This month’s episode Sam, Mike and Julie shine a spotlight on 10 year old Abigail who came up with an ingenious initiative of caring for the elderly through entertainment. (31:00)

Abigail performed her first musical performance at an assisted-living center in honor of her great-grandmother’s 100th birthday. This is where she first learned that many of the elderly didn’t have visitors. Abigail figured she could solve this by inviting her friends to perform with her at the assisted-living residences, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals throughout the state. She created a group called CareGirlz and today they have 13 girls ranging from ages 6 to 13. They have a repertoire of more than 90 Broadway and pop songs and they’ve performed in 20 different locations so far.

We visit 🇰🇭Cambodia, 🇵🇱Poland, 🌊The Pacific Ocean, 🇫🇷France, 🇮🇳India & 🇬🇧The UK in Around the World in 6 Stories.🌍 (01:25).

Teens discuss rather whether you’d be the youngest or oldest sibling in The Big Discussion. (15:15)

We learn more about 🇪🇬Egypt in Destination Fact or Fiction (20:35)

👨‍🚒Fireman Alan talked to Julie about 🚸Road Safety in L&E Life Skills. (32:50)

We also hear about the world’s fastest spoken language🗣 in Language Corner (35:28).

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