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Why is travel good for teenagers?

2 December 2021

Our teen travel expert, Julie explains 5 different factors why travel is so good for teens and how L&E Teen Travel trips give young people the life skills for future journeys…

Experiencing other cultures

In this day in age it is vastly important for young adults to be in touch with a global world and they can do this by discovering other cultures and customs.  Learning about other cultures helps foster understanding and helps us recognise and respect that there is more than one way of ‘being’.  Travel is the best way to experience a different perspective and to also recognise how much we all have in common.

Understanding how to budget money…

By giving teenagers financial responsibility they will learn the true cost of things and not be so frivolous with their spending.  They may make some mistakes, but it is better to learn the hard way when the amounts are small and the repercussions are light.  By creating things like spreadsheets the teens will be able to track incomings and outgoings which will help them manage their spending to make sure they have enough money for the whole trip!

Teen Travellers

The ability to communicate effectively in a group…

The art of verbal communication is such a vital skill, from asking for directions to job interviews. Teenagers will need to learn to speak for themselves and have the confidence to do so.  When thrust into a group of strangers it is sometimes difficult to get your point across, but when there is a common goal that is fun, teenagers are more inclined to try and exercise their creative muscles.

The importance of good time management…

Learning how to manage your time effectively whilst still being a teenager will set you up for adult life where being late or delaying deadlines are not acceptable. Whilst travelling, time management is key as turning up to a large train station with 5 minutes to spare will not give you enough time to find your platform, go to the toilet and get much needed snacks for the journey!  This skill is also a sure way to keep stress levels down.

Understand the process of building an itinerary…

This is one of the most difficult tasks as it will require all the other skills we have mentioned.  Not only will the teenager have to communicate effectively they will also have to have a good grasp of the financial aspects of the trip and most importantly how to best schedule everything.  This is no easy task!  Even in small groups there will be differences in opinion about where to go, how to get there and how much it should cost.  The teens who are able to learn how to compromise, problem solve and manage conflict will have more success in planning a trip.

Teen Travel; UK Tour

Want to know more?

We can offer advice to you and your teen.  So please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Teen Travel.  You can schedule a call with one of our experts who can talk you through the trip or email with any questions you may have.

Teen Travel really is an adventure of a lifetime – take the first step, get in touch!  

Covid-19 Update

23 March 2021

World Camps & Teen Travel programs postponed until 2022

It is with disappointment that I have to announce the postponement of our World Camps and Teen Travel programs for the remainder of 2021.

We have been monitoring the situation very closely to give ourselves every opportunity to reopen for 2021.  However, it has become apparent that this will not be possible.  We have taken into consideration considerable relevant advice and have made this decision based on the health and safety of all children and staff and also the global effort to combat Covid-19.

With international travel still very difficult we have decided not to compromise our ethos and values in the short term and therefore, are focussed on coming back stronger in 2022.

We are very excited about the future and are so grateful for the continued support of all our loyal friends and families. It has meant so much to us that we have had so much communication and love hearing everyone’s news. It has been a difficult time for everyone but please be assured that we are planning on offering more programs than ever in 2022 and look forward to sharing these opportunities for your children.

For all those families who have a credit with us this will carried over to our 2022 programs and any discrepancy in price will be discounted. Programs can be switched between World Camps and Teen Travel Tours.

As you will be aware we have been offering lots of different online experiences and events over the past year and will continue to do so.  This service is for no financial gain but we wanted to offer our families something meaningful during this difficult time.  

I wish you all my warmest wishes and hope that you are safe and healthy.

With my Best Wishes,

Sam Ridgway & The L&E Team

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