The Open Minds programme is available at L&E World Camps for our 13 -15 year olds in one week blocks. Sessions will be in the morning with all regular L&E World Camp afternoon and evening activities available plus activities plus the exclusive Wilderness Experience.


These are the values we embrace in Open Minds and which inform every aspect of the work that we do, from the thought-provoking topics of our morning courses to the outdoor activities that fill our afternoons.  

Open Minds creates a space for students to investigate and interrogate the world around them, challenge themselves creatively and consider new perspectives from a place of kindness and compassion.  

The Open Minds Course

Our weekly schedule can be split in to three main categories: our morning programme, the afternoon activities and the evening programme. This busy and varied schedule is complemented by our weekend excursions, where students will visit historic and beautiful landmarks in the local vicinity.

Morning Course

Open Minds is a place for students to investigate and interrogate the world around them, participating in a vibrant forum for debate and discussion that prioritizes empathy and understanding.

Our course is built on the philosophy that the ability to question our points of view and engage with those who think differently from us is a vital skill for the twenty-first century, helping us to better understand our own perspectives and develop our critical thinking skills, while encouraging a nuanced and empathetic approach to difficult discussions.

This philosophy underpins everything we do at Open Minds and plays a vital role in our morning programme.    

The morning programme will see students explore thought-provoking topics and work together on a creative project, using current issues as a starting point to better understand why we think the way that we do and how those ideas have shaped the societies we live in, using drama, film-making and other creative exercises to complement their learning.

Students will explore one module over a course of two weeks, the second week of which will be dedicated to the collaborative project that will be undertaken in response to the ideas explored over the course of the module. 

The course will help develop an incredibly wide range of academic skills, which will support students to become independent learners. These include CRITICAL THINKINGRESEARCH AND ANALYSIS and PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Afternoon Activities

Students will have a choice of activities including the much loved L&E Adventure, Sport and Creative options as well as exclusive Open Mind activities.

Evening Programme

The evening activities programme has been carefully designed to provide a balanced and enriching extension to the academic programme. The confidence and enthusiasm for learning and trying new things discussed in the classroom is taken outside and developed in the natural environment and in challenging or thought-provoking situations. 

The programme of evening activities is largely based on the Aysgarth campus and makes use of the spacious grounds, as well as the many facilities and natural spaces around the campus. The programme is carefully curated to complement the learning and development that takes place in the classroom and integrates a range of activities including: 

Sports and outdoor adventures, thought-provoking team challenges and exit games, wide games, special guest speakers and performances, workshops, student-led performances and an end-of-course party!

The programme is designed to help students step out of their comfort zone and try new, unique activities designed by the Open Minds staff. However, we are also keen to allow students to pursue and develop their interests and ‘Options Evenings’ are included in each week of the programme. On these evenings, students will be offered a selection of activities and have the chance to choose the one that most appeals to them. Previous years’ Options Evenings have included: 

Photography, climbing, baking, creative writing, street dance, yoga and relaxation and sports tournaments.  

Wilderness Experience

The Open Minds course includes an amazing opportunity to embrace the natural environment while also completing several challenges.

Aysgarth School

The stunning countryside around Aysgarth offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. The school is nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and is just a short walk away from Aysgarth Falls, a beautiful waterfall that tumbles down from the surrounding mountains and provides an incredible backdrop for our evening activities, as well as providing safe and sheltered pools for swimming. More info

The school’s facilities are second-to-none.

  • Set in beautiful 50-acre grounds
  • Homely dormitories (2-5 bed)
  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Newly refurbished Art & Design Studio
  • 25 metre indoor swimming pool
  • State-of-the-art Sports hall
  • A sand-dressed astro-turf hockey pitch
  • 8 sport pitches
  • Shooting range
  • 3 Astro-turf tennis courts (floodlit)
  • Climbing wall

Dates & Prices

World Camp UK, 4 Weeks (8-15) 7th July – 3rd August, 2024 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK, 2 Weeks (8-15) 7th – 20th July, 2024 | Aysgarth School
World Camp UK, 2 Weeks (8-15) 21st July – 3rd August, 2024 | Aysgarth School