Gearing up for adventure! #TT1 Teen Travelers are ready to conquer the UK! 🇬🇧

This intrepid group of teenagers, hailing from all corners of the world, are about to embark on an unforgettable journey through the United Kingdom. Led by our amazing guide, Cam, they’ll explore iconic landmarks, soak up stunning scenery and create the best memories. Get ready for a whirlwind adventure as we follow Group #1 on their epic #TeenTravelUK experience!

Sunday 23rd June

Day 1 – Landmarks in London

Today we set off as a group of 4 to conquer the streets of London.
Cam searched high and low for her Teen Travellers who have come from around the globe, to embark on a mission to explore the UK!
We set off well, dropping our bags off and hitting the biggest landmarks, Buckingham Palace (what a beauty), Big Ben (wow) and don’t forget number 10! The Teens were in mesmerised, taking photos high and low.
We ended our day with a trip to China town, having a luxurious feast before ending our evening.
We are now having some well needed rest before heading to the sandiest shore.
Next up Brighton!
Over and out #TT1

Monday 24th June

Day 2 – Stretch man

We woke up bright and early to catch breakfast. We then walked to the museum and were enthralled by the different exhibits. After enjoying the museum we packed our things and made our way to the train station to catch a train to Brighton. Brighton was very hot and sunny so we went down to the beach and got fish and chips. Sean and Alessandro went swimming in the ocean. We then got to explore the pier games and slot machines. Tomasso was excellent at the games and won many tickets. The tickets were used for prizes like bouncy balls, pencils and a stretch man. Fortunately/unfortunately the stretch man was killed soon after being won. We then enjoyed a relaxing evening of watching football and eating dinner. Onto our next journey which lies in Leicester!
Over and out #TT1

Written by the group

Tuesday 25th June

Day 3 – Leisurely Leicester

We started our day with a chaotic journey to Leicester, we ran to our train transfer and made it just in time! We arrived at our wonderful house and were greeted by the sunshine, so we enjoyed some frisbee! After this we had some glorious sandwiches for our lunch before heading out to break free from jail!!
We made it to our escape room and had an hour to break free, it was full of challenges and puzzles, but did we escape?? Only you can decide.
We then ended our evening going to the park and enjoying some football games and races. This really tired us out as we then ordered some delicious burgers.
To end our evening we had many games of cards (where cam kept loosing) and a few games of sardines (Tommaso is great at hiding)
Onto the next day in Leicester where we venture to the Space Museum!
Over and out #TT1

Wednesday 26th June

Day 4 – Leicester part 2

We started our spectacular day with a slap up breakfast made by cam, full English in a sandwich with a side of beans to dip! Yum! We then headed off to our greatest adventure, the Space Museum! It was truly out of this world! We went to many exhibits; learned what it’s like to be an astronaut, all about the planets and the moon landings! Not forgetting seeing a real rocket!!
We then carried on our day with a quick lunch before heading to play some mini golf! We played 18 holes and Sean was our winner! (Cam was only one point behind).
We finished our day where the boys created a fantastic 3 course menu for us all in the evening, we went to the supermarket collected the ingredients and they got to work! We had a course of salmon on baguette with cream cheese and avacodo, followed by an Italian special pasta all’amatriciana and a side of meatballs! It was all very delicious and they did a great job!
We ended our evening with some card games, ready to travel to Cardiff.
Over and out #TT1

Thursday 27th June

Day 5- Cardiff Castle

We started our day with a train ride to explore a new country, Wales! We had a continental breakfast in the morning and set off. As soon as we got to Cardiff we had to hear straight to a Welsh Cake shop, Cam bought a round from an authentic Welsh Cake shop and the group loved them!
We then made a pit stop to drop our luggage off and headed straight for Cardiff Castle.
We were amazed by the beauty and history of the castle. Learning a lot about how it passed through time through many generations. We also learnt about the use of the castle during the war and how people just to hide in the bunkers and where they shot arrows, which was really interesting.
We then headed back to our accommodation and found a local kebab shop to enjoy for our dinner. We ended the evening with a few card games, one called “pig” which Cam has just learnt.
After we had an early night to start the next morning off rested.
Over and out #TT1

Friday 28th June

Day 6 – Musical Manchester

We woke up bright and early and hopped on our train to Manchester! We had continental breakfast en route and were ready for the day. We got to Manchester and were greeted by our buddy Sam! He was kind enough to show us some of the great sights of the city.
We first stopped off at a food market to try some interesting foods from around the world, we sampled: pizza, jerk chicken, dumplings, fried chicken and Greek wraps! Which were all very delicious.
We then moved on into the shopping centre to have a look around the shops, within there we stumbled upon a Ping Pong table so we stopped to enjoy a few games! Turns out Sam is great at ping pong!!
We then moved on to our tour, taking the tram more central, we visited Boardwalk Manchester; where some famous bands use to play; Oasis and The Happy Mondays. We then moved onto Afflecks which is a really interesting building with many shops, like music memorabilia and different places to buy clothing.
We were very tired after this and some of us even fell asleep on the tram! However, we made our journey to our accommodation and can made us all a lovely stir fry. We enjoyed this and went to bed earlier for another busy day!
Over and out #TT1

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June

Day 7 & 8 – Land of Lake District

We started our day early for our train to Windermere! Cam started us all off well with ham and cheese omelettes all round!
This prepared us for a day of adventure. We travelled to the Lakes, where we were greeted by our beautiful lodge cabin in the woods! It was such a lovely location with lots to see and do.
We then quickly dropped off our cases and visited the town. We hopped on the open top bus which was very cool to see the sights.
We enjoyed walking along the water and heading into the arcade and seeing what Windermere has to offer.
Cam then cooked us up an oven bbq where we enjoyed, burgers, sausages, chicken to fill us up before bed and another very busy day.

The next day we had a bit of a lay in as we knew what was ahead of us for the day! The biggest scrambling mission. We had eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast to keep our energy high.
We then got in our taxi and headed to the ghyll. We were met by our lovely instructor Chris who got us suited for our activity.
We headed over to the ghyll a bit nervous from the uncertainty but ready for the challenge.
We scrambled through the rivers, up and down the boulders, through the waterfalls and jumping into the pools. It was such a great experience for us all; and amazingly we made it to the top of the ghyll!! First group to complete it! We saw a beautiful waterfall at the top and were ready to climb back down. After we got down we replenished our energy with many chocolates and got into our taxi, where our lovely driver took us to see some amazing sights on the way home.
In the evening cam cooked us a lovely bolognese and we played some football on our site.
We then went to bed to tackle our next mission! Edinburgh.
Over and out #TT1

Monday 1st July

Day 9 – Edinburgh Enlightenment

To start our very busy day, we must have a big breakfast! Which consisted of fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and cereal! We enjoyed that while we conquered our day and headed to Edinburgh.
As soon as we got there we hopped on the bus and got to our hotel to drop our luggage off before heading to our tour!
We were met with our guide and learnt many facts about Edinburgh’s history, including some gory ones about all of the beheadings that happened!! We also saw many amazing landmarks including the castle, the many churches and a funny story about a famous philosophers big toe who gives us luck! But anyway we ventured on and that took us to a local pub for some dinner, we enjoyed some classics of pie, scampi and burgers!
Before long we were very tired and rested up before our next beachside mission!
Over and out #TT1

Tuesday 2nd July

Day 10 – Whitby Poem

Winds of Whitby

We were caught by the wind in Whitby
The sun shone onto the beach.

Exploring the town we ate fish and chips.
Fossil hunting was a success.

The night in our yurt with curry and happy stories to tell.
Warm fire led us to sleep.

Over and out #TT1

Wednesday 3rd July

Day 11 – Yo York

We started our day with York in our sights! We packed up at our wonderful yurt in Whitby, had a croissant breakfast and went on our travels!
It was a long train journey but we finally made it!
As soon as we got there we caught a bus to our hotel, dropped off our bags and explored the town.
We explored the castle, the abbey and all of the town! Heading into the witchy shops, ghost shops and even Harry Potter!

In the evening Cam had us try a classic Yorkshire pudding wrap, which was filled with meat and veg and was delicious! We even had a side of pork crackling, yum!

We ended our evening early as we were heading out the next day back to London!
Over and out #TT1

Thursday 4th July

Day 12 – Last day London

We wake up bright and early this morning to get ourselves back to London for our very last whole day together!
We quickly ran to the train and enjoyed some lovely donuts for breakfast! Yum!
When we made it we went straight to the Imperial War Museum, we enjoyed learning a lot about history and seeing many different exhibits; including some fighter jets!
We then had some delicious subway sandwiches for lunch, then by this time we could check in to our hostel!
We got into our room and had a quick relax before heading straight into town and exploring Oxford street, very famous for shopping!
We then took a tube to a local pub to watch the football and enjoy our final meal as one.
We ended the evening by watching the football and heading to bed before our drop offs tomorrow!

Cam would like to say a special note: “I have immensely enjoyed my group for TT1, they have been full of energy, joy, smiles and make the most amazing travellers! Even when it’s not easy. I will miss them dearly and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.
All the best,
#TeenTravel1 Over and officially out