L&E World Camps is not just a Creative Camp…every session you can choose a Creative option however, you always have Adventure, Sport & Creative options plus all the L&E Extras

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L&E Creative

If it’s a chance to get creative you’re after then we’re all over it like icing sugar on a Victoria sponge. From baking to film-making and loads of creative outlets in between, this is your child’s chance to explore their talents.
Under our leaders’ expert guidance, boys and girls get into the zone and never fail to surprise us, or themselves, with the results.

We’ve seen everything from zippy film sequences using drones to detailed films with plots that twist. We’ve had front row seats to the very best stage performances in town, with your talented children directing and starring.

We’ve been wowed by photographs which have captured everything from children’s portraits to the spectacular scenery in and around camp. We’ve seen three dimensional pieces take shape in clay. We’ve seen portraits painted by budding Picassos and encouraged children’s imaginations to come to life colourfully and creatively on canvas.

The children have enthralled us with music, and dance. If there’s a way to express themselves creatively, or inventively then we will help each child to find it.