What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid I wanted to become a doctor especially a neurosurgeon ! The human body has always attracted my curiosity, I was fascinated by brains !

Favourite campfire song ?

What could be better than Katy Perry to create a great atmosphere ?

‘Last Friday Night’ without hesitation !

Favourite place to travel ?

I love to travel in Italy during the summer, especially in the little village of my grandparents. It is so peaceful and calm ! Without forgetting that the sea is at one hour from the village named San Giovanni.

Favourite Disney Character ?

My favourite Disney Character is by far the princess Pocahontas ! She is beautiful, kind and brave and lives in nature.

Who is your role model ?

My role model is Cristina Yang in the series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. She is a talented cardiothoracic surgeon and a thoughtful and proud woman !

Fun fact about myself?

One day when I was at the highschool, I forgot to put my shoes on and went to school with my slippers. Everybody was laughing including me !