Monday 17th July

The new week started strong with a delicious breakfast of eggs on muffins providing much needed protein and energy for the day ahead; fuel for the machines we call campers. We then worked our way to the sports hall to play the infamous dodge ball where tutors are sure still remaining unsuccessful, unable to match the pure talent that our budding athletes hold on the court. The hall was electric with pure unadulterated passion, a feeling shared between campers and their tutors alike.

Dancing found itself a new depth as synchronised swimming hit the camp, sending waves throughout our campers – literally. A hectic morning consisting of aqua aerobics was a sporting hit and there was a variation of breath taking routines performed by the one and only Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. While the energy remained wild in the pool, in creative the kids were reaching home while creating post cards to their parents exploring their time at L&E so far. As they explored their linguistic confidence and illustrated their words respectively, old memories were recounted and there was prospect of new ones to be shared. Over on the field for adventure, the kids were challenging their inner Robin Hood with a session of archery, arrows flying into the Bedale skies. 

Bellies rumbling after a fulfilled morning lunch was a scrumptious curry with rice and broccoli, kindly followed by the classic British dessert of a jam donut. Bellies refurbished with a hearty lunch, we headed off for an equally hectic afternoon – powered by an unbeatable meal.

Bourbon biscuits and custard creams restored energy levels like no other, and new activities were brought into play. The kids divided away for their chosen tasks consisting of, horse riding, tennis, geocaching and kite making. What fun!!

We rounded off the busy afternoon with an evening activity, where all of the kids were gathered for chalk war. A flurry of colour clouded our campers tshirts and adrenaline ruled their minds. We redecorated the field with paint of hues red, yellow, blue and the rest. No colour we left untouched! While an intense game began; chalk of all colours of the rainbow went flying. Only at L&E can a rainbow grow without the rain.             

To round of yet another superior day and an excellent start to a new week, we toasted the day with a hot chocolate. A tense battle of hot chocolate tasting dominated the dining room, with milk, sugar and chocolate ratios being rated with an iron fist. We had some professionals in the room! Another day rounded off on the high of the L&E spirit – smiles irresolvable and a good nights rest on its way. 

Tuesday 18th July

Our day started off in L and E style once again with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and a competitive game of dodgeball. I am proud to inform you that there was a draw between the tutors and the campers for the first time this summer. I’m sure this is the start of a winning streak for us tutors.

This was the perfect start to our action packed day with the older campers giving geocaching a shot with great success. With great map reading skills and even greater perseverance our campers pushed through a herd of cows, many different crop fields and even a long but adventure-filled detour through an overgrown forest! Their valiant attempt was well rewarded and our campers managed to find all 12 of the hidden treasure troves – all before lunch! 

The other morning activities included an astounding line up of picture frame decorating, scuba diving and a tranquil session of yoga. Mosaics galore as the children experimented with differing textures and shades whilst decorating their frames, complete with their very own custom printed L&E picture. The way that colours met realism would have rivalled Picasso, and no child was left without a souvenir to return with. As this went on, friendship bracelets performed alongside the friendships themselves. A ritual of kindness was passed on from camper to camper as they weaved colour and colour together. 

Scuba-diving took new highs today as the campers plunged, dove, and lept into the depths of our tiled coral reef aka the pool. With it being the secondary diving experience of most of our campers, the confidence soared and the children really established a good relationship with the diving tutors. 

Yoga and Zumba calmed the souls of our happy campers, though not dimming their enthusiasm as smidge. Calming rhythms filled the theatre and it was a nice break from the  havoc of the past week. 

After a hearty lunch, scuba diving reconvened and new activities were made present – flower crowns and volleyball/badminton. Our campers harvested freshly picked flowers from the Bedale countryside to weave into their headbands, emulating a true countryside style. Truly a nature filled fashion show! 

Volleyball and Badminton reached new heights in the sports hall, with beginners and advanced members coexisting under the same roof. An odd combination of sport could never be expressed better, with two skills being learned for the price of one! 

We rounded off our day with a show stopping ultimate game show –  British icons Ant and Dec would be jealous! From ‘Pear in the Box’ to a game of ‘Heads Up’, a vast amount of choice was present and the kids had a taster of the classic British television vibe!

 What a day!

Wednesday 19th July

What a delightful day it has been! Today was filled with unexpected adventures, creative endeavors, and thrilling sports. After filling our stomachs with a scrumptious breakfast of sausages and tomatoes, we embarked on a legendary dodgeball game. But this was no ordinary dodgeball game; our cheerleaders took the field, wielding their bodies like shields. We dubbed it “1D”, or “One Dodge”, and it was a sight to behold. Cheers and laughter filled the air as the dodgeballs flew and the cheerleaders danced their way to victory.
As the excitement settled, we moved on to a showcase of our creative genius. In an unconventional fashion show, we transformed ordinary bin bags, feathers and bits of cardboard into glamorous attire, embellished with feathers of every hue. The runway was ablaze with stunning creations, proving that fashion truly knows no boundaries.
Simultaneously, a heated football match ensued, and it all came down to penalty shootouts between the defenders. Dive after dive, the defenders showcased their acrobatic skills, keeping us on the edge of our seats. It was a nail-biting finish, but in the end, the defenders emerged victorious, claiming the glory of the final match.
Moreover, our explorers took to the waters for a thrilling kayaking expedition in adventure. The sun glistened on the surface of the water as she paddled with gusto, navigating through the twists and turns of the river. Under the blistering sun, the explorers played a challenging game of switching kayaks and passing ball on the water.
After all the excitement, the camper’s had a satisfying meal of fried chicken burgers. After lunch, the campers gathered around for a rock painting session and crafted friendship bracelets that would forever be a reminder of the bonds they are making at camp.
At the same time, we were drawn into the world of dance. Ballroom dancing took center stage, and we mastered the waltz in three basic steps.
Furthermore, a few of our campers had an exhilarating time galloping on their horses in their afternoon horse riding classes.
To cap off the evening, we savored a delectable dinner of mac and cheese and tomato pasta.
As the night sky enveloped us, we gathered around a crackling campfire. To pay homage to the spirit of unity, we belted out national anthems from different countries, Our very own boy band, “Old McDonald had a farm,” delivered a mind-blowing rendition of “Happy” that had us all singing along. “One Dodge” also did an encore of their cheerleading, with everyone joining in with the human train. At last, the campers were treated to warm smores.
Hearts full of happiness from the memories that will last a lifetime, the campers went to bed with warm bellies of chocolate.

Thursday 20th July

As the morning sun rose so did our campers, to a great british breakfast of fried bread and beans. As if this excitement was not enough the activities on offer only added to the pandemonium of our dining hall.

The campers took on new heights as they scaled and abseiled the cliffs of Aysgarth, agile as they come. Whether the kids were competent mountaineers of first time climbers, it was fun for all and no one left without a new challenge approached.

Back at camp, stop motion movies were in the works. Directing geniuses created productions such as ‘samurai warriors’ and ‘a growing flower’ – blockbuster films for sure. Wes Anderson wouldn’t have been able to stand again such cinema, and it really was a show of patience and creativity.
A cast of plasticine came to life and we really got a chance to see the children’s imagination blossom on a screen.

On the field, tag rugby was a go and backward passes were dominating the pitch. You would’ve thought it was a Twickenham match by the sights – the energy was palpable and the passion was electric!! Legends were made!!

Following lunch, another set of adventurers set off to conquer their climb, and a new set of activities were presented….

A few of our campers headed off-site to their horse riding session; horses such as Billy, Flash, and Stomp gaining an honorary mention. Galloping, trotting, and jumping – what more could u want?

In our sports hall, bench ball and hockey lead the afternoon with a split session of both games being performed. The classic of bench ball was instigated, and even with a couple of tutors on their side the campers thrashed the opposing competition. Orange Bibs vs Non Bibs truly rivalled Britain’s tensest sporting competitions. A game of ‘knee tag’ took place, and training warm ups lead to a full on match of hockey.

As our iconic ‘Alien Invasion’ theme night drew closer, mask making took place in creative. ET found his home in the art studio, and spaceships began spawning into the acres of Aysgarth School. Who needs Area 51 when you are in Bedale?

Later that evening, a group of aliens captured our campers and incited camp wide games to release our stolen friends. From pelting aliens with water guns to a full blown foam fight, this evening was simply out of this world!!

After a quick round of hot chocolate and a chat, our kids finally hit their beds ready for their final day. Saving the best for last!!

Friday 21st July

Today on the final day of two week camp we began our day with the breakfast of champions; boiled egg and soldiers. Served up by our amazing chefs Sue and Vanessa, celebrating the end of their 10 year rain in the L&E kitchen and the start of a happy retirement! We then ran to the most important dodgeball match of the season and battled it out for the last time. With a outstanding performance in our warm up games , when it came to campers verses tutors there could only be one winner. The campers one again in a fight to the dodgeball victory!!!!
After their gracious victory campers split off for their morning activities. For creative we had an improv drama extravaganza, and for sports a fast and furious football tournament. 
Improv proved to be full of high quality performances. We started off by playing a few games such as the famous werewolf, where we had to hunt down the werewolves and save the village from evil. This set the dramatic tone of the morning so we went off into our groups and began our improvisations. 
Out on the football pitch there was no messing around this morning! Our two teams got divided and started kick off immediately. The game was gripping and emotional for all watching. In the end, the non-bibbed team were the winners and took the trophy for this chapter of the L&E league. 
Once our morning and it’s activities were finished, we all spirited across to the dining hall to receive our FRY-DAY (Friday) treat of a British classic; fish and chips. The chefs out did themselves with the delicious and delectable meal! 
For afternoon activities, we had an adventure spectacular. SURVIVAL SKILLS. The whole camp was involved in this event; 4 groups split across a rotation 4 different activities. Fire building, den making, team building spider web and campfire cooking. This taught everyone the pillars of survival whilst bringing joy and laughter. Then the Yorkshire heavens opened and we had to run back to civilisation for shelter (back to L&E camp). 
As soon as we were clean and warm we headed straight to the dining room for our last dinner of the week. Not only was the dinner delicious but we had a classic British ice cream van pull up for desert! Serving out scoops of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and bubblegum, all we could dream for and more. 
The final part of our day was what we were waiting for all day, the Oscars! The biggest and best event of the week, where we can celebrate our successes and achievements, and have a little boogie. Winners of the night were; Alex for happiest camper, Diva for creative, Alexandre for sport, Julia and Lara for be kind, Quinden for most helpful, Freddie camp joker, equestrian award for Suzanne, Paride for dodgeball, Ebba for open minds award, Mischa for rising star and a joint star camper duo, Niels and Harry! A lovely way to end a life changing experience for all our campers. We then danced the night away in a celebration of new friendships for life!