Early Booking Discount 2018

6 October 2017

We are very pleased to release our 2018 Summer Programme…

We’ve worked very hard to keep the prices the same as last year.  The only small increases we’ve made have been to the “extras” to reflect our external provider’s increases.

Until 1st November we are able to offer all next year’s programmes at special discounted prices.

  • Pay 40% Deposit before 1st November and receive 8% Discount
  • Pay Full amount before 1st November and receive 15% Discount

2 Week Summer Camp for 2 children = £453 SAVING

Not sure of dates!? Don’t worry…we can be flexible!

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L&E UK Summer Camp NORTH  (8-15)

  • Week 1: 8th July – 14th July
  • Week 2: 15th July – 21st July
  • Week 3: 22nd July – 28th July
  • Week 4: 29th July – 4th August


L&E UK Summer Camp SOUTH   (8-15)

  • Week 1: 29th July – 4th August
  • Week 2: 5th – 11th August


L&E Teen Travel (15-16)

  • UK Tour: 14th July – 28th July



Happy 2017!

4 January 2017

A look back at 2016 and a look ahead to Spring & Summer 2017…

2016 was another wonderful year for L&E but we think Summer 2017 will be even better.

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Highlights included:

  • The online viral campaign that brought back Lenny the Landrover
  • The opening of our first camp in Madrid
  • Over 400 children attending our famous Summer Camps in the UK
  • Many school groups enjoying L&E Cultural & Language Trips across Europe.
  • Securing our third venue in the UK but first in the South of England for Summer 2017
  • Securing our second venue in Spain for Spring 2017
  • Several awards for our unrivalled Teen Travel programme
  • Director, Sam Ridgway gaining his Ski Instructor qualifications (maybe a clue for the next L&E venture!!)

Words from Madrid…

7 July 2016

It really was a special time in Madrid and so Tom (in English) and Mike (in Spanish) wrote some special words that were read to the children on the final evening…

Let’s start at the end,
Strings in lighter sound
Merge with melodic laughter
Rich tones roll on twilight tarmac games.

At L&E we dance together
This night is ours
We dressed up, we dressed down
The sun beating its rays as we play

Barriers broken, alliances made
Our lives at home begin to fade
Time won’t bend at our bidding
For weeks we could’ve stayed.

Making masks and shedding masks
Trying new things
Seizing new experiences like basketballs
Swapping songs loudly off the walls.

Chorizo for breakfast; hats in the pool
Cats lounging about like señoritas in the midday sun
Greeted by birdsong and smiles at every corner
We sweat, we sing, we laugh in unison

Not draped in rules – roll on freedom
Kindness kinda cuts it
Orange shirts come to mean something more

And each others faces
Gather layers of story
Find form in friendship

With heavy hearts
We say farewell, adios and chau
Our minds enriched
Our worlds bigger

We move away
But somehow we move closer
The question is …. What do we do NOW ?!


Comencemos por el final
Pincelados de sonido ligero
Se mezclan con melódicas risas
Ricos tonos desembocan en dibujos sobre el asfalto en el crepúsculo

En L&E, bailamos juntos
La noche es nuestra
Nos arreglamos, nos desarreglamos
Los rayos del sol pegan mientras jugamos

Barreras rotas, Alianzas hechas
Nuestras vidas comienzan a desvanecerse
Las noches asaltan nuestros dias
El tiempo no torcerá nuestro propósito

Podríamos habernos quedado durante semanas
Haciendo y deshaciendo máscaras

Probando cosas nuevas
Aprovechando las experiencias como balones de baloncesto
Intercambiando canciones en alto contra las paredes

Chorizo para desayunar,
Sombreros en la piscina
Gatos holgazaneando como “señoritas” bajo el sol de mediodia

Recibidos con el canto de los pájaros
Y sonrisas en cada esquina
Sudamos, cantamos, reímos al unísono

Sin el cinturón de las reglas, vaya la libertad!
Amabilidad, mas o menos lo define
Camisetas naranjas tienen un nuevo significado

La cara de cada uno
Guarda capas de historia
En la amistad encuentra forma

Con corazones tristes
Decimos adios
Nuestras mentes enriquecidas
Nuestro mundo más grande

Nos alejamos
Pero de alguna manera nos acercamos

La pregunta es.. ¿que hacemos ahora?

Visit from Friends from Spain

14 May 2012

On Monday, our Directors Sam & Randa had a lovely day meeting some old L&E friends.  Lucas and Clara from La Coruna, Spain attended a week at our Aysgarth camp in Summer, 2011.  They are actually currently attending a full term at Malsis School (organised by L&E). As they are on an exeat weekend their family came to visit them. (Mum-Sarah, Father – Luis and Grandfather – Gabbi)   They all had a fantastic meal at The Fountaine Inn, Linton and then lovely walk around Bolton Abbey.

Luis, Sam, Maddie, Sarah, Clara, Lucas & Gabbi