What is Teen Travel?

L&E Teen Travel gives young people the life skills for future journeys.

The focus is to prepare and inspire young people for any travelling they do in the future. It’s a chance for them to step out into the world and learn life changing and practical skills with the freedom of feeling safe with our experienced guides. Our groups are small (6-12 teens from across the world) with high staff/teen ratios (1:6). Therefore, we are able to create incredibly intimate and authentic travel experiences which we believe few other companies can rival.

Learn the art of travel

Different Styles of trip!?

For 2022 we are excited to offer our programmes to 13 – 17 years olds both in Spring and Summer.   To suit all our young travellers there will be 3 styles of tripIntrepid, Voyager & Adventurer visiting UK and Canada.

1. Teen Travel Intrepid (15-17)

Intrepid Trips are like no other… Teens are in charge of their own experience!  Exploring in groups of 6-12 with other teens from across the World they will be accompanied by L&E Travel Mentors but THEY are in control of:

  • the groups Budget (mostly)
  • the groups Itinerary (mostly)
  • their own Food (totally)

2. Teen Travel Voyager (13-15)

Voyager Trips are scheduled trips where most elements are pre-planned but there will still be a focus on allowing teens to think for themselves and make decisions on their itinerary but with a more structured timetable. As with all our trips the groups will be between 6-12 travellers from around the world.

3. Teen Travel Adventurer (13-17)

Adventurer is an adventure activity focussed travel experience with the same ethos as our Voyager programme. Our adventures include Snow-sports, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Surfing, Zip-lining, White Water Rafting and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions about our experiences? Then, we’re pretty sure most of those questions have been asked a hundred times and so we’ve collated them all into one page

Contact Us

Please schedule a call-back at a convenient time for yourself and we’ll be happy to discuss all aspects of L&E Teen Travel with you. You could also send us an e-mail any time at teentravel@learnandexperience.com

We work very hard to make the dynamics of each group work.  As a result, we try to have an even mix of boys and girls and we only usually allow one or two children from the same country.

If you’re keen for your child to have an amazing experience then choose your experience and book asap to avoid disappointment. To confirm the place a 15% deposit needed.

L&E Trips 2022

Teen Travel UK Intrepid #1 (15-17) 26th June – 9th July, 2022 | England, Wales & Scotland
Teen Travel UK Voyager #1 (13-15) 26th June – 9th July, 2022 | England, Wales & Scotland
Teen Travel UK Intrepid #2 (15-17) 7th – 20th August, 2022 | England, Wales & Scotland
Teen Travel UK Voyager #2 (13-15) 7th – 20th August, 2022 | England, Wales & Scotland
Teen Travel BC Summer Adventure 7th – 21st August, 2022 | British Columbia, Canada
Teen Travel BC Spring Adventure 1st – 15th April, 2023 | British Columbia, Canada

Hear what they say?

Beatrice, from Germany talks about her UK Teen Travel experience