1. What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be either a dance teacher or someone who sells chairs (antique furniture shop).  One of those dreams came true.
  2. Favourite L&E activity? Scuba-diving. Each Tuesday we try to encourage every child to have a go at Scuba-diving.  Some of the children are very apprehensive at first and the staff spend time reassuring them.  It’s awesome to see them being brave and giving it a go – what a sense of achievement they get!
  3. Favourite L&E memory? I was lucky enough to be a Travel Mentor for Teen Travel Euro in 2019.  Our first city was Amsterdam and the teens were still getting to know one another.  The teens decided to rent a canal boat and everyone had a shot of steering it, it was a lovely bonding experience and a good way to jump right in to taking ownership of their trip.  What an amazing way to see the city…picnic with a view!
  4. Best thing about L&E? With the range of activities and staff members it caters for all different types of children and that individuality is celebrated.
  5. Fun fact about yourself! I perform in a cabaret dance troupe called Hustle and we have performed many times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.