What makes L&E World Camps special?

At L&E World Camps UK & Canada, we have a clear motto: ‘Happy Children Thrive’. Combine this with amazing locations, friendly staff, a safe and well-supervised environment, stunning activity courses and evening programmes. A personal service is also offered from the L&E World Camp Team; from the moment you enquire all the way through to the camps they are there to talk though everything and anything.

Do I have to choose activities before I arrive at camp?

No and maybe!!  Every session there are Adventure, Sport and Creative activity options and they can be chosen day by day.  However, if you want to do the English course, the L&E Extra courses or indeed the Young Global Leaders course then this must be chosen before arrival.

What is the style of the accommodation and how do you decide who shares with whom?

The accommodation is dormitory style and the rooms usually sleep between 2 and 6 children. Usually the smaller rooms are for older teens. The rooms are homely and cosy and can be personalised with a duvet cover from home. We will ensure that children of the same age and gender are put together and we will try and split up all the nationalities so that everyone is speaking English!!


What is the food like?

Very good! Well, we would say that wouldn’t we but honestly – it is! We have children attending from all over the world and so we try to cater for everyone’s tastes and requirements. With plenty of excellent and nutritious food to choose from, we have a salad/cold food bar with all mealtimes and also provide delicious vegetarian alternatives. We can also offer Halal meat.

If my child has medical needs or dietary requirements how are these catered for?

Before your child arrives at camp we will ask you to fill in a form which will ask such thing as medical conditions, dietary requirements and any other important information with regards your child. We have many years experience in working with various medical issues and dietary needs. We have a Camp Nurse/Matron always on-site to administer any medication and to deal with any medical emergencies that may occur. We also have other medically trained members of staff.

The schools we use for our camps have their own well trained kitchen staff who are able to deal with any dietary requirements your child may have.

Will you send a packing list and more detailed information?

At least a month before your child arrives at camp we will send you a Parent/Child Handbook.  This will include a  packing list which will act as a guide. We ask that you don’t pack anything too expensive and that you name all items of clothes, this helps us get all the ‘lost’ clothes back to their owners! It will also include a lot of things that will help you prepare for camp.

See our 2024 Handbooks:

How do we get children to and from camp?

There are 2 main ways.

  1. You can either bring them directly to camp (usually from 5pm on the starting Sunday). You are invited to share a BBQ or Afternoon Tea (depending on the weather!). It’s a also a good chance to see the venue and meet the staff for peace of mind. Pickup is before 12pm on the final Saturday.
  2. Send them on a ferry, flight or train and we’ll pick them up from the suggested Ferry Terminals, Airports or at the train station.

*See each camp’s specific itinerary

Can my child bring a device?

Yes.  However, all devices will be stored safely with us upon arrival.  The children will have access to their devices after evening meal every day and at weekends. (See below)

Is there a time when I can contact my child?

There is half an hour set aside each day in which you can contact your child (Usually after the evening meal – 6.30pm).  If  your child doesn’t bring a phone with them you can call the Camp Director who will help you reach your child. Of course if there is an emergency, or you need to contact your child out-with those times you will have the contact details of the Camp Director who will assist you.

What’s the weather like?

World Camp UK – Aysgarth School

It will be summer time so the weather can and will be warm, however, it has been known to rain occasionally!!. We have plenty of indoor facilities just in case but we try to get outdoors whatever the weather! It is best to pack for all types of weather.

World Camp Canada – Shawnigan Lake

It will be lovely most days. Mid twenties. Plenty of shorts an t-shirts.  We are right on a lake so will have plenty of chances to cool off

Will I be able to see photos/videos of my child?

Each evening we upload the hundreds of pictures we have taken throughout the day and make them available to parents along with a daily blog which is written by the staff. We will upload any videos made by the children from the week to our YouTube channel which will be made available to you.

What is the staff to child ratio and how old are the staff members

We aim to have a staff to child ratio of 1:5 which enables us to get to know each child very well. Our tutors are a mix of teachers and graduate students. We are lucky to have many staff return to us each year which enables us to provide a continuity to the many children who come back year after year.

Is there an opportunity for my child to have some laundry done?

Yes, we will endeavour to give the children the opportunity to have their laundry done at least once a week if staying more than a week.  If staying for just one week we suggest packing enough for the week as it’s quite a tight turnaround to get things washed and back to the children within the week.

We have a matron who will also wash things during the week if things get particularly muddy or wet.

What happens if my child gets homesick?

We want each and every child to settle in as quickly as possible and we do this by creating an environment which is nurturing and safe. However, it is very natural for a child to get homesick in the first few days of camp but usually it only lasts for a couple of days.

(For Internationals) Will my child improve their English Language?

The simple answer is…YES, absolutely, for certain, definitely. Have a watch of this little video to hear Paul from Germany talk about his L&E English experience…

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do!! We offer a 5% sibling discount when booking two or more of your children onto our camps. We also offer a Local Bursary for British and Canadian families attending World Camp UK & Canada respectively.

What do children, parents and staff say?

What if I have more questions?

Please schedule a call-back at a convenient time for yourself.  We’ll be happy to discuss all aspects of L&E World Camps with you. You could also send us an e-mail any time at hello@learnandexperience.com

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