Mike lives and breathes languages and he has been studying languages since the age of 7.  He started with French, and then Spanish, and then took up Arabic as a teenager.  He now teaches full-time online and in-person English and Spanish to adults and children. Here are some of the reasons why he is so passionate about sharing his love of languages:  Learning languages makes your brain bigger ;   it makes travel more fun ; it’s a great way of making friends and ;  it’s fun to figure out why in English a dog says “woof”, in Spanish, “guau” and in Arabic “nubaaH”  What’s the right word?, I hear you asking.  The dogs aren’t saying.

Mike also hosts a Podcast for Advance English learners called The English Waffle and Co-hosts The L&E Podcast.

How did you get in to Teaching Languages?
​By mistake!  In a previous life i was an international salesman travelling around the world to sell language courses. I decided one day that teaching courses might be more fun than selling them. I was right!
Experience in teaching languages?  7 years and counting.  I teach English, French and Spanish
Why do you like being a Language Teacher?  ​I enjoy being close to language and seeing how we can give names to the most unusual things. Did you know to discombobulate means to confuse someone?  Have I confused you?!
Style of teaching?  If we learn something from each other, then we are both teaching! I always hope to learn something form my students
Fun fact about yourself! I never wear a pair of socks that match!