Sam Ridgway has worked in education for the past two decades.  Having grown up in Yorkshire he started his teaching career at Marlborough College (Wiltshire, UK) before moving to Forres Sandle Manor Preparatory School (The New Forest, UK) as a History, Sports and House Master for 6 years.  In 2009 he founded Learn & Experience with the idea of creating opportunities for young people (8-17) from different backgrounds and cultures to grow with a sense of adventure, curiosity and empathy.

He moved to Vancouver in 2017 with his wife (Randa) and two children (Maddie and Dottie) to enjoy all that British Columbia has to offer.  However, he is still fully involved

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up? A pro-footballer for Manchester United but soon realised that being Man United’s physio was more realistic or the kit man! Then it was a teacher!
  2. Favourite L&E activity? I love campfire nights at our camps.  It’s where you really see everyone in a different light.  It’s where the real friendships are formed and there’s always at least one campfire performance that really wows you.
  3. Favourite L&E memory? There are so many! And every year a hundred more are formed.  We did a Harry Potter Theme Night in 2012 and as a finale we released dozens of sky lanterns which was so magical.  Also, I loved driving Lenny the L&E Landrover around Ampleforth’s grounds looking for dinosaurs in our Jurassic Park Theme Night!
  4. Best thing about L&E? Meeting young people from so many different backgrounds and cultures and seeing them interact and ultimately forming lifelong friendships is such a privilege to see in action.  There isn’t an hour that goes by during one of our programmes when I don’t see something remarkable.  Whether it’s an amazing talent, something joyously happy/funny or just an act of kindness…
  5. Fun fact about yourself! I’m a qualified ski instructor and I have a collection of Cricket Almanacs that date back to the 1880s 🤓