1. How did you get into teaching languages?
    My love of languages and literature were first combined when I worked as a volunteer at a school in Colombia where I taught English as a foreign language for children and literacy for adults. This rewarding first experience as a young teacher led me to complete my CELTA training in 2014 and I have been working as a teacher ever since.
  2. Experience in teaching languages?
    I have taught all levels, from absolute beginners to proficiency level students, and worked in primary and secondary schools, English academies, and summer camps. Working mainly with young children and teens, I have had experience of leading conversation classes, activity workshops in English and exam preparation classes.
  3. Why do you like being a language teacher?
    I like being a language teacher for the variety that each day can bring, the opportunities to be creative in the classroom and for the surprising and entertaining conversations that often come up.
  4. Style of teaching?
    As a teacher, my main aim is always to get the students talking as much as possible, using games, videos, articles and projects to help students use English in real-world contexts to talk about topics that interest them.
  5. Fun Fact:
    I love animals and spend my free time volunteering at a dog shelter.