A simple idea…

“Learn & Experience create opportunities to connect young people (8-17) from different backgrounds and cultures to grow with a sense of adventure, curiosity and empathy.”

What we do?

We have a focus on the personal journey.   Whether it’s attending one of our summer programmes, helping choose an international study experience or both, we care about every individual and want their experience to be the best.

We have 3 main programmes; L&E World Camps (8-15), L&E Teen Travel (14-17) and our School Placement Service (11-17).

Embark on a transformative journey with Learn and Experience’s World Camps in the United Kingdom and Canada. In the UK, our camps unfold against the backdrop of rich history and modern allure, offering participants a unique blend of cultural exploration and academic engagement. From iconic landmarks to the picturesque countryside, the UK camps provide an immersive learning experience in a diverse and dynamic setting. On the other side of the globe, in Canada, our camps are set against the breathtaking scenery of Shawnigan Lake in British Columbia. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, participants have the opportunity to engage in outdoor adventures, team-building activities, and cultural exchanges. Both the UK and Canada camps share a commitment to fostering personal growth, global perspectives, and lasting connections among participants, creating an unforgettable experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and discovery with Learn and Experience’s Teen Travel programs in the United Kingdom and Canada. In the UK, teens delve into the heart of British culture, exploring historic landmarks, vibrant cities, and the picturesque countryside. From the bustling streets of London to the mystical landscapes of Scotland, participants engage in a rich tapestry of experiences that blend adventure, learning, and cultural immersion. Meanwhile, in Canada, the Teen Travel program unfolds against the stunning backdrop of British Columbia’s natural beauty. From the vibrant city of Vancouver to the jaw-dropping coastline of Tofino, teens have the opportunity to discover the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of the Canadian West Coast. Both programs are crafted to provide a perfect balance of adventure, education, and personal growth, fostering lifelong memories and a broader global perspective.

Our School Placement Service uses our extensive knowledge of the UK, U.S. & Canadian system to find the right path for both student and school. 

Our Story

Sam Ridgway founded Learn & Experience in 2009 with the idea of creating opportunities to connect young people from different backgrounds and cultures to learn from one another. Together with his family and a great team, they has overseen the growth of L&E from just 20 children attending the first L&E Summer Camp in 2010 to having since placed and hosted hundreds of children across the various L&E programmes in the UK and Canada over the past 13 years.

During this time L&E have also helped dozens of families find the right school using their vast knowledge of the education system in the UK and Canada.

Our Senior Team

Sam R L&E Founder & Director
Cam S Operations Manager
Sam P Director of Open Minds
Mike D Director of Languages
Paul Mac World Camp Manager
Julie Mac Director of Teen Travel

L&E Timeline


L&E founded

L&E Office opens in North Yorkshire, UK


First 2 Week Summer Camp at Aysgarth School near York offering Adventure, Sport & Creative Activities

L&E English School opens


4 Week Camp including a new venue at Malsis School, N. Yorkshire.

L&E Homestays launched

L&E Horse Riding offered as part of L&E Extras


New Website designed by Speedway Media

First Spring Camp

First Elite Football School working with Leeds United


UK School Immersion Service launched

First L&E Camper placed in UK Boarding School


New venue in Madrid, Spain for School Groups


First L&E Teen Travel programme – UK Tour


New venue in Angers, France for School Groups


New venue in South of England at FSM School

L&E open new office in Vancouver, Canada


First L&E Teen Travel Euro Tour

First L&E Tennis Academy


L&E World Camps rebrand

First Canadian Teen Travel Adventure

L&E Young Global Leader (YGL) Programme created


New L&E Website launched (designed by Speedway Media)

L&E@Home launched with Online Language & Life Skill Classes

The Learn and Experience Podcast launched


Partnership with Open Minds, Marlborough College Summer School

Elite Football experience at Manchester City

Canada added to L&E School Immersion Service