24 Hour Campfire

11 July 2020

Around the world in 24 hours and 24 campfires

What is it?

Very simple. For 24 hours we will be streaming a live event; visiting a different campfire in a different country every hour. We will be following one full rotation of the globe and visiting countries at sunset. At each campfire we will:

  • See a campfire (in any guise, big, small, outside, inside, candle etc – as long as we can see a light)
  • Hear a local/native campfire song
  • Hear the #24HourCampfire Theme song
  • Toast marshmallows (or another local tradition)
  • Send the #BeKind message to the next country/campfire


During this strange time a lot of people haven’t been able to see and interact with friends from all around the world. We haven’t been able to travel, go to summer camps and experience other cultures.

We felt that the Campfire symbolises so many important things and to be able to share this special event with people around the world felt very appropriate.

campfire provides light and warmth…

It can also serve as a beacon…

A campfire brings people together

It has even more significance the fact the 24th July would have been the Opening Ceremony for Tokyo Olympics, 2020. The Olympic message is:

Together we can change the world


  • Friday 24th July, 2020
  • Starting at 0900 (British Time). It will be about 2000/2100hrs in each country we visit. We will be changing campfires hourly starting with New Zealand.

Schedule (British Times)

  • 0900: NEW ZEALAND
  • 1000: AUSTRALIA
  • 1100: JAPAN
  • 1200: CHINA
  • 1300: THAILAND
  • 1400: INDIA
  • 1500: IRAN
  • 1600: KENYA
  • 1700: GREECE
  • 1800: SOUTH AFRICA
  • 2000: UK
  • 2100: SPAIN
  • 2200: NIGERIA
  • 2300: BRAZIL
  • 0000:ARGENTINA
  • 0100: QUEBEC
  • 0200: MEXICO
  • 0300: THE ROCKIES
  • 0400: CALIFORNIA
  • 0600: ALASKA
  • 0700: HAWAII
  • 0800: ANTARTICA

How can you get involved?

A perfect excuse for a campfire with friends and/or family on a Friday night

Want to Host a Campfire and live stream?

Please get in contact with us to find out full details. It is actually very simple and there is not a great deal of preparation needed.

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All proceeds will be go towards a scholarship fund for underprivileged children to attend life changing summer camps and travel experiences when things return to normal.

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