Who can go on your trips?

Teenagers (13-17 years old) from all over the world may participate in our trips.

Are your trips for boys and girls?

Yes, our trips are all mixed, and boys and girls sleep in separate rooms on all of our trips. We will always try to get an even 50/50 split of girls and boys on each trip.

Do most Teens Travellers (TTs) come by themselves or with a friend?

Either is fine.  Coming by yourself means you’re able to fully embrace the experience of meeting new people and be fully immersed. Group bonding happens very quickly and TTs tend to make lasting friendships while traveling with us.  However, teens applying together with the mindset to embrace the group and new friendships will also thrive.  We’re very happy to talk through the application process with both parents and teens

We can also organise trips for groups. Email groups@learnandexperience.com for more information

What Language will be spoken in the group?

English will be the common language and all participants will certainly improve their English Language and communication during their time with us.

What is the L&E Teen Travel style of traveling?

To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen

L&E Teen Travel really gives our Teen Travellers a lot of responsibility but they will not be alone; as well as our experienced Travel Mentors (TMs) they have EACH OTHER.  We strive to make sure our trips are carried out in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. Consideration for others, personal responsibility, teamwork and kindness are virtues we embrace at all levels every day and at all times. We consider the intangible aspects of travel to be very important. Bonding, friendships, respect and feeling cared for and valued are fundamental to our philosophy.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

How do I stay in touch with my child?

All TTs will be allowed to bring their phones and obvisouly most accommodation will have WIFI but the TMs will certainly not be encouraging too much contact with home!  All TMs carry mobile phones at all times so parents may contact us at any time day or night, in case of emergency.

TMs & TTs will be writing a Travel Blog available on our website plus uploading photos everyday so parents can see their travelling experience from afar.

What is included in the price of the trip?

Everything during the trip is included except for lunch.

Flights to and from the start and end points for each trip are not included.  As we have students joining us from all over the World, it is impossible for us to consistently price our trips to include flights. However, if there are flights during a trip then these will be included.

Contact our office at teentravel@learnandexperience.com to find out which airports you need to find flights to for arrival and departure.  Also, please do not book your flights until your programme has been confirmed.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Considering its relatively low cost, we STRONGLY recommend that you purchase traveler’s insurance for protection against trip cancellation due to medical/family emergencies, strikes and/or flight cancellations, lost baggage situations, full medical coverage abroad, and more.

What types of accommodation do you use?

We have a relationship with several quality Hotel & Hostel groups.  All accommodation we use is safe and clean. We take into consideration the physical layout of the accommodation to help ease the logistics of keeping the TTs safe.

Where do you eat, and how do you deal with picky eaters?

The evening meal, the main meal of the day, is typically taken in a restaurant but it is still a group decision and will be based on budget considerations. Lunch is usually a quicker meal eaten on the go (a picnic, a sandwich, pizza, or a salad), and breakfast will be nourishing and plentiful.

We know that many teenagers can be a little bit picky. We encourage TTs to try new things and broaden their horizons, as eating is always a central part of our cultural immersion experience. However, we can always  find something that will work for everyone.

My child is a vegetarian/vegan and/or has severe food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate him/her?

We can absolutely accommodate special diets, dietary restrictions, and food allergies with advance notice and communication. We accommodate vegetarians and food allergies on virtually every trip.

What are the rules on your trips, and how do you enforce them?

We actually allow the groups to agree on some rules at the beginning of each trip however we do have four unbending and unbreakable rules, which can result in being sent home at the family’s expense:

1. No leaving the group without permission of a staff member

2. No drugs or alcohol

3. No inviting strangers into the group

4. No sexual activity

We take these rules seriously and we enforce them for your safety and the safety of the group.

What are the safety procedures?

Safety is absolutely our number one concern at all times. We do everything in our power to make sure every trip is as safe as it can possibly be. We analyse every aspect of every trip in detail before setting out with the group, going over contingency plans and emergency numbers. We carry first aid kits and have access to medical professionals 24/7 (including L&E Founder, Dr Randa Ridgway). The safety of our TTs is our number 1 priority.

Our staff are made up of mature adults who are trained to think proactively about safety in every type of situation. All TMs are trained in First Aid and CPR. In addition, as with all our staff, we run background checks (DBS) and put staff through an extensive interview process before they are considered for employment with us.  They all then attend our L&E Teen Travel Training workshops.

Please bear in mind that the act of traveling itself will always include inherent risks. We travel on airplanes, trains, buses, boats, and bicycles – and accidents can happen. If someone is injured or is ill, we will assess the situation and seek appropriate medical attention.

What is the Teen Travellers (TTs) to Travel Mentors (TMs) ratio?

Our minimum teen to adult ratio is 6:1, although typically our trips have a 4:1 ratio

Do you allow TTs to be unsupervised?

Our TTs have a lot of choice in how their time is spent, but our programme does not embrace the notion of no supervision (with the exception of certain situations which our L&E Travel Mentors deem safe enough). We do not allow TTs to leave the accommodation without a Travel Mentor.  Conversely, TMs are skilled at allowing the TTs space to breath and feel like an independent traveller

Who are the staff on your trips?

Our staff are made up of mature adults who are trained to think proactively about safety in every type of situation. All TMs are trained in First Aid and CPR. In addition, as with all our staff, we run background checks (DBS) and put staff through an extensive interview process before they are considered for employment with us.  They all then attend our L&E Teen Travel Training workshops. The staff we choose are experienced, responsible, good natured, and fun, so our participants enjoy sharing experiences with them. Most of our Trip Leaders have lived and studied or worked in their destination country and are extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of that place.

It is the job of the staff to keep the fun clean and happening, the learning and the laughter in good balance, and most importantly to oversee the safety of the participants. Minimum staff to student ratios are one staff member to every seven participants, but usually the ratio is actually 1 to 4. Trip Leaders and Senior Travel Mentors account for most staff.

Why should I choose Learn & Experience?

Ultimately, there is not another travel experience like L&E Teen Travel.  Your children will gain an incredible amount from their experience.  We provide a totally unique mix of fun, learning, and cultural immersion on every one of our trips.   We also demonstrate an outstanding level of service and support that we believe is unmatched by any other travel company.

Our attention to detail in the planning stages of the trip is especially important for your child to have a first-rate experience.  Furthermore, our Travel Mentors have all lived or worked in the places your teen is going. Once the trip is on the ground, our experienced team of Travel Mentors make sure that the trip runs smoothly and that everybody is having a great time. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, something that we know you and your children appreciate.

I’m a parent interested in L&E Teen Travel for my child – what next?

If you’re interested in discussing our trips, please schedule a call-back at a convenient time for yourself.  We’ll be happy to discuss all aspects of L&E Teen Travel with you. You could also send us an e-mail any time at teentravel@learnandexperience.com

We work very hard to make the dynamics of each group work.  We try to have an even mix of boys and girls and we only usually allow one child from the same country.

If you’re keen for your child to have an amazing L&E Teen Travel Experience then choose your experience and book asap to avoid idssapointment. There is a 15% deposit needed to confirm the place.

I've booked a Teen Travel Trip, what now?

Congratulations! You will receive a Teen Travel Handbook of your chosen trip which will help you prepare.  This is an Example Handbook

You will be allocated a group and Lead Travel Mentor nearer the start of the trip.  They will contact you to discuss your expectations and concerns.  The whole group will then be in communication to discuss the details of the trip.

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