Weekly Informative and Fun Podcast

Exploring and making sense of the world we live in through Adventure, Life Skills and Language.

Join Sam, Mike and Julie with a fast paced, informative and fun show with an emphasis on learning and experiencing.

Who’s it for?

Perfect for young people wanting to learn more about the world, families sharing time with each other and a invaluable resource for teachers.

The Learn and Experience Podcast
The Learn and Experience Podcast

Feature Sections

Around the world in 6 Stories

We discuss the main stories from across the globe

The Big Discussion

Join our young global teens in the weekly debate – who’s side are you on? You’ll hear some very switched-on young people ranging from 8 – 16 years old with some insightful opinions.

Fact or Fiction Adventure

The L&E Adventure team “visit” a country and learn the top facts but which ones are fiction!?

Youth Spotlight

We focus on remarkable stories of remarkable young people from around the world.

Life Skills

Each episode Julie will be learning a new lifeskill and it will be her challenge to be able to explain it back to the team and listeners at home.

Language Corner

Our language expert Mike expands our understanding or words plus Sam sets a Spelling Bee for Mike & Julie with a recap of some important words from the show.

How to find the podcast

Please search “The Learn and Experience Podcast” on your Podcast Player of choice.