How did you get in to Teaching Languages?

Owain discovered his love of languages as an adult. He enjoyed French at school but didn’t quite see the point of it. He started Spanish at the age of 15 and later became fluent after living for 15 years in Spain. He has also studied German and Chinese, and likes to try out languages wherever he goes.

Experience in teaching languages?
Since 2005 he has taught English to students of all ages, both face to face and online. He’s currently teaching 16-18 year olds at Leicester College in the UK and has online students from Spain, Russia and Germany.

Style of teaching?
For him, teaching should be holistic and learner-centred. More than other subjects, languages are about human interaction and connection. You learn when you’re feeling motivated and relaxed. You learn to communicate when you want to say something and someone responds. Just filling your head with facts about the language won’t help you develop your fluency. Creating a fun, safe and inspiring environment for his learners to try, fail, and then try again is how he helps his students become confident language users.

Fun fact!
He used to be a choir boy and sang a solo in the song Ave Maria at the wedding of a musician called Gordon Sumner – otherwise known as Sting!