  Please rate and review and most importantly subscribe if you haven’t already done so. 

Instagram: @learnandexperience247

Popjam: @learnandexperience

Email: podcast@learnandexperience.com

Learn and Experience have been bringing the world’s youth together since 2009 through adventure, life skills and language.

The L&E Show Ep 8 – Dec 2020

1 December 2020

This episode Sam, Mike and Julie visit Australia , China, USA, Belgium, South Africa & the UK in Around the World in 6 Stories.

We look at Freedom of Speech in the Big Discussion and we learn more about Japan in the Fact or Fiction Adventure.  

Our Youth Spotlight is on 11 year old, L&E Camper Michael and Julie learns breathing exercises as a new Life Skill. Mike tells us about English words that are not actually English!.


  • South Africa: Conversation of a rare blind Black Rhino
  • USA: Futuristic hyper-loop transport
  • Australia: A change to the National Anthem Lyrics to include all
  • UK: Breakdancing star aiming for Olympics
  • Belgium: Earthquakes easier to detect since start of pandemic
  • China: New samples recovered from the moon


  • Free Speech 


  • Japan


  • Michael K,  11 year old L&E Camper gains place at Independent Boarding School Full Story


  • Relaxing Breathing Exercises – Box Breathing


  • Are all English words English?

What is the L&E Podcast?

The Learn and Experience Podcast explores and makes sense of the world we live in through Adventure, Life-Skills and Language.

It’s a perfect listen for families and EFL learners wanting engaging and informative content for kids and teens.

Join Sam, Mike and Julie weekly (Wednesdays) with a fast paced, informative and fun show with an emphasis on learning and experiencing.

We’d love to know what you think about our podcast!  Please rate and review and most importantly subscribe if you haven’t already done so. 

Instagram: @learnandexperience247

Popjam: @learnandexperience

Email: podcast@learnandexperience.com

Learn and Experience have been bringing the world’s youth together since 2009 through adventure, life skills and language.

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