A clear vision…

Learn & Experience have a very clear vision. Creating experiences to bring together young people from different backgrounds and cultures (whether online or in-person) through Adventure, Life Skills and Language.


We feel it is vital for young people to challenge themselves. This expands and broaden minds and encourages positive attitudes. Adventures come in all guises with L&E…from staying away from home for the first time, challenging your fears on a cliff top or travelling to a different country and meeting others from different backgrounds and cultures.

Life Skills:

Learning new skills allows young people to find new ways of thinking and problem solving. In turn, building confidence and independence which is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. With L&E personal, social and leadership skills are intertwined with everything we do.


Language allows us to communicate and therefore, importantly gives us the ability to connect and understand others from different backgrounds and cultures.

It is also proven young people who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills. 

Bringing together young people from different backgrounds and cultures

This is maybe the most important aspect of L&E. We create unique environments where young people meet others they may not otherwise meet. Respecting diversity allows creativity and imagination to flourish, developing tolerance of others. Cultural awareness and citizenship gives young people unique opportunities as they embark on their journey.

Learn and Experience by name and by nature

Our programmes (online & in-person) enable young people to experience, learn and develop personal, social, practical or language skills while expert and empathetic guidance are provided.  

We have a focus on the personal journey.  We care about every individual and want their experience to be the best.

With L&E, it is especially relevant that young people develop their independence and their confidence. Again and again, in their own words, they tell us they’ve had the time of their lives all whilst making friendships that span the globe.

“Bringing The World’s Youth Together Since 2009”

L&E Programmes

World Camps Inspire & nurture 8-16 year olds at our venues in UK & Canada
Teen Travel Learn the art of travel and make friends from around the world.
At Home Our award-winning Language and Life-Skill courses online
Young Global Leaders All L&E programmes have a focus on leadership and teamwork as well as recognising vital life skills.
Schools & Groups We are dedicated to providing safe, adventurous, cultural and language experiences.
Boarding School Placements L&E offer a unique, free service to help you choose the right school and also prepare them for their time away from home.

Our Word

“We are a small company and strive for quality in everything we do. Furthermore, we really understand how much trust parents are putting in us with their children and we take this responsibility very seriously. Therefore, safety and welfare is our highest concern. Our caring staff are chosen for their ability to work with children and, most of all, to understand children.

Ultimately, we want the children to have an amazing experience and for their parents to know that they are safe and well cared for… this is what we have, and furthermore always will achieve.”


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L&E World Camps

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