Learn & Experience enter the podcasting world to chat about all things youth related! 

The Youth Project Podcast #1 Introductions

The Youth Project Podcast has been at the top of the Learn & Experience wish list for a very long time now.  On a wintery day in late 2019 three friends came together to discuss what a L&E podcast would look like, sound like, be called and who the audience would be.  We knew one thing for certain – it would be centred around young people.  

We wanted do a few things, firstly we wanted to create a platform for young people to voice their opinions on subjects that are important to them.  Secondly, we wanted to hear stories from talented and inspirational young people.  The overall aim was to instil aspiration, curiosity and a sense of voice ownership among young people which we feel is void in Podcast-land right now. 

The idea of Episode #1 is to let you, the audience, get to know us, the hosts.  As you can no doubt tell, we thoroughly enjoy each others company and like to have a giggle, very important when you work with children!  We hope you enjoy this first episode, we are still honing our podcasting skills so bear with us, practice makes perfect! 

The hosts are Sam, Director of L&E, Julie, Operations Manager of L&E and Mike, Language Coordinator of L&E.  We are friends and colleagues who are passionate about giving young people a voice.  (use hyperlinks directing folks to our bios on site)

Learn & Experience are a youth leadership company based in the UK and they are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year!  Our website is BRAND NEW so enjoy having a look around.

You can find this podcast on our website, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and all the other usual places.  Subscribe and get your weekly fix of youth related chit chat. 

Mike hosts another podcast (busy guy) called English Waffle which is geared towards English Language learners – check it out!