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5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

2 April 2018

Here at L&E we firmly believe that ‘Happy Children Thrive’ so that’s what we try to create a happy, inclusive, fun and unforgettable camp.  We want your children to return to you with a new found sense of adventure, a long list of new friends and with a MASSIVE smile on their face!

1. To have many ‘firsts’

There are many firsts at camp.  Some children have never been away from home before, some have never scuba dived or abseiled and some have never sang songs under the stars.  Enjoying a ‘first’ is special enough but doing it whilst away from home is even more special.  Your children will come back with many stories of camp and every story is an achievement and with each achievement they grew slightly taller as a result.

5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

2. To develop social skills

All throughout camp children find themselves in new situations with children they have never met before.  Not only will they learn how to effectively communicate they will learn leadership skills and how to work in a team.  With new responsibilities they will work with their new found friends to get the most out of camp.  Our three rules at camp are ‘be kind, be kind, be kind’.  We feel that children become more understanding after spending time within the L&E community.  

3. Physical activity is on the schedule!

Each and every day the children have the opportunity to spend time outdoors.  The L&E day is split into 3 parts which gives children the opportunity to be outside doing activities – some of the children even use their downtime to play outside.  This structured and unstructured time spent in the fresh air is just what the doctor ordered.

5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

4. Unplug from technology

We know how important limiting screen time is and here at camp we fully understand that.  Your children are very welcome to bring their phones to camp however we will look after them for the duration of their stay with us. Each day after dinner for around 30 minutes there is an opportunity for every child to get their phone to call home – this is the extent of the children’s phone use over the week!!

5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

5 reasons why every child should go to summer camp!

5. Gain a sense of adventure 

There are so many different types of activities to choose from at camp, from abseiling to climbing, scuba diving to kayaking, geocaching to scavenger hunts.  And it isn’t just during the activities where that ‘spark’ can occur, a song sung around the campfire can be just as magical.  

The list could go on and on!!!  Summer camps truly are a special place for children to learn many skills and make friends for life.

Julie Dickson, April 2018

Happy 2017!

4 January 2017

A look back at 2016 and a look ahead to Spring & Summer 2017…

2016 was another wonderful year for L&E but we think Summer 2017 will be even better.

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Highlights included:

  • The online viral campaign that brought back Lenny the Landrover
  • The opening of our first camp in Madrid
  • Over 400 children attending our famous Summer Camps in the UK
  • Many school groups enjoying L&E Cultural & Language Trips across Europe.
  • Securing our third venue in the UK but first in the South of England for Summer 2017
  • Securing our second venue in Spain for Spring 2017
  • Several awards for our unrivalled Teen Travel programme
  • Director, Sam Ridgway gaining his Ski Instructor qualifications (maybe a clue for the next L&E venture!!)