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Easter Camp Diary – Wednesday

11 April 2012

The footballers headed outside bright and early for another football academy sesh. The order of the day was goal-keeping, with the boys learning the techniques and tactics of the position. The afternoon saw them partake in a football tournament – by all accounts we have some superstars in our midst!

Multi-acts began their morning with games of rounders and indoor hockey. After break, they headed to the cookery rooms, where their baking skills were put to the test! Sure enough, they did not disappoint, and the Canadians were all highly impressed with our traditional English scones! (Cream then jam, or jam then cream? Jury’s out.) After lunch they took on Malsis’ tricky mountain biking course. With the skies deciding that this was the opportune moment to open (and hail!), it was a muddy experience all round! Hot showers, warm clothes and our freshly baked scones were greatly appreciated. The rest of the afternoon was a bit more chilled, with everyone getting involved in a big board-game in the common-room.

After dinner, a dodgeball tournament commenced. As hilarious as ever, some of the moves pulled out were quite simply spectacular. You’d have
to see it to believe it! The final round saw tutors versus EVERYONE ELSE – a truly terrifying experience! Congratulations must go to the kids, who well and truly won! Staff are now in serious training – comeback of the century is right on schedule…

To top off an excellent day, we took advantage of staying at Malsis and played a massive game of hide and seek, with the added twist that it
was in the dark! The first round saw tutors searching for kids, and the second round, kids searching for tutors. Some brilliant hiding places were discovered, and some very small spaces squeezed into!

Cups of cocoa, the ‘after eight game’, then bed!

Easter Camp Diary – Tuesday

10 April 2012

After a hearty breakfast, the morning began with a highly competitive dodgeball tournament, a game guaranteed to get even the most
bleary-eyed campers wide awake!

Our footballers spent their day doing drills and skills, improving on the basics of passing, shooting and defending. This was followed
by an intense lesson on nutrition and fitness – we feel sure they’ll put this into practice!

Those doing multi-activities spent their morning playing a variety of sports, including basket-ball and kwik-cricket. After elevenses,
this was followed by our version of ‘Dragons Den’. In pairs, the children came up with their own inventions and pitched them to the three L&E dragons.
With diagrams, scripts, and estimations on costs, profits and investments, this was hugely impressive. Particular mention must go to Isaac and Evan’s flying food and coffee maker – with answers for everything (made by highly intelligent
scientists in the Russian mountains; costs kept down by paying said highly intelligent Russian scientists £50 for three days work…), these are
particularly useful if you have two broken arms, apparently. Convinced!?

After lunch, the footballers headed back outside for some more hardcore training – with the standard English weather requiring quick
dashes into the sports hall, their fitness was really put to the test!
Meanwhile, the multi-acts kids challenged staff to a ping-pong and pool tournament. A slight discrepancy over the rules led to both sides convinced of their victory!

Dinner was followed by longball in the sports-hall – a game unique to L&E and beloved by all!

With everyone suitably worn out, it was hot choc and bed.

Easter Camp Diary – Monday

9 April 2012

With our Canadian footballers away watching Leeds United versus Derby County, our newly-arrived English kids had the opportunity to meet the tutors and each other. After settling in to their dorms and tours of the school, the footballers returned with stories galore of the game, told over a delicious dinner!

In order for the kids to meet each other properly, we embarked on the traditional L&E icebreaker evening! Split into four teams, challenges included the tissue paper mummy challenge, flour relay races, and for the more scientific minds, the ‘egg drop’ – the (attempted) creation of an apparatus to prevent an egg cracking when dropped, using only a few straws, a plastic bag, some cellotape and string. Cue a lot of broken eggs!

Showers, pjs and hot chocolate topped off a great evening.

L&E in Bangkok

29 January 2012

Director, Sam Ridgway will be visiting Bangkok in March to meet prospective parents. He wants to be able to meet as many families as possible to give them a personal insight into what L&E Summer Camps in England are all about.
He will be there on Tuesday, 6th March and Wednesday, 7th March and is happy to meet anyone on these days.

For all enquiries email or call ++441756 748343.

L&E in Hong Kong

29 January 2012

Director, Sam Ridgway will be visiting Hong Kong in February to meet prospective parents. He wants to be able to meet as many families as possible to give them a personal insight into what L&E Summer Camps in England are all about.
He will be there from Tuesday, 14th February to Friday, 17th February and is happy to meet anyone during this time.

On Wednesday, 15th February he will be at The Harbour Grand Hotel, North Point all day. Please book a time to meet with him if you would like to hear more about L&E UK Summer Camps. Email with your prefered time and Sam will email back to confirm

He will also be accompanied by Marcus Peel, Headmaster of Malsis School, North Yorkshire. Therefore, if you are also interested in sending your children to boarding school school in the UK then it is a great opportunity to have a chat with Marcus to find out more.

For all enquiries email  or call ++441756 748343.

L&E in London for The Camp Expert Expos

29 January 2012

We will attending all 3 of The Camp Expert Exhibitions starting February 5th, 2012.

Sunday, February 5th, 1430 – 1730
The Hall School
23 Crossfield Road
London NW3

Monday, February 6th, 1500 – 1900
ACS International School
Portsmouth Road
Cobham, Surrey
KT11 1BL

Tuesday, February 7th, 1530 – 1900
The American School London
One Waverley Place
London NW8 ONP

Welcome to our new Website!

24 January 2012

Welcome to our new website! Please let us know of any suggestions you may have to improve it.  Also, any positive comments would be greatly appreciated…

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