1. What did you want to be when you grew up? When I grew up I wanted to be a footballer, in particular I wanted to play striker for Leeds United and England
  2. Favourite L&E activity? My favourite L&E activity is hard to choose, but probably movie making in English class. The kids come up with some of the most outrageous stories and plotlines and watching them in the Oscars at the end of the week is always hilarious.
  3. Favourite L&E memory? My favourite L&E memory would probably be when Luis won star camper in 2018. He’d been coming to camp for years and had never won it before, but after he won the award he asked Sam if he could say a few words, and delivered a genuine and unexpected speech about how camp, and particularly us tutors, had taught him so much and allowed him to grow. It was a really special moment to see a camper put into words how he felt about coming to L&E every year, and I know it was a highlight for many of the tutors.
  4. Best thing about L&E? I’d probably split my favourite thing about L&E between two things. Firstly, witnessing so many of the campers grow into themselves, not only during a stay at camp but also seeing the differences each year they return, witnessing the children grow up yet returning to their friendships is amazing to see and be a part of. Secondly it’s the ability to be silly. There’s a big kid in all of us members of staff, and being in an environment where we’re not consumed by technology but instead outdoors playing games and coming up with outrageous activities is something I love doing. Throughout the rest of the year I’ll be looking at my degree and thinking how much I’d swap that for an icebreakers evening of chubby bunnies and egg drop – I know for sure the staff have as good a time as the kids.
  5. Fun fact about yourself! I am unofficially recognised as Lancaster University’s most committed, yet least talented, performer of karaoke.