15 December 2020 Podcast Ep 4: Teen Prime Ministers and the Age of Voting

In the Learn and Experience Podcast this episode… Sam, Mike and Julie learn about the Finnish teenager who became Prime Minister for the Day and the South African boy turning litter into games for kids in Around the World in 6 Stories. We debate the age of voting in the Big Discussion, we visit Kenya… Read More

9 December 2020 L&E Scholarship: Michael

“When Michael was first adopted I struggled with his behaviour. He was shy, introverted & unwilling to engage. He thrived with Learn & Experience!” We are delighted to announce that one of our World Camp scholarship recipients, Michael has been accepted on a funded place to Durham School as a Full-time Boarder. Michael first attended… Read More

30 November 2020 30 Day Challenge Blog

What is the 30 Day Challenge for ALL? Sam Ridgway, the founder of L&E, was challenged to 10 Adventures, 10 Life Skills and 10 Languages in 30 Days…Simple! There were 2 main aims of the challenge: Raise vital funds and awareness for Save the Children who exist to help every child to reach their full potential.  2…. Read More

21 October 2020 Podcast Ep 3: “Flying” Paramedics and the Best Meal of the Day

In the Learn and Experience Podcast this episode… Sam, Mike and Julie learn about the amazing jet-suits that are flying paramedics up mountains in the North of England, hear about the balloons floating above Kenya sending out the internet and find out about 2 Egyptian “Mummies” found in the hunt for Cleopatra. What is the… Read More

7 October 2020 Podcast Ep 2: Free Cake for Cutting Emissions and Social Media

In the Learn and Experience Podcast this episode… Sam, Mike and Julie work out what’s making a strange sound in California, talk about the amazing plant life in Papua New Guinea and find why you get free cake in Finland for cutting down your CO2 Emissions. All in The L&E Podcast. Social Media is the… Read More

23 September 2020 Podcast Ep 1: Tallest Giraffe in the World and Homeschooling

In the Learn and Experience Podcast this episode… Sam, Mike and Julie talk about the tallest giraffe in the world, the 30ft ice cream and the secret to living to 116 years old. Homeschooling is the Big Discussion, we visit Canada in the Fact or Fiction Adventure and our Youth Spotlight is on an amazing… Read More

11 July 2020 24 Hour Campfire

Around the world in 24 hours and 24 campfires What is it? Very simple. For 24 hours we will be streaming a live event; visiting a different campfire in a different country every hour. We will be following one full rotation of the globe and visiting countries at sunset. At each campfire we will: See… Read More

15 May 2020 L&E@Home Diary

We just wanted to give you a little bit of an update as to what we have been up to over the past 5 weeks.  Suffice to say we have been pretty busy!   “How can we help?” It all started 5 weeks ago with a simple question.  How can we help families in these… Read More

4 April 2020 L&E Announce New @Home programme

We are delighted to be able to offer our @Home online classes, Life Skill tutorials and podcast to help our L&E families through this difficult time . For full details click the links below: Learn a new skill for life today… Exploring and making sense of the world we live in through Adventure, Life Skills… Read More

8 March 2020 Happy International Women’s Day Greta. We Salute You!

Seldom does it happen that one name can conjure up such strong sentiment.  Greta was named Time magazines person of year (2019) and her name will go down in history along side Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Mikhail Gorbachev to name a few.  Climate Strike was the Collins Dictionary word of year (2019) and on… Read More