1. What did you want to be when you grew up?  I loved photography and dancing so a breakdancing photographer!  I always knew I wanted to work with people and as time went on and I started to volunteer and work with children I knew if I could find a job that entailed working with both adults and children then that would be perfect.
  2. Favourite place visited on L&E Travel? Liverpool and Amsterdam!
  3. Favourite L&E World Camp activity?  The evening activities are the best part of the day for me.  The children and the staff all together having a ball!  Theme nights are always special, the staff put so much work into planning them and the children make it all worthwhile by completely immersing themselves in the chosen theme.
  4. Favourite L&E memory?  There was one epic water fight back in 2014 which was my first year working at L&E.  It started off as an afternoon activity and everyone was having so much fun it carried on way past the end of the session…I think we almost missed dinner.  That is what camp is all about – just losing yourself in the fun.
  5. Best thing about L&E?  Memories.  So many of my favourite memories happened at L&E, there are just too many to name.  Seeing the children come back year after year and greeting you with a massive smile is just priceless.  The bonds that you make are so strong, the children leave with so many new friends, as do the staff.
  6. Fun fact about yourself!  I love a good fad and my most recent is Olympic Weightlifting….watch this space!