20th – 23rd July, 2020
(2 Sessions a day, Monday to Thursday)

  • Session 1: 1000 – 1230 
  • Session 2: 1730 – 2000


(Morning sessions will be repeated (with small variations) in afternoon): 

  • First half of session will be choice of activities in zoom breakout rooms. (Adventure, Sport, Creative)
  • Second half of session will be Group Activity (like Evening activities)

What we need from you?

  • Your Availabilty?
  • Ideas for activities (Ideally 3 ideas or more – Adventure, Sport, Creative -this is obviously going to be quite tenuous for zoom!)
  • Resource list for kids
  • Let us know if you’d like to take ownership of a group activity (particularly if you’d like to lead the Theme Night)
  • Would you like to host the waiting room area?

Group Activity Schedule

  • Monday: Ice Breakers
  • Tuesday: L&E Game Show Quiz
  • Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt (or Theme Night if someone wanted to take this on!!!??)
  • Thursday: Talent Show & Oscars 



(in 7 continents)

(This will not need too much participation but if you knew someone who is in one the countries mentioned (or a country near!) who would be keen to get involved then please let us know!

Also, we are hoping to get the #24hourcampfire project in the media so if anyone has any contacts then please let us know.

Also, also…please like and/or share any posts that you see on social media….it will really help.

Many, many thanks.


PS. We will have meetings on:

  • Friday 10th July, 1730: To ask any questions and clarify information
  • Friday 17th July, 1730: Zoom Test of activities. To smooth technical glitches and understand breakout rooms and other features.

*zoom codes will be provided