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From Camper to Tutor

16 November 2021

We are so proud to be able post Tom’s Story.  Tom first attended one of our camps in 2012 as a shy 13 year old.  In the Summer he completed his training as an L&E Summer Camp Tutor.  He is wonderful example to all children (and parents) of how an L&E Summer Camp can change your life for the better.  Tom embraced everything that was offered and the rest, as they say, is history.  We’re very proud of you Tom. L&E


By Tom Day

“Before my first day at L&E, I was a reclusive, shy teenager who never really socialised with people outside of the internet”

I was obsessed and addicted with playing computer games and had no motivation to work at school or spend time with friends at home. My parents were desperately looking for something to get me away from computers and stumbled upon L&E’s website.

Initially they booked a week in Easter 2012 for me and I was very reluctant to go as I would not have access to computer games and would be put in a dormitory with people I did not know from different countries.

“my life had been changed forever”

It’s fair to say I was extremely nervous arriving on the first day, but after some activities with the staff and other children the whole idea of summer camp was starting to grow on me.  After my first night, my life had been changed forever, I had made new friends, attempted to sneak out of the dorms against the instruction of the tutors, and was just having a great time. By the end of the week I had no desire to go back to sitting on my computer playing Minecraft, I had learned so much from the other children and tutors about different cultures and sports, and so I begged my parents to let me stay for another week, and they eventually caved.

“L&E truly holds a special place in my heart”

After Easter was over and I was back home, I immediately demanded that my parents book me more weeks in the summer, much to their delight as they were happy to see me socialising with children from so many different cultures and backgrounds.
I actually started becoming more active with friends from school and my grades genuinely picked up as I was not constantly obsessing over video games, and had time to focus on other things.

L&E truly holds a special place in my heart, as well as the hearts of my parents, as it had such a massive affect on the way I viewed life, and genuinely made me who I am today, and so it was such an honour to gain the opportunity to work there over summer 2017 because I knew I would have the same great time as I did as a child (but with more responsibility), whilst also providing children there with the same thrilling and brilliant time that I experienced. TD

Staff Catch-up

21 February 2018

 At this time of year it’s always nice to catch up with friends and find out what everyone is up to.  It seems like everyone is off adventuring far and wide!  


Vikky who worked this year at our Madrid Camp and North Camp is currently wandering the forests of New Zealand looking for the biggest fern tree she can find!


Another staff member off adventuring is Julie-Anne who is teaching in Thailand.  Fortunately she still manages to get some time off to explore the jungle or the islands!

Julie-Ann Coppinger


Harriet who has worked for us for a few years now is off in S.E Asia doing some travelling.


Another one of our new recruits at camp this year has also been very busy since camp!  A massive congrats to Hayley who is now a fully qualified Pilates teacher and is currently working towards her Yoga teaching training qualification too.  She is still saving the world one dance party at a time!

Hayley MacDonald

Ollie & Tom

Our boys seem to have been in the wars….  Ollie had nose surgery after camp and Tom had to get foot surgery.  They are both all healed up and fighting fit you’ll be glad to know.

Matt, Ollie & Will

Now look who our Kenyan boys Matt and Ollie ran into in Zanzibar…..only Will Smith!!!   Such a small world!!!

Matt, Ollie & Will


Paul, one of our English teachers at camp is enjoying his first year at Lancaster University studying Economics.

Jade & Sammey

Another girl who is off adventuring is Jade who worked with us at the South Camp.  She is the deputy head of boarding at a school in sunny southern Spain!  Lucky for some!!  A bit closer to home Ashleigh is working hard in her first year of teaching…..head in the books it seems!   Sammey who was also a new recruit is back from travelling in New Zealand and is enjoying teaching Yoga in the West of Wales.

Jade Vidler


Another new recruit this year was the lovely Wilson.  After some cancelled flights and a last minute change of airport he is now happily in Courchevel (French Alps ski resort) where he is working for Esprit as a snow ranger (child care) for the next 5 months.  Not a bad place to spend Christmas and New Year!

Sam Clarke-Knowles


Our very own Sarah is working hard in her day job and making sure her pupils know all about L&E – good work Sarah!

Sarah Carniel

Here at L&E we are so lucky to have such amazing staff who come back each summer to work at camp.  We have such an amazing mix of individuals who bring a vast amount of experience and creatively to our camps.  A lot of our staff come back to camp year after year and some describe it as their happy place.