Background Story

Something that has been in the pipeline for over 2 years has finally come to fruition…

The idea behind this podcast was to create a platform for young people to share their ideas and opinions about various topics and issues with hosts; Sam, Director of L&E, Julie, Operations Manager of L&E and Mike, Language Coordinator of L&E. See their bios

You’ll hear in the podcasts that we have some very switched-on young people ranging from 7 – 17 years old with some insightful thoughts.

Project 1: Youth Sport

These episodes will be a reoccurring project where we will put the spotlight on Youth Sport with insightful interviews of young athletes.

Project 2: Career Pathways

With the help of our guests, who range from teachers, freelancers, doctors and architects we hope to show the various pathways that are available into these careers and to shine a light on professions that have only become apparent in the last 10 years.

These episodes will be a reoccurring project over the coming months.

*the first episode is really just an introduction to the hosts. An insight to their characters and friendship. (Apologies for the terrible sound quality. You can let us off – it was our first attempt!)

Please search “The Youth Project Podcast” on your Podcast Player of choice.