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About L&E World Camps

It’s hard to sum up what we offer at L&E World Camps on a website page… We could start by telling you that we offer a unique cultural experience for  8-15 year olds from around the world, packed with a huge and diverse range of activities. We could add that we use the best venues in the UK and Canada with incredible facilities. But really, that wouldn’t be the half of it…

L&E World Camps allow young people to experience and learn life skills while expert and empathetic guidance are provided.  All whilst making friendships that span the globe along the way.  With L&E, it is especially relevant that young people develop their independence, their confidence and language skills. Again and again, in their own words, they tell us they’ve had the time of their lives.

We have a very simple ethos at L&E World Camps…

“Happy Children Thrive”

What do we do each day?!

Our days are jam packed!

0900Morning Warm Up Game (Dodgeball)
0930Morning Activities (Adventure, Sport or Creative)
L&E English
Young Global Leaders and Life Skills Course
1300Sweet Shop & Free Time
1400Afternoon Activities (Adventure, Sport or Creative)
L&E Extras (Horse Riding, Soccer, Tennis, Performing Arts)
1700Swim or Free Time
1800Evening Meal
1830Call Home or Free Time
1900Evening Activities (Check Schedule)
2100Hot Chocolate & Start of Bedtime (Age appropriate)

Adventure, Sport & Creative activities

The children have a choice from a huge variety of activity options each session (morning & afternoon). There will always be Adventure, Sport and Creative options. We pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition and the passion we bring to each.

L&E Extras

Our L&E Extra options are 12 hour specialist coaching courses that allow the time to develop the understanding of the skill.  L&E Horse Riding, Tennis Academy, L&E Elite Football & Performing Arts are available.

English Language Lessons and our incredible Young Global Leaders & Life Skills Course (including YGL Wilderness Experience) are also available

Evenings Activities

Every day between 1700 – 1800 we always offer the children a chance to relax with some free time in our heated swimming pool or our on-site lake.  We offer a full sleepaway experience on our World Camps. This means we can carry on the fun into the evening and we have a special activity every night.  Our evening activities include:

  • Ice Breaker Games
  • Camp Fire Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Talent Shows
  • Trivia Competitions
  • Water Fight Championships
  • Theme Nights + Lots more…

Sleepaway Experience

When children pack their bags for an adventure with us, we like to think they’ll return with much more than just their belongings. We set out to inspire them, and that starts from the minute they arrive. We always use venues with magnificent architecture which hints at some of the magic ahead.  Once the camp gets underway, everything buzzes into life with L&E energy. Children return from their adventures with more confidencenew friendshipsnew skills and broader horizons, but that doesn’t mean the first steps of a sleep away stay aren’t sometimes a bit daunting.

On the first evening families are all invited for a welcome BBQ/Afternoon Tea, when they drop off their children. This gives them a chance to meet the team and see the facilities their children will enjoy during their stay with us.  Alternatively, we can also arrange airport, train station and ferry terminal transfers for a small extra cost.


Our facilities are the backdrop for your child’s adventure with us so we make sure it soon becomes home from home – everything from the delicious food to where they sleep. Children can bring their own duvets with them if they want and we carefully choose who will stay in which homely dormitory, according to age and personality (we will always separate nationalities to encourage English being spoken) – boys and girls are always separate.

What happens at the weekend?

Weekends can be seen as your bonus!! It’s a time to relax a little and spend more time with your new friends. There will be some fantastic trips organised over the weekends. (Excursions change depending on which camp and which dates – see individual camps and weeks for details!)

Where & when in 2021?

N. Yorkshire, UK – Aysgarth School

World Camp UK (4 Weeks) 11 July – 7 August 2021 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK (2 Weeks) 11 – 24 July 2021 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK (2 Weeks) 25 July – 7 August 2021 | Aysgarth School

B.C, Canada – Shawnigan Lake School

Dates coming soon…


Welfare and pastoral care are our top priorities, with a huge emphasis on safety, security and the happiness of the children. Our caring and experienced World Camp team are on site 24 hours a day. They have each been chosen for their ability to communicate with children and their commitment to ensuring that each child has a fantastic learning adventure with us.  Also, we have an on-call, medically trained matron available at all times.  All our staff have had Criminal checks.

Why are L&E World Camps different?

The essence of World Camps is so many things to so many different children. There’s no single way to pin it down. It’s the laugh between new friends from different countries, sharing a joke. It’s the quiet linking of arms as life-long friendships are forged. It’s the look of pride beaming from the face of someone who’s met a challenge head-on and triumphed. It’s the sound of easy, satisfied silence, returning tired-out from a day of physical activity. It’s the sound of fast chatter on the phone as someone can’t wait to tell home what they’ve achieved. It’s the exhilarated shouts after abseiling down a cliff. It’s the splash in the lake. It’s the sound of voices, creating, working towards a goal together. It’s the wood-smoke smell of the campfire and of slowly-toasting marshmallows, after another jam-packed day.

  • A maximum of 80 residential children each week (Meaning we can get to know each child really well)
  • High level of interaction from tutors  (Our policy is 1:5 Staff to Child Ratio)
  • A personal service like no other Summer Camp can offer
  • We really do care about each individual
  • A large proportion of the children will be native English speakers  which means English is spoken socially all the time (the best way to learn!)
  • We limit large groups of one nationality so that we have a great balance at camp.

What children, parents and staff say!

Did you know?
Did you know?

Q: What are the 3 rules of L&E?
A: Be kind, be kind, be kind

"It has improved Michael's overall confidence and behaviour and it's noticed by everyone once he returns home. He learns so much. Gaining confidence in activities he would never try or contemplate in the past." Laura, England (Michael’s mum)

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4 - 18 April 2020 Teen Travel Canadian Winter Adventure
6 - 15 April 2020 Teen Travel Euro Spring Voyager
11 - 24 July 2021 World Camp United Kingdom
25 July - 7 August 2021 World Camp United Kingdom
11 July - 7 August 2021 World Camp United Kingdom
19 July - 1 August 2020 Teen Travel Euro Voyager
1 - 15 August 2020 Teen Travel UK Intrepid
1 - 15 August 2020 Teen Travel UK Voyager
19 July - 1 August 2020 Teen Travel Canadian Summer Adventure
2 - 8 August 2020 World Camp B.C, Canada
9 - 15 August 2020 World Camp B.C, Canada
2 - 15 August 2020 World Camp B.C, Canada
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