23 January 2020 Paul, Hamburg

I was at camp 4 times and I was at Teen Travel once and I would definitely say that the 2 months I have spent at L&E has helped me more at my English experience than my whole school, because if you talk English all day then you start dreaming in English and you don’t… Read More

23 January 2020 Lukas, Stockholm

The best thing about Teen Travel is definitely all the new friends I made and all the new people I can talk to now because its always fun to get to know new people.

23 January 2020 Sierra, Kentucky USA

When you’re out on your own in the real world you have to figure out how to get to a place or figure out how to get what you want with a certain amount of money and sometimes it might require you to work with people with different opinions.  I think the most important thing… Read More

23 January 2020 Sam, England

You interact with a lot of new people, it was a definite confidence boost for me.

23 January 2020 Electra, England

The best thing about L&E is getting to meet the variety of different people of different nationalities, it’s not that often that you get to meet so many kind, funny people! The staff members are incredibly supportive and exceedingly funny!

23 January 2020 Victoria, Washington DC

I was expecting that it was just a normal camp like the ones in America but it is much more.  It focuses more on bonding between campers and gives everyone an opportunity to do what they want to do.  L&E is truly the best camp I have been to so far. It is a great… Read More

23 January 2020 Kerry, England (Travis’ mum)

Travis had the most amazing time and has learned that he can do more things himself than needing us to do them for him. His independence has grown. He loved the activities and spending the time with other likeminded children.  We had no idea things like this existed in the UK and this is a… Read More

23 January 2020 Laura, England (Michael’s mum)

It has improved Michael’s overall confidence and behaviour and it’s noticed by everyone once he returns home. He learns so much. Gaining confidence in activities he would never try or contemplate in the past.

20 December 2019 Caroline, New Zealand (Kasia’s mum)

An amazing experience for Kasia, and being star camper was the icing on the cake for her. The blog and photos were an excellent way for us to see what was going on and how she was doing. She was an extremely long way away from us but we never felt nervous as she was… Read More

20 December 2019 Stanley, Hong Kong (Aidan’s Dad)

My wife and I would like to thank all you provided for Aidan. 2 days after Aidan returned from England, we found that there is big change from him. More polite, better eye contact while listening to us and take care the others.