Activity Options

The children have a choice from a huge variety of options each session (morning & afternoon) at our L&E World Camp activity camp.

There will always be Adventure, Sport and Creative options. We pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition and the passion we bring to each.

We also offer L&E Extras (See Below); L&E English, Open Minds, L&E Horse Riding and our Tennis Academy.

Included Activities

Every morning and afternoon session there will always be at least one Adventure, Sport and Creative option. Each session there can be up to 6 different options.

L&E Adventure
L&E Sports
L&E Creative

L&E Extras

Our L&E Extras (15 hour/5 Day courses) are more specialised activities which have an additional fee. The following courses are available:

L&E English
Horse Riding
L&E Tennis

Open Minds

This course is optional to our 13-15 year olds. Open Minds creates a space for young people to investigate and interrogate the world around them, challenge themselves creatively and consider new perspectives from a place of kindness and compassion.