Sunday, 7th July

Campers travelled from all corners of globe and arrived at Aysgarth ready for an adventure of a lifetime. We welcomed everyone, new and old and had a great first evening! We kicked things off with a family BBQ, followed by wide games on the field with the sun setting on us. Fruit salad, a camp classic was played by all, with a great victory by Nina representing the mangoes! We then got into our comfy pyjamas ready for the first of many hot chocolates. Then the campers settled in their dorms getting to know their camp mates for the next few weeks. An amazing start to L&E 2024!

Monday, 8th July

The first full day of L&E World Camp started with a gritty breakfast, sustenance for the campers’ introduction to the tradition morning dodgeball game. Emergent stars to look out for include Mateusz, Anna and Capucine.
Morning activities offered a plethora for eager campers, choosing between dreamcatchers, rounders and den-building. Others started their debating skills in English.
A successful morning was rewarded with Nobby’s famous curry lunch, rave reviews aplenty.

Afternoon activities upped the ante with sessions of rugby, improv or geocaching. Campers’ enthusiasm from the afternoon carried into the evening icebreaker games, turning euphoric for an eggy finale. Team Supreme finished on top.
A big day warranted a big rest, ending the night with hot chocolate in pyjamas.

Tuesday 9th July

Hello from all of us here at L&E, and happy Tuesday! The sun rose, the birds sung and most importantly of all, Nobby the chef cooked up another supercalifragilisticexpialidocious breakfast. Filled to the brim with the joys of traditional Scottish pancakes, the campers swanned on over to dodgeball.

Dodge. Duck. Dip. Dive. Dodge. Traditionally the 5 D’s of dodgeball. However, this morning this was met with a 6th D – Defeat, as once again the campers stood proud and demolished the tutors in a humbling affair.

As the old adage goes, the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain. Unfortunately, the rain in Aysgarth school doesn’t discriminate. Whilst the conditions were moist, and our temperature cold, our hearts were warm, and that was due to the plethora of morning activities on display from our champion campers (or Champers, if you will). Our adventurers entered the pool as a set of enthusiastic, and safety conscious swimmers. They left the hallowed arena as the Bear Gryll’s of the future, with a supernova of survival skills in their repertoire. When we woke up this morning, Barbara Hepworth was Yorkshire’s favourite sculptor – but times change, and after a session of super extreme clay monster making, Barbara may be looking over her shoulder due to the talent on display at L&E. Finally we had Sport, hockey to be specific. A tantalizing tournament between a trio of teams, all striving for supremacy and the pride of being the finest hockists of camp. Technically the orange team were the victors, but moreover hockey was the real winner.

Lunch was a simply superb Spaghetti Bolognese, and feeling replenished we delved right in to an active afternoon. Our sports stars took inspirations from Nobby, our current executive head chef, and took some humble ingredients, put them together and created something special. Two benches, one ball, and a whole lot of fun. Benchball brought out the best competition this camp has seen since the Kenny Vs Camp dodgeball affair in week 4 of 2022.

There are only a couple of things in this world that can be attributed to real magic; Beavers creating dams, and actual magic. It was option two for those on creative, with a magic and circus session that defied both logic and gravity.

Finally, after a wonderful dinner, it was time to chillax and watch a movie for some. For others, there was an epidemic of Euro’s fever! The big game was given a big game setting, on the projector in the cinema. Spain reigned victorious, and whilst campers congratulated and commiserated, it was time for hot chocolate and bed. Sun set on a stunning Tuesday, with more fun just over the horizon – so we can’t wait to embrace whatever Wednesday brings.

Wednesday 10th July

Our day started with a bang! Literally! Sausages galore for brekkie with roasted tomatoes filled our campers bellies, preparing them for an intense game of dodgeball – some olympic level players in our opinion.

After a triumphant match of campers vs tutors, we set off our separate ways for a jam-packer day of activities. Our budding Einstein’s entered their English lesson with enthusiasm to create a film; plot, character, and passion all theirs. With movies such as ‘Minions End All’, we truly have some blockbusters on our hands. Involving their linguistic development with their own interests – a combination of which they should be proud!

Over in creative, the art room became swarmed with candies, chocolate, and sweeties as the children created their own Charlie & The Chocolate Factory themed artistry! Whether it was a life-sized Wonka bar or a lollipop crafted by hand; the talent was remarkable. Picasso would be jealous. Sport took on an ambitious split of badminton, and volleyball, but our campers would never disappoint. Dashing, swatting, and diving all over the place! Now to adventure, we took a mission off-site for our campers to try their hands at climbing – impressive is the word!

After a hearty lunch of chicken burgers (yum), we headed back to activities, continuing our climbing. In Sport, we entered a Netball era, our campers immediately picking up the skill. One camper even hailed it their favourite sport ever!! Creative blossomed many more friendships in our friendship bracelet session; a bonding session and a half.

Ending our day at the campfire, the sounds of campfire tunes, marshmallows roasting, and of course the England Vs Nederland match, flooded the fields. Topped off with a hot chocolate, we had some very tired out campers. What a day!

Thursday 11th July

Another action packed day at camp involved a flurry of captivating Kayaking expeditions. Our sporting momentum remained high after the classic L&E dodgeball battle, where tutor vs camper match ceased with a hurrah (for the staff anyway)! Major talent was on display on the tennis courts before lunch, and a seriously competitive football tournament kicked off afterwards. We have a few budding Messi’a in our midst! Simultaneously, the creative among us prepared several enticing props for the evenings choc-tasting theme night. Followed by a session of Just Dance & Karaoke, the moves were incredible and the voices astounding. Some music from a plethora of cultures were performed, and a bonding through the empty orchestra was formed. From Augustus Gloop’s crazy mini game, to an enthralling performance from our Oompa-Loompa’s, the evening was a blast! A night of pure imagination some may say.

The L&E Chocolate Factory Theme Night

Friday 12th July

Today began with a runny yolk & a dining hall full of smiles as we commenced another day of sporting madness, creative fun & adventure. Dodgeball once more wrecked havoc as the campers hurled balls at the speed of light, and dodged like a champion.

Seek & Find in creative took the campers on a journey through Aysgarthian woodland. Art of the elements were formed at the children’s use of sticks, rocks, and flowers. Foragers turned artists! Meanwhile in sport, synchronised swimming & water aerobics were taken upon. It was a show! In adventure, the campers took another venture out of the grounds to conquer geo-cashing, putting their scavenger hunt skills to use. Our campers brains were truly being put to work in the English Countryside.

By afternoon, L&E Olympics had begun! Split into teams, we took on challenges of table tennis, basketball, table football & more! Though it was a close run, Team Malawi took the trophy home!!

After a tiring jam-packed day, our olympians prepared for the culmination of the weeks excitements – the Oscars. A few well deserving camps took home an award, and the first ever L&E bucket hats were bestowed. All our campers should be very proud of themselves. The party followed as our first disco of 2024 was underway, the dance moves incomparable to any other. As we moshed the night away, our campers were left with many happy memories as we look forward to an exciting weekend ahead.