1 September 2020 2020/21 Online Schedule

Learn & Experience will be releasing the online language learning schedule for 2020/21 on Saturday, 26th September and will be open for bookings. Our 5 week online English Language courses will be starting Week Beginning 5th October and there will be limited places.

11 July 2020 24 Hour Campfire

Around the world in 24 hours and 24 campfires What is it? Very simple. For 24 hours we will be streaming a live event; visiting a different campfire in a different country every hour. We will be following one full rotation of the globe and visiting countries at sunset. At each campfire we will: See… Read More

15 May 2020 L&E@Home Diary

We just wanted to give you a little bit of an update as to what we have been up to over the past 5 weeks.  Suffice to say we have been pretty busy!   “How can we help?” It all started 5 weeks ago with a simple question.  How can we help families in these… Read More

4 May 2020 Covid-19 Update

World Camps & Teen Travel 2020 Cancelled It is with great regret that I have to announce the cancellation of our World Camps and Teen Travel programmes for the remainder of 2020. We have been monitoring the situation very closely to give ourselves every opportunity to provide a special L&E summer as we have done… Read More

4 April 2020 L&E Announce New @Home programme

We are delighted to be able to offer our @Home activity resources, online classes and podcast to help our L&E families through this difficult time . For full details click the links below: L&E@Home Online Classes Calendar The Youth Project Podcast Our very own Mike singing a song to keep everyone cheery…

8 March 2020 Happy International Women’s Day Greta. We Salute You!

Seldom does it happen that one name can conjure up such strong sentiment.  Greta was named Time magazines person of year (2019) and her name will go down in history along side Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Mikhail Gorbachev to name a few.  Climate Strike was the Collins Dictionary word of year (2019) and on… Read More

20 February 2020 Why a Multicultural Environment is Good for Young People

What Does Culture Mean? According to Oxford Dictionary culture is ‘the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society’ and in addition to that – ‘the attitudes and behaviour characteristic of a particular social group’. Culture in Early Years Jennie Lindon describes in her article ‘Cultural diversity in the early years’ that… Read More

12 January 2020 New L&E Podcast launched

Learn & Experience enter the podcasting world to chat about all things youth related!  The Youth Project Podcast #1 Introductions The Youth Project Podcast has been at the top of the Learn & Experience wish list for a very long time now.  On a wintery day in late 2019 three friends came together to discuss… Read More

1 October 2019 2020 L&E Programmes Announced

Learn & Experience inspire & nurture Young Global Leaders (8-16) with our award winning World Camps, Teen Travel & YGL programmes. “Bringing The World’s Youth Together Since 2009” Message from Sam Ridgway, Director… I am delighted to announce the 2020 L&E Programme… 2019 has been an amazing year with so much happening.  We have been… Read More

17 September 2019 How do I know if my teenager is ready for Teen Travel?

13 to 16 and everything in-between! L&E Teen Travel is for 13 to 16 year olds.  However, we all know that there are many different types of 13 to 16 year olds!  This is a trip that we think every teen should experience but we want to make sure they are equipped with all the… Read More