The children have a choice from a huge variety of activity options each session (morning & afternoon).

There will always be Adventure, Sport and Creative options. We pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition and the passion we bring to each.

We also offer L&E Extras; L&E Horse Riding,  L&E Elite Football , L&E Tennis Academy and our Young Global Leader & Life Skills course.


Why take just a walk on the wild side, when you can sign up for an exhilarating ride on it? L&E Adventure offers children the chance to challenge themselves to their limits, safely with top tuition.

L&E is what summers were made for. Outdoors, out of their comfort zones, in the thick of it and having the time of their lives.

Our students are always taught by fully-qualified and certified instructors who are not only expert at what they do, but also in working with children. Every child is unique and our team is able to gauge how much support they each need and how far to stretch each one, so that they all leave feeling a huge sense of achievement.

Our daring students have undertaken all kinds of adventures from hitting the high ropes, to climbing and abseiling. We offer everything from exploring the area on mountain bike, to venturing in to underground caves. Our intrepid students relish learning survival skills and facing the adventure course head on.

And it’s not all fun on dry land. We have raft-buildingkayakingcanoeing and scuba diving. Our camps are the stuff of adventure stories, and an exciting reality for our students.


Students of all abilities will be encouraged to get their sporting shoes on, bring their enthusiasm and get active. There are plenty of ways for the children to get their sporting kicks. (We also have our own football academy and tennis academy running as an extra)

It’s exhausting just listing our sports but we offer; footballhockeylacrosse, archery, athletics, basketball, tennis, golf, badminton, mountain biking, skate boarding, table tennis, handball, water polo, swimming.  Plus, if they’ve the energy for it, many, many more sports.

Our experienced leaders always take in to account the balance and dynamics of the group. They are able to develop the students’ existing sports skills, as well as introduce them to new and exciting sports.

Every child is unique and our team is able to gauge how much support they each need and how far to stretch each one, so that they all leave feeling a huge sense of achievement.


If it’s a chance to get creative you’re after then we’re all over it like icing sugar on a Victoria sponge. From baking to film-making and loads of creative outlets in between, this is your child’s chance to explore their talents.
Under our leaders’ expert guidance, boys and girls get into the zone and never fail to surprise us, or themselves, with the results.

We’ve seen everything from zippy film sequences using drones to detailed films with plots that twist. We’ve had front row seats to the very best stage performances in town, with your talented children directing and starring.

We’ve been wowed by photographs which have captured everything from children’s portraits to the spectacular scenery in and around camp. We’ve seen three dimensional pieces take shape in clay. We’ve seen portraits painted by budding Picassos and encouraged children’s imaginations to come to life colourfully and creatively on canvas.

The children have enthralled us with music, and dance. If there’s a way to express themselves creatively, or inventively then we will help each child to find it.

L&E Extra Courses

Your L&E Extra (12 hours coaching) activities will be chosen for the week. The following activities are available:

English Language
Youth Leadership & Life Skills
Performing Arts Academy
Horse Riding
Tennis Academy